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    • Registered Memory

      Registered Memory

      Registered memory modules have built-in registers on their address and control lines. A register is a very small temporary holding area (usually 64 bits) for data. These registers act as buffers between the CPU and the memory. The use of registered memory increases system reliability, but also slows the system down a very slight bit

    • Touch Screen Monitors

      Touch Screen Monitors

      A touch screen is basically a display screen which can identify the occurrence and position of a touch within its own area. This usually refers to a touch or tap to the display of the gadget by a finger or hand. Touch screens can also identify added inactive objects, such as a stylus. Touch screens work

    • Plasma vs LCD

      Plasma vs LCD

      If you are like the millions of people thinking of upgrading your old TV set for a brand new flat screen TV, you probably have one question- Plasma or LCD? Plasma and LCD are the two major types of flat TV sets for sale. While there is no sure winner since they both have their

    • Common Computer Backup Methods

      Common Computer Backup Methods

      It is a well-known fact that most computers are susceptible to hard drive crashes or virus attacks. Backing up information is a practical and necessary precaution to protect one's data from being lost forever. There are several realistic methods for backing up data. The best backup method for your data depends opon many factors, including:

    • iSCSI


      iSCSI stands for Internet SCSI, or Internet Small Computer Systems Interface. iSCSI is the transmission of SCSI commands and data over IP networks, and represents a networking standard for IP-based network data storage. The development of the IETF standard was considered to be the key enabler for expanded usage of storage area networks (SANs) throughout the

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