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    Tweak UI is a free Windows utility that can change how the Windows GUI (Graphical User Interface) looks and behaves.

    Tweak UI was first released as a component of PowerToys for Windows 95, but has since been upgraded for use with all versions of Windows, including Windows XP.

    Installing Tweak UI

    To begin, first download Tweak UI.

    The file you download will be called TweakUiPowertoySetup.exe.

    A dialog window will open asking you if you would like to run or save the file "TweakUiPowertoySetup.exe". If you choose to run it from the Internet, the computer will save the file to a temporary folder. If you choose to "Save" it to your computer, the computer will ask where you would like to save the file to and you can then select a directory on your computer.

    Alternatively, Tweak UI can also be installed from the Windows Installation CD-ROM.Tweak UI

    Using Tweak UI

    Tweak UI can be used to modify many many Windows behaviors for the benefit of the Windows user.

    The main settings that can be changed for the Tweak UI control panel are: General Settings, the Mouse, Windows Explorer, Common Dialogs, the Taskbar and Start menu, the Desktop, My Computer Settings, Internet Explorer Settings, Logon, Access Control and Repair.

    General Settings

    Under General Settings, you can use Tweak UI to "prevent applications from stealing focus". You can also use the <alt> key combination to change the size of a window. The window size can also be manipulated in General Settings.

    Mouse Settings

    In this section, you can allow Tweak UI to change the hover sensitivity of the mouse or make the mouse wheel scroll.

    My Computer Settings

    Under this section, the user is able to select a particular drive to view, as well as Autoplay a CD or DVD.

    Internet Explorer Settings

    Tweak UI will also allow the user to change the Toolbar background in Internet Explorer. Also, you can use Tweak UI to search for an address and to change the size of the Image Toolbar.

    Repair Settings

    By far this is one of most useful sections for Tweak UI. Selecting this allows the user to be able to rebuild icons, repair the font folder, the Registry, and the unread mail count.

    Uninstalling Tweak UI

    To uninstall Tweak UI:

    1. Click the <start> button.
    2. Click <control>.
    3. When the Control Panel window opens up, double-click "Add or Remove Programs".
    4. Scroll down to find Tweak UI on the list of programs and click to select it.
    5. Click the <remove> button.
    6. Click <yes>

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