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  • How to Unlock an iPod Touch

    Have you locked your iPod Touch with a passcode and forgotten what that passcode is? Are you considering throwing it away due to the fact that it is no longer operational? Well, you’re in luck. Throw away that idea because you can actually restore your iPod Touch back to factory settings, in turn removing the passcode that was previously there. The downside to this is that you will need to retrieve your files before doing so, unless the files that are on your iPod have already been backed up.

    How to Retrieve Files From an iPod Touch

    1. Download iPhoneBrowser from GoogleCode.
    2. Install iPhoneBrowser.
    3. Open iPhoneBrowser and right-click on any files/folders that you wish to backup, and press “Save Folder In…” or “Save As…” Your music will be located in iTunes_Control -> Music.
    4. Alternatively, follow this guide: How to Transfer Music From iPod to Computer.How to Unlock an iPod Touch

    How to Unlock an iPod Touch

    1. Plug your iPod, turned on, into your computer. Boot up into a Windows OS or Mac OS.
    2. Open up iTunes.
    3. Click on your iPod, listed under “Devices” in the left-hand pane of the iTunes interface.
    4. Under Summary -> Version, select “Restore.”

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    One comment
    1. Cindy

      5 April, 2011 at 9:45 pm

      My son’s iPod Touch got locked and had to be restored.  Before it was restored, it had the app store and he was able to load all kinds of games.  Since the restore, the app store is gone and when in itunes there are only certain purchased games that will load on it (games that had previously been on his ipod)  I’m guessing maybe his had been upgraded or jailbroken or something (we got it on ebay).  How can we get it so it will have the app store and accept the games again?  It is currently running 3.1.3 and is an 8GB iPod touch.  I guess it’s first generation?

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