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    Universal Serial Bus is an external bus that is used to connect a number of peripherals to computers, cell phones and other gadgets. A Micro-USB is very small in size when compared to the size of the Mini-USB and the old USB. In addition to the small size, a Micro-USB is more durable than a Mini-USB as it features a stainless-steel shell. The stainless-steel shell used in the Micro-USB allows over 10,000 insertion cycles. For lighter PDAs and cell phones, the small size of the Micro-USB makes it a better choice over the Mini-USB.

    A Micro-USB also features a latching mechanism which allows higher extraction forces. The ease-of-use for syncing and charging the portable devices is not sacrificed for achieving the higher extraction forces. The Micro-USB specification also supports the USB OTG supplement which is a technology that was invented so as to allow portable devices to communicate with each other without a computer. The OTG supplement offers total mobile interconnectivity and one of the noticeable features of Micro-USB is its support for the OTG supplement.

    Micro-USBs will completely replace Mini-USBs in the coming years. The USB OTG devices will use Micro-AB receptacles and the standard devices will use Micro-B receptacles. Micro-B plugs, standard cables and Micro-A plugs are also available and they're approximately 2 by 7 mm.Micro-USB

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