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  • How to Access a Router

    A router is a networking device that allows your computer to connect to the Internet. Router facilitates a concurrent connection of multiple computers for the same Internet line. The core purpose of a router is to channelize incoming and outgoing data to appropriate computers or other networks.

    Every newly purchased router has some inbuilt default settings. Therefore, it becomes extremely important for you to gain access to these internal settings to configure it as per your requirements. These settings could be:

    • Enabling Wi-Fi connection.
    • Setting security for your wireless connection.
    • Assessing the quality of your Internet connection.
    • Set direct dialing if you Internet line is an ADSL.

    The process to access your router is quite similar to the way you access any normal website via a browser.

    Every router comes with a default IP address. This IP address is either given in the manual that comes in the box or should be available somewhere on its manufacturer’s website.

    The most common router IP addresses are:

    Once you get hold of your router’s IP address, enter it in a browser and press Enter. You will be prompted to log in.


    If you’re connecting to your router for the very first time, check the manual or manufacturer’s website for its default username and password. The most common username and password for many routers are admin and admin, respectively.

    It’s recommended to store the username and password in your browser. So that it is easily available the next time you need to access your router.

    In case you had changed the username and password and then forgotten, you can still access your router. You will have to restore the factory settings and reinstall it. Uninstall any software that came with the router. Then, press the reset button on the back of the router for ten seconds. Once that is done, the router will blink and it will be back to factory settings.

    After reset, choose a username and password which is strong and easy to remember.

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