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  • How to Clean a DVD Player

    DVD players, while extremely affordable and for the most part reliable, do become dirty. In almost any environment, dust, pollen, hair and other contaminants can penetrate the DVD machine which can impact the playing of digital media. The good news is that with just a few household tools and occasional maintenance, you can keep your DVD clean and running smoothly.

    Tools Needed to Clean the Exterior of your DVD Player

    Most parts of the exterior of the player can be cleaned with simple household products such as:

    • Rubbing alcohol or plain seltzer water
    • A cotton swab or lint-free towel
    • Duster

    Cleaning the Exterior of Your DVD Player

    When cleaning the exterior of your DVD player, make sure you do not use strong solvents or cleaners. Since your DVD player is made with plastic and other materials, these solvents will not clean your DVD player, but actually harm it. Only use rubbing alcohol or plain seltzer water.

    Clean a DVD Player

    Before you start cleaning your DVD player, unplug it. Apply a small amount of rubbing alcohol or plain seltzer water onto a lint-free towel or cotton swab and gently rub the exterior. Alcohol is best for this purpose because it generally evaporates easily, which is a good thing when working with electronic equipment. Seltzer water has increased cleaning action due to the carbonation it contains. It is generally good on glass as well as plastic. Gently rub the exterior casing of the DVD player and be sure to use a cotton swab for the hard to reach crevices. Once the device is dry, you can plug it back in for use.

    Cleaning the Interior of Your DVD Player

    Many times it is not the exterior of the DVD player that is dirty, but the interior. If the interior of the DVD player is dirty, you will probably notice a decrease in performance. Some of the following problems may occur:

    • The DVD will not load properly
    • The DVD will skip
    • You may notice a deterioration of the audio or video signal
    • You may also notice unusual noises coming from your DVD player

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