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    Smileys or Emoticons are patterns of text when typed in a particular sequence, can be used to convey an emotion or feeling. Usually the simple text based Smileys are viewed by turning your head sideways to the left. For example, the 🙂 emoticon when viewed sideways, is used to convey happiness or to smile at someone. Another example, the 🙁 emoticon can be used to convey sadness or to frown at someone.

    Instead of text based emoticons that many people use in their email messages, Yahoo Inc. has created 3-D graphic Yahoo Messenger smileys that can be used while chatting in messenger.

    How To Use Yahoo Messenger Smileys

    1. Go to Yahoo Messenger Emoticons to view the numerous smileys that are available for you.
    2. After you have browsed this website, open and sign into Yahoo Messenger. Right click on the contact you would like to chat with, and then click on Send An Instant Message.
    3. An Instant Message window will open allowing you to chat with the person you contacted.
    4. When you would like to send a smiley or emoticon, click on the Emoticon button (a smiling face wearing shades) that is located as the first button, above the text field box, on the bottom left hand side of the Instant Message screen.
    5. The emoticon window will open showing the numerous Yahoo Messenger smileys that you can choose from.
    6. After you have selected your emoticon by clicking it, it will appear below as text in the text field box, but will be viewed as graphics in the instant message window when you click the <Send> button for your contact to view it.
    7. Smileys can be added to the text field by typing them directly.

    Yahoo Messenger also has hidden smileys, which cannot be found in the emoticon window when you open it, however, these smileys can be added in the text field box. They can be viewed by visiting Yahoo Messenger Hidden Emoticons.

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