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    For Window's users, the taskbar is a highly efficient way for the computer user to not only navigate from application to application, but receive informative information on the type of programs that are running and any special notifications that a user should be aware of.

    The Default Configuration of the Window's Taskbar

    The default location of the taskbar is at the bottom of the screen- it runs fully horizontally from left to right. The Start button is located at the right, then comes the quick launch bar, taskbar buttons and finally the notification area.

    Basic Elements of the Windows Taskbar

    As stated above there are several elements located within the taskbar, here is a description of each of the basic elements you will find.

    • Start button- the Start button gives you access to the start menu that gives the user an easy way to access and navigate programs, documents and computer settings.Windows taskbar
    • The Quick Launch Bar – with this element, you can access shortcuts to applications. You will find that there is a default set up for the quick launch bar that includes IE explorer, MS Office (if available), etc.
    • Taskbar Buttons- When you open an application in Windows, you should see a small tab located in the taskbar. Since most applications take up the full screen (e.g. Word and IE), using the taskbar buttons by clicking on it with your mouse can easily help you navigate from one open application to another. If you have several applications running you should see them all listed as taskbar buttons on the taskbar
    • Notification Area- while commonly referred to as the system tray (which is incorrect), the notification area contains a place to show you the status of programs, a clock (by default) and when a specific task is in process (e.g. printing a page).
    • Customization of the What is the Windows Taskbar?It should be noted that with many of the visual elements of Windows, you can easily customize the taskbar. For instance, you can change the taskbar from being located horizontally on the bottom of the screen to vertically on either side of your screen or even at the top of your screen. You can also resize the taskbar to be larger in size and make it disappear until needed (you usually access it by placing the mouse on the bottom of the screen and the taskbar will once again reappear.

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    1. Carole

      26 November, 2011 at 5:18 pm

      How do I switch my task bar from vertical back to horizontally at the bottom of my screen. Its driving me nuts!!

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