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    Yahoo Messenger is an instant messaging software provided by the popular search engine company, Yahoo. Yahoo Messenger allows users to communicate with each other via instant messages, SMS messages, and emails. Yahoo Messenger also allows users to view each other’s Yahoo profiles and share files. Although there are some slight differences, Yahoo Messenger is available as both a desktop instant messaging software of the same name and a browser-based messenger called Yahoo Web Messenger.


    How To Launch Yahoo Messenger

    Users can launch Yahoo Messenger by downloading and installing the program from the Official Yahoo Messenger homepage. Once the software has been installed on the user’s computer, he/she can launch it by opening the Start Menu, clicking on All Programs, and selecting Yahoo Messenger from the list. Users can launch Yahoo Web Messenger, which does not require the user to download or install any software, by visiting the Yahoo Web Messenger homepage and signing into their Yahoo account.



    Yahoo Messenger allows users to perform a wide variety of tasks. For example, users can conduct conversations as well as audio-only and audio/video calls between two computers, two mobile devices, or a computer and a mobile device. Yahoo Messenger also supports conference calling, conference conversations, file transfers, message archiving, call forwarding, and even voicemail. Yahoo Messenger can be used on Windows, Mac, and iPhone as well as on any other mobile device via Yahoo Web Messenger. Like other instant messaging programs, Yahoo Messenger also supports emoticons, “IMvironments” (themes), and a variety of plugins that provide users with additional tools that are not provided by the program itself.

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