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  • List of Bad Web Robots

    This list of bad web robots was originally compiled by funender.

    Some of these robots are designed to copy entire web sites, which can utilize a great deal of bandwidth. Others harvest e-mail addresses for spammers. Most benefit their owners, while providing absolutely no benefit to the web site owner.

    You must decide for yourself what qualifies as a bad web robot.

    Here is a list of robots that you may wish to exclude, in robots.txt format:

    User-agent: Alexibot
    User-agent: Aqua_Products
    User-agent: BackDoorBot
    User-agent: BackDoorBot/1.0
    User-agent: Black.Hole
    User-agent: BlackWidow
    User-agent: BlowFish
    User-agent: BlowFish/1.0
    User-agent: Bookmark search tool
    User-agent: Bot mailto:craftbot@yahoo.com
    User-agent: BotALot
    User-agent: BotRightHere
    User-agent: BuiltBotTough
    User-agent: Bullseye
    User-agent: Bullseye/1.0
    User-agent: BunnySlippers
    User-agent: Cegbfeieh
    User-agent: CheeseBot
    User-agent: CherryPicker
    User-agent: CherryPickerElite/1.0
    User-agent: CherryPickerSE/1.0
    User-agent: ChinaClaw
    User-agent: Copernic
    User-agent: CopyRightCheck
    User-agent: Crescent
    User-agent: Crescent Internet ToolPak HTTP OLE Control v.1.0
    User-agent: Custo
    User-agent: DISCo
    User-agent: DISCo Pump 3.0
    User-agent: DISCo Pump 3.2
    User-agent: DISCoFinder
    User-agent: DittoSpyder
    User-agent: Download Demon
    User-agent: Download Demon/
    User-agent: Download Demon/
    User-agent: EirGrabber
    User-agent: EmailCollector
    User-agent: EmailSiphon
    User-agent: EmailWolf
    User-agent: EroCrawler
    User-agent: Express WebPictures
    User-agent: Express WebPictures (www.express-soft.com)
    User-agent: ExtractorPro
    User-agent: EyeNetIE
    User-agent: FairAd Client
    User-agent: Flaming AttackBot
    User-agent: FlashGet
    User-agent: FlashGet WebWasher 3.2
    User-agent: Foobot
    User-agent: FrontPage
    User-agent: FrontPage [NC,OR]
    User-agent: Gaisbot
    User-agent: GetRight
    User-agent: GetRight/2.11
    User-agent: GetRight/3.1
    User-agent: GetRight/3.2
    User-agent: GetRight/3.3
    User-agent: GetRight/3.3.3
    User-agent: GetRight/3.3.4
    User-agent: GetRight/4.0.0
    User-agent: GetRight/4.1.0
    User-agent: GetRight/4.1.1
    User-agent: GetRight/4.1.2
    User-agent: GetRight/4.2
    User-agent: GetRight/4.2b (Portuguxeas)
    User-agent: GetRight/4.2c
    User-agent: GetRight/4.3
    User-agent: GetRight/4.5
    User-agent: GetRight/4.5a
    User-agent: GetRight/4.5b
    User-agent: GetRight/4.5b1
    User-agent: GetRight/4.5b2
    User-agent: GetRight/4.5b3
    User-agent: GetRight/4.5b6
    User-agent: GetRight/4.5b7
    User-agent: GetRight/4.5c
    User-agent: GetRight/4.5d
    User-agent: GetRight/4.5e
    User-agent: GetRight/5.0beta1
    User-agent: GetRight/5.0beta2
    User-agent: GetWeb!
    User-agent: Go!Zilla
    User-agent: Go!Zilla (www.gozilla.com)
    User-agent: Go!Zilla 3.3 (www.gozilla.com)
    User-agent: Go!Zilla 3.5 (www.gozilla.com)
    User-agent: Go-Ahead-Got-It
    User-agent: Googlebot-Image
    User-agent: GrabNet
    User-agent: Grafula
    User-agent: HMView
    User-agent: HTTrack
    User-agent: HTTrack 3.0
    User-agent: HTTrack [NC,OR]
    User-agent: Harvest
    User-agent: Harvest/1.5
    User-agent: Image Stripper
    User-agent: Image Sucker
    User-agent: Indy Library
    User-agent: Indy Library [NC,OR]
    User-agent: InfoNaviRobot
    User-agent: InterGET
    User-agent: Internet Ninja
    User-agent: Internet Ninja 4.0
    User-agent: Internet Ninja 5.0
    User-agent: Internet Ninja 6.0
    User-agent: Iron33/1.0.2
    User-agent: JOC Web Spider
    User-agent: JennyBot
    User-agent: JetCar
    User-agent: Kenjin Spider
    User-agent: Kenjin.Spider
    User-agent: Keyword Density/0.9
    User-agen: Keyword.Density
    User-agent: LNSpiderguy
    User-agent: LeechFTP
    User-agent: LexiBot
    User-agent: LinkScan/8.1a Unix
    User-agent: LinkScan/8.1a.Unix
    User-agent: LinkWalker
    User-agent: LinkextractorPro
    User-agent: MIDown tool
    User-agent: MIIxpc
    User-agent: MIIxpc/4.2
    User-agent: MSIECrawler
    User-agent: Mass Downloader
    User-agent: Mass Downloader/2.2
    User-agent: Mata Hari
    User-agent: Mata.Hari
    User-agent: Microsoft URL Control
    User-agent: Microsoft URL Control – 5.01.4511
    User-agent: Microsoft URL Control – 6.00.8169
    User-agent: Microsoft.URL
    User-agent: Mister PiX
    User-agent: Mister PiX version.dll
    User-agent: Mister Pix II 2.01
    User-agent: Mister Pix II 2.02a
    User-agent: Mister.PiX
    User-agent: NICErsPRO
    User-agent: NPBot
    User-agent: NPbot
    User-agent: Navroad
    User-agent: NearSite
    User-agent: Net Vampire
    User-agent: Net Vampire/3.0
    User-agent: NetAnts
    User-agent: NetAnts/1.10
    User-agent: NetAnts/1.23
    User-agent: NetAnts/1.24
    User-agent: NetAnts/1.25
    User-agent: NetMechanic
    User-agent: NetSpider
    User-agent: NetZIP
    User-agent: NetZip Downloader 1.0 Win32(Nov 12 1998)
    User-agent: NetZip-Downloader/1.0.62 (Win32; Dec 7 1998)
    User-agent: NetZippy+(http://www.innerprise.net/usp-spider.asp)
    User-agent: Octopus
    User-agent: Offline Explorer
    User-agent: Offline Explorer/1.2
    User-agent: Offline Explorer/1.4
    User-agent: Offline Explorer/1.6
    User-agent: Offline Explorer/1.7
    User-agent: Offline Explorer/1.9
    User-agent: Offline Explorer/2.0
    User-agent: Offline Explorer/2.1
    User-agent: Offline Explorer/2.3
    User-agent: Offline Explorer/2.4
    User-agent: Offline Explorer/2.5
    User-agent: Offline Navigator
    User-agent: Offline.Explorer
    User-agent: Openbot
    User-agent: Openfind
    User-agent: Openfind data gatherer
    User-agent: Oracle Ultra Search
    User-agent: PageGrabber
    User-agent: Papa Foto
    User-agent: PerMan
    User-agent: ProPowerBot/2.14
    User-agent: ProWebWalker
    User-agent: Python-urllib
    User-agent: QueryN Metasearch
    User-agent: QueryN.Metasearch
    User-agent: RMA
    User-agent: Radiation Retriever 1.1
    User-agent: ReGet
    User-agent: RealDownload
    User-agent: RealDownload/
    User-agent: RealDownload/
    User-agent: RealDownload/
    User-agent: RepoMonkey
    User-agent: RepoMonkey Bait & Tackle/v1.01
    User-agent: SiteSnagger
    User-agent: SlySearch
    User-agent: SmartDownload
    User-agent: SmartDownload/1.2.76 (Win32; Apr 1 1999)
    User-agent: SmartDownload/1.2.77 (Win32; Aug 17 1999)
    User-agent: SmartDownload/1.2.77 (Win32; Feb 1 2000)
    User-agent: SmartDownload/1.2.77 (Win32; Jun 19 2001)
    User-agent: SpankBot
    User-agent: Sqworm/2.9.85-BETA (beta_release; 20011115-775; i686-pc-linux
    User-agent: SuperBot
    User-agent: SuperBot/3.0 (Win32)
    User-agent: SuperBot/3.1 (Win32)
    User-agent: SuperHTTP
    User-agent: SuperHTTP/1.0
    User-agent: Surfbot
    User-agent: Szukacz/1.4
    User-agent: Teleport
    User-agent: Teleport Pro
    User-agent: Teleport Pro/1.29
    User-agent: Teleport Pro/1.29.1590
    User-agent: Teleport Pro/1.29.1634
    User-agent: Teleport Pro/1.29.1718
    User-agent: Teleport Pro/1.29.1820
    User-agent: Teleport Pro/1.29.1847
    User-agent: TeleportPro
    User-agent: Telesoft
    User-agent: The Intraformant
    User-agent: The.Intraformant
    User-agent: TheNomad
    User-agent: TightTwatBot
    User-agent: Titan
    User-agent: True_Robot
    User-agent: True_Robot/1.0
    User-agent: TurnitinBot
    User-agent: TurnitinBot/1.5
    User-agent: URL Control
    User-agent: URL_Spider_Pro
    User-agent: URLy Warning
    User-agent: URLy.Warning
    User-agent: VCI
    User-agent: VCI WebViewer VCI WebViewer Win32
    User-agent: VoidEYE
    User-agent: WWW-Collector-E
    User-agent: WWWOFFLE
    User-agent: Web Image Collector
    User-agent: Web Sucker
    User-agent: Web.Imge.Collector
    User-agent: WebAuto
    User-agent: WebAuto/3.40 (Win98; I)
    User-agent: WebBandit
    User-agent: WebBandit/3.50
    User-agent: WebCapture 2.0
    User-agent: WebCopier
    User-agent: WebCopier v.2.2
    User-agent: WebCopier v2.5
    User-agent: WebCopier v2.6
    User-agent: WebCopier v2.7a
    User-agent: WebCopier v2.8
    User-agent: WebCopier v3.0
    User-agent: WebCopier v3.0.1
    User-agent: WebCopier v3.2
    User-agent: WebCopier v3.2a
    User-agent: WebEMailExtrac.*
    User-agent: WebEnhancer
    User-agent: WebFetch
    User-agent: WebGo IS
    User-agent: WebLeacher
    User-agent: WebReaper
    User-agent: WebReaper [info@webreaper.net]
    User-agent: WebReaper [webreaper@otway.com]
    User-agent: WebReaper v9.1 – www.otway.com/webreaper
    User-agent: WebReaper v9.7 – www.webreaper.net
    User-agent: WebReaper v9.8 – www.webreaper.net
    User-agent: WebReaper vWebReaper v7.3 – www,otway.com/webreaper
    User-agent: WebSauger
    User-agent: WebSauger 1.20b
    User-agent: WebSauger 1.20j
    User-agent: WebSauger 1.20k
    User-agent: WebStripper
    User-agent: WebStripper/2.03
    User-agent: WebStripper/2.10
    User-agent: WebStripper/2.12
    User-agent: WebStripper/2.13
    User-agent: WebStripper/2.15
    User-agent: WebStripper/2.16
    User-agent: WebStripper/2.19
    User-agent: WebWhacker
    User-agent: WebZIP
    User-agent: WebZIP/2.75 (http://www.spidersoft.com)
    User-agent: WebZIP/3.65 (http://www.spidersoft.com)
    User-agent: WebZIP/3.80 (http://www.spidersoft.com)
    User-agent: WebZIP/4.0 (http://www.spidersoft.com)
    User-agent: WebZIP/4.1 (http://www.spidersoft.com)
    User-agent: WebZIP/4.21
    User-agent: WebZIP/4.21 (http://www.spidersoft.com)
    User-agent: WebZIP/5.0
    User-agent: WebZIP/5.0 (http://www.spidersoft.com)
    User-agent: WebZIP/5.0 PR1 (http://www.spidersoft.com)
    User-agent: WebZip
    User-agent: WebZip/4.0
    User-agent: WebmasterWorldForumBot
    User-agent: Website Quester
    User-agent: Website Quester – www.asona.org
    User-agent: Website Quester – www.esalesbiz.com/extra/
    User-agent: Website eXtractor
    User-agent: Website eXtractor (http://www.asona.org)
    User-agent: Website.Quester
    User-agent: Webster Pro
    User-agent: Webster.Pro
    User-agent: Wget
    User-agent: Wget/1.5.2
    User-agent: Wget/1.5.3
    User-agent: Wget/1.6
    User-agent: Wget/1.7
    User-agent: Wget/1.8
    User-agent: Wget/1.8.1
    User-agent: Wget/1.8.1+cvs
    User-agent: Wget/1.8.2
    User-agent: Wget/1.9-beta
    User-agent: Widow
    User-agent: Xaldon WebSpider
    User-agent: Xaldon WebSpider 2.5.b3
    User-agent: Xenu's
    User-agent: Xenu's Link Sleuth 1.1c
    User-agent: Zeus
    User-agent: Zeus 11389 Webster Pro V2.9 Win32
    User-agent: Zeus 11652 Webster Pro V2.9 Win32
    User-agent: Zeus 18018 Webster Pro V2.9 Win32
    User-agent: Zeus 26378 Webster Pro V2.9 Win32
    User-agent: Zeus 30747 Webster Pro V2.9 Win32
    User-agent: Zeus 32297 Webster Pro V2.9 Win32
    User-agent: Zeus 39206 Webster Pro V2.9 Win32
    User-agent: Zeus 41641 Webster Pro V2.9 Win32
    User-agent: Zeus 44238 Webster Pro V2.9 Win32
    User-agent: Zeus 51070 Webster Pro V2.9 Win32
    User-agent: Zeus 51674 Webster Pro V2.9 Win32
    User-agent: Zeus 51837 Webster Pro V2.9 Win32
    User-agent: Zeus 63567 Webster Pro V2.9 Win32
    User-agent: Zeus 6694 Webster Pro V2.9 Win32
    User-agent: Zeus 71129 Webster Pro V2.9 Win32
    User-agent: Zeus 82016 Webster Pro V2.9 Win32
    User-agent: Zeus 82900 Webster Pro V2.9 Win32
    User-agent: Zeus 84842 Webster Pro V2.9 Win32
    User-agent: Zeus 90872 Webster Pro V2.9 Win32
    User-agent: Zeus 94934 Webster Pro V2.9 Win32
    User-agent: Zeus 95245 Webster Pro V2.9 Win32
    User-agent: Zeus 95351 Webster Pro V2.9 Win32
    User-agent: Zeus 97371 Webster Pro V2.9 Win32
    User-agent: Zeus Link Scout
    User-agent: asterias
    User-agent: b2w/0.1
    User-agent: cosmos
    User-agent: eCatch
    User-agent: eCatch/3.0
    User-agent: hloader
    User-agent: httplib
    User-agent: humanlinks
    User-agent: ia_archiver
    User-agent: larbin
    User-agent: larbin (samualt9@bigfoot.com)
    User-agent: larbin samualt9@bigfoot.com
    User-agent: larbin_2.6.2 (kabura@sushi.com)
    User-agent: larbin_2.6.2 (larbin2.6.2@unspecified.mail)
    User-agent: larbin_2.6.2 (listonATccDOTgatechDOTedu)
    User-agent: larbin_2.6.2 (vitalbox1@hotmail.com)
    User-agent: larbin_2.6.2 kabura@sushi.com
    User-agent: larbin_2.6.2 larbin2.6.2@unspecified.mail
    User-agent: larbin_2.6.2 larbin@correa.org
    User-agent: larbin_2.6.2 listonATccDOTgatechDOTedu
    User-agent: larbin_2.6.2 vitalbox1@hotmail.com
    User-agent: libWeb/clsHTTP
    User-agent: lwp-trivial
    User-agent: lwp-trivial/1.34
    User-agent: moget
    User-agent: moget/2.1
    User-agent: pavuk
    User-agent: pcBrowser
    User-agent: psbot
    User-agent: searchpreview
    User-agent: spanner
    User-agent: suzuran
    User-agent: tAkeOut
    User-agent: toCrawl/UrlDispatcher
    User-agent: turingos
    User-agent: webfetch/2.1.0
    User-agent: wget
    Disallow: /

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