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    RF connectors, also known as a radio frequency connectors, include a number of different types of connectors constructed to work with a wide range of multi-megahertz applications. RF connectors provide a quick and easy way to connect coaxial cables to each other and to other devices. There is a range of capability among the different versions of the RF connector. Some of the more efficient types help to minimize the variance of transmission at the point of connection. The type of fastening mechanism will vary from one type of RF connector to the next, with some employing a thread connection, while others may use a push and pull connection, as well as a bayonet or braces connection.

    What do RF Connectors do?

    The RF connector provides an easy way to connect coaxial cables to both devices and to another coaxial cable. The construction of the RF connector often makes it possible for the connector to maintain the shielding, as well as protect the integrity of the connection.

    Sizes Available with RF Connectors

    There is a wide range of sizes when it comes to various types of RF connectors. Depending on the type of mechanism used and the type of connector used, the RF connector may be relatively small in size or quite large.

    How can an RF Connector be Used?

    RF connectors of various types are used with just about all kinds of electronic media. Applications include the installation and connection of cable television services, radio transmissions, cable modems for connection to the Internet, a number of aviation and military equipment applications, and general electronic testing equipment.

    Examples of RF Connectors

    Some of the more common types of the RF connectors include the SMA connector, SMB connector, BNC connector, F connector, the C connector, and the Musa connector. While some types of RF connectors are easily interchangeable with other RF connectors, it is generally a good idea to utilize the type of RF connector recommended for the equipment that is being connected with a coaxial cable.

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      23 July, 2011 at 8:17 am

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