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  • How to Compare VoIP Providers

    VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is changing the way people communicate. VoIP utilizes a broadband Internet connection for routing telephone calls, as opposed to conventional switching methods, providing efficient use of existing Internet connections as well as lowering overall costs. Interestingly, there is no need for any large scale infrastructures; just combine a conventional phone with a broadband Internet connection to utilize a single service with minimal software and hardware support.

    VoIP service providers are touting unlimited local and long distance calling for as little as $199 per year. This provides customers with substantial annual savings. There are several VoIP providers offering VoIP service for both residential customers as well as business. However, from a customer’s standpoint it is an ideal option to compare several VoIP providers in selecting the best deal.

    VoIP Product Features

    There are several VoIP providers who claim outstanding services and comprehensive features. Don’t be fooled – not all VoIP services are created equal. The VoIP package includes many features that may not be available on traditional phones. The most common VoIP features include 3-way calling and call waiting. As the competition between VoIP providers escalates, some providers are offering additional features to establish branding of their business while attracting additional customers. That’s why it’s always a good option to compare several VoIP providers to discover the VoIP product features you will get when taking a connection from the provider.

    Monthly Rates

    One of the main advantages of VoIP is reduced long distance cost and inexpensive local phone service with several enhanced features conventional telephone services are ill equipped to provide. Compare various VoIP providers to know the monthly rates they charge for their service. Selecting an ideal VoIP provider will help you to save up to 75% on expected annual charges.

    Using VoIP for International Calling

    If you make a lot of international calls, do a bit of research to find a VoIP provider who offers outstanding international services at the best rates. International rates differ from one VoIP provider to another. There are also some carriers which offer unlimited overseas calling. Though this offer is limited to certain countries, check whether the country to which you call falls in this category.

    911 Service

    Today, majority of the VoIP providers offer E911 service. While selecting a VoIP provider, make sure the provider offers 911 service.

    Keeping Your Number

    There are many VoIP providers who allow the customers to transfer (port) their current phone number to the VoIP service. Not all VoIP providers offer this service. If you need to change your phone number in this way, then you need to do research on the various VoIP providers to discover whether they offer such services. However, before asking your VoIP provider to switch your current number to the VoIP service, it is advisable to try out the provider’s service and make sure that you are satisfied with the end result.

    Money Back Guarantee

    As VoIP is a relatively new product, most of the VoIP providers will offer a free money back guarantee. As a customer you will be in a risk-free position if your VoIP provider is offers a money back guarantees for up to 30 days.

    Comparing various VoIP providers will help you to select the one VoIP service provider whose terms and conditions meet your specific needs and calling pattern, especially if you make regular long distance or international calls.

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