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    The problem with the technology age is that there are so many different remote controls to go with each piece of hardware we purchase. Programming the Philips universal remote requires that you have the codes of all the different pieces of hardware to configure with the remote. Once you've configured, you'll be able to use the remote on all the equipment in your entertainment center–sound, television, DVD player–and can shelve the excess remotes.

    The first step is to collect all of the paperwork for your different remotes. For example, if you're configuring the remote to handle the DVD player, the TV and the sound system, have the paperwork ready. You need to know the manufacturer's number as well as the model number of each product so that you can cross reference the remote's book for the code. Each product has a different code for the remote to use.How Do I Program my Philips Remote

    Go through the Philips remote operating manual and match up the manufacturers code and model number with the code provider in the manual. This is the code that you're going to want to record and use when you configure the remote. Be sure to get the right code because the remote won't recognize the hardware if the code is not the correct one.

    With all the codes in hand, press and hold the code button on the remote control. When the light on the remote stops flashing, press and release the code button again and select what device the remote is for. Enter the code that you found in the manual book when it prompts you to. For example, if you were configuring the remote to the television, you'd add the code you found in the remote manual for that specific television.

    The final step is to ensure that the code worked. Turn the television on and hit the channel button up on the remote. If the channel changes, you've successfully configured the remote. If it doesn't, go back into the user manual and make sure you got the right code. If it works, move on to the next piece of hardware.

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