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    What is a WiFi Repeater?

    A WiFi repeater is a device that is able to pick up a WiFi signal, amplify it, and redirect it to another device. WiFi repeaters are often used for commercial purposes because a wireless router can only broadcast a signal up to a certain distance and wireless adapters can only receive the router's signal if the router is within a certain range. A device's range is sometimes not large enough to cover an entire infrastructure. Fortunately, WiFi repeaters can be used to effectively double the signal's range. In fact, a series of WiFi repeaters can be setup to keep amplifying and extending a wireless signal indefinitely. Unfortunately, WiFi repeaters are not very practical for home use as they are ideally setup halfway between the router and the user's computer and must be connected to a power supply.

    Hawking HWREG1 Wireless G Range Extender
    WiFi Repeater
    The Hawking HWREG1 Wireless G Range Extender allows users to double the operating range of their wireless router by simply placing the device halfway between their wireless router and computer. The Hawking HWREG1 features two easy setup solutions: the first consists of simply inputting the wireless router's network ID and the second consists of simply running the Installation Wizard and performing a site survey to detect all wireless networks in the area. Using the second option allows users to select from a list of nearby wireless networks and extends the range of chosen network. The Hawking HWREG1 operates on the 802.11g frequency and includes a removable WiFi antenna that can be replaced by any other antenna.

    Hawking HWREN1 Hi-Gain Wireless-300N Range Extender

    The Hawking HWREN1 Hi-Gain Wireless-300N Range Extender is another WiFi repeater provided by Hawking Technologies that works in a similar way to the Hawking HWREG1. Like the Hawking HWREG1, the user simply places the Hawking HWREN1 halfway between the network's wireless router and the area in which the user wishes to access the network, and runs a site survey to detect any nearby wireless networks. Unlike the Hawking HWREG1, however, the Hawking HWREN1 operates on the 802.11n frequency and uses two antennas instead of one. Though the device operates on the 802.11n frequency, is much faster, and more reliable, it is backwards-compatible with both 802.11g and 802.11b frequencies.

    Hawking HW2R1 Hi-Gain Wireless-N Dual Radio Smart Repeater

    The Hawking HW2R1 Hi-Gain Wireless-N Dual Radio Smart Repeater is the leading WiFi repeater from Hawking Technologies. The Hawking HW2R1 features two individual antennas for communicating with the user's wireless network as well as a third antenna that is entirely dedicated to rebroadcasting any wireless signals that it intercepts. By having two isolated antennas constantly communicating with the wireless network, the user has a much more stable and reliable connection. The device also features a built-in firewall and can be used as a wireless router. The Hawking HW2R1 uses the 802.11n frequency but works with 802.11b and 802.11g frequencies as well.

    D-Link ANT24-0230 Xtreme N 2.4 Ghz Indoor Antenna

    The D-Link ANT24-0230 Xtreme N 2.4 Ghz Indoor Antenna is a flexible WiFi repeater that allows the user to store the wireless router in an area near a modem or by a wall outlet while having the actual antenna in a more convenient and reliable location. This can be very important when the router must be setup in an area that is not ideal for transferring radio signals. The D-Link ANT24-0230 Xtreme operates on the 802.11n frequency and features three removable antennas.

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