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    Constantly backing up is important because computers are not always perfect, and thus can crash, fail, and malfunction without a warning. Therefore, valuable information such as work documents, pictures of families, and videos that you've been working hours on can be lost.

    Currently, many operating systems already have pre-installed backup programs that are sufficient for a home user. As in the case with Microsoft Windows, Microsoft has pre-installed a backing up utility which can be found by going to: Start, All Programs, Accessories, System Tools, and clicking Backup. This utility utilizes the system backup point. Although Windows will automatically store a backup point from time to time, this command tells Windows to backup once more at the time that you wish. Nonetheless, if such pre-installed backup applications do not meet your needs, there are also high quality free backup applications available in the market.

    Summary of Free Backup Applications

    In today's market, there are numerous quality free and paid backup applications that can backup your information so that even if the hard drive failed, your valuable information will still be alive.


    Amanda.org also known as the Advanced Maryland Automatic Network Disk Archiver, is a backup utility not only available for Microsoft Windows (using SAMBA), but also Unix operating systems too. This software allows a network administrator to create a backup only server where other networked computers can backup to via LAN.free backup software

    Cobian Backup

    The Cobian Backup software is an advanced utility that can even schedule backup times and backup to other drives in the same computer or to another computer through network connections and even through the FTP. What is interesting about this software is that there are two different versions of it; there is an application version and a service version. It is quite a lightweight program that runs in the background and keeps up with the schedule that you gave it. It will periodically copy your files in an original or a compressed mode with numerous compression types in a secure and encrypted format.


    EZBack-it-up is a very easy to use backup software that can be used by anyone. Unlike many backup utilities, the EZBack-it-up is not a tool that backs up your data by compressing all your files in one. Instead, it just copies your data to another directory or a destination of your choice, where you can easily access any particular backed up files at any time you wish. This relatively fast backup software also includes important features such as a built-in scheduler, command line switches, and a logging functionality. It is currently compatible with all Microsoft Windows platforms.


    IceMirror is a unique, one of a kind free backup software that backs up your files exactly as it is. It will compare the original and the copy and fix any differences in the copy. Also, IceMirror is an extremely fast because it performs incremental updates, which is updating only the files that have changed. Also, as it is a native Unicode application, any files in any languages can be backed up without any errors.

    Freebyte Backup

    Freebyte is yet another freeware backup utility for Microsoft Windows systems, the Freebyte Backup software is extremely useful for backing up or filtering numerous files and folders into one designated backup directory. Especially the filtering feature is useful as it can even be told to backup a certain type of files using the extension filtering. For example, only .bmp, .gif, .jpg, and .png files could be backed up if you wish.


    The SyncBack backup tool from 2BrightSparks is a very simple to use but extremely powerful backup tool. Nonetheless, this surprisingly compact software is free and can still conduct a normal backup along with synchronization for Windows. Despite being small, it still supports many mediums such as CD-ROMs, flash drives, and even an FTP server.


    There are many free backup software beyond the above list that can get the job done very efficiently. What is important though is that these backup software, whether pre-installed in the operating system or a freeware from the Internet, should be frequently used to keep your data safe.

    Hybir Backup - Free Easy to Use Backup

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    1. Tristan84

      18 November, 2010 at 3:03 pm

      There are a lot of Free Online Backup software out there, however I don’t know if is secure to Sotre data online on a Free Software!! online backup software are now very affordable and reliable! people should be aware of that and secure the important Data with the one that pass to their requirements and budget

    2. Danni

      25 September, 2010 at 7:54 am

      I tried all the above, but all are hard to use, require knowledge, i felt i’m still living in pre-iPhone age when everything was complicated, I wanted something FREE like Apple Time machine but for windows, after a long search i found, Genie Timeline Free software, and other software, compared most of them and i ended up using Genie Timeline Free, i set it up to backup to my WD External storage, and thats it, every time i go to Starbucks my protection level decrease, backup home to my wireless, it will automatically backup my changes , also i love the my computer back in time slider, the only thing i miss is ability to backup online

      • Peter LeGrand

        20 October, 2011 at 8:46 am

        I tried Timeline and I agree, it seems pretty much what I was looking for an apple time machine but for windows. the user interface is very simple too it sure looks like they put effort in making it easy on the eye

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