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    Melting Icy Typography.

    Step one:

    Open a new document. For this tutorial, I am just going to use a 810×160 px (Width, Height) document with a white background. First make a new layer called Melting Ice, Layer > New > New Layer Set. Now type the name you want to turn into ice thats melting, use font Arial Black, regular, 48 pt, crisp and #0090FF for color.

    Step two:

    With your step one layer add the following layer styles:

    Step three:

    Go to Select > Load Section > Default Settings, this should add a marquee selection around your text. Now create a new layer and go to Edit > Stroke, add a 1 px white stroke outside your text layer.

    Step four:

    Now add another text layer of your name using the same font settings from step one but instead of a blue color use black.

    Step five:

    With your step four layer add a satin layer style and set the blending mode to Soft Light:

    Step six:

    Once again add your name with a black color in its own text layer.

    Step seven:

    With your step six layer add an Inner Glow and Gradient Overlay layer styles and set the blending mode to Screen:

    Step eight:

    Now were going to add a melting effect, first merge your Melting Ice layer set. To merge a layer set you must highlight the layer set on your layers window then go to Layer > Merge Layer Set. When you merge a layer set the folder transform into a regular layer. Now duplicate this layer and go to Filter > Stylize > Wind, set the method to Stagger and the direction from the right. Then finish it off with a motion blur, go to Filter > Blur > Motion Blur, set the angle to 0 and a distance of 7 pixels.

    Step nine:

    Even though the result on step eight look cool, we want the render thats not shown on your canvas when you applied the filter. So move your winded effect layer from the right to the center of your canvas so you can see the little wind effect thats not shown when first applied. Now place this little effect right on your name, preffered where it blends well in this case on the first 2 letters of our name. Your going to have to do some erasing so the effect blends with the text.

    Step ten:

    Now duplicate that same wind effect on the other end of your text.

    Step eleven:

    But were not done lets add mre effect, duplicate your layer from step eight which is the text layer that was merged. Relocate this layer on your layers window above all the current layers so when we add the effect its overlaping everything. Now go back to Filter > Stylize > Wind, this time set the method to Blast and direction from the right. Then add the same motion blur settings from step eight.

    Step twelve:

    Now go to Edit > Transform > Flip Vertical and on your layers window set the blending mode to Darken. Thats it your done.

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