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    Cell phone manuals are documents which explain the functioning, hardware specifications and various how-to of your cell phone. These manuals are created by the manufacturer and distributed along with the cell phone in the market.

    They are extremely helpful in providing detailed and step-by-step instructions on things like how to manage phone settings, how to add media from a computer, how to insert battery/SIM/memory card, how to install apps, how to connect to Wi-Fi, and many more.

    Most manufacturers provide cell phone manuals online where you can easily download and read. This is specially helpful if you have misplaced the hard-copy you received while purchasing a cell phone.

    The table below lists most of the cell phone manufacturers along with a link to their company pages where you will find manuals to download.

    The most common process, across many manufacturers, to download a cell phone manual is:

    1. Visit the official website using the links provided below in the table.
    2. Select your cell phone model.
    3. Download the manual which is either in a PDF or DOC format.

    Manufacturer Link to manual download page
    Nokia [manual link]
    Samsung [manual link]
    Sony Ericsson [manual link]
    Motorola [manual link]
    HTC [manual link]
    BlackBerry [manual link]
    Apple [manual link]
    LG [manual link]
    Micromax [manual link]
    Karbonn [manual link]
    Spice Mobility [manual link]
    Vodafone [manual link]
    Huawei [manual link]
    FireFly Mobile [manual link]
    Pantech [manual link]
    Parla [manual link]
    Yezz [manual link]
    Vertu [manual link]
    VeryKool [manual link]
    Kyocera [manual link]

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    1. yhan

      24 April, 2012 at 1:45 am

      hi im really having hard time to use android L601 can you pls. help me need an instruction manual…thank you. hoping for immediate response..

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