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    What is a Yagi HDTV Antenna?

    A Yagi antenna is one that uses directional, single-plane dipoles to pick up over-the-air radio transmissions for TV and radio. Yagi antennas have been extremely popular since the 1950s but have declined in use as more users have switched to cable and satellite plans. Yagi antennas are still widely used, however, in areas that are impractical or inconvenient for cable and satellite connections. Yagi HDTV antennas simply refer to Yagi antennas that are capable of receiving an HD signal.

    How Does a Yagi HDTV Antenna Work?

    Yagi HDTV antennas consist of several different dipoles on the same plane in order to maximize the number of radio frequencies that the antenna is capable of receiving. One vertical rod is run from the user's home to the base of the antenna and is most commonly used to house a coaxial cable that will run the actual signal from the antenna to the user's television set. This rod intersects with a horizontal rod that serves as the framework of the Yagi antenna. A dozen or less dipoles run across the horizontal rod in various sizes and in one direction so that a powerful, uni-directional reception is obtained.Yagi HDTV Antenna

    Winegard Ghost Killer

    The Winegard Ghost Killer, also known as the Winegard HD 7210P, is a powerful Yagi-style HDTV antenna that was specifically designed to reduce or eliminate the ghosting effect found in previous Winegard models. The "ghosting effect" refers to a static-like background image (multiple images) that appears while a user is watching television. The ghosting effect is caused by reflected signals from other radio stations and satellite systems that interfere with the antenna's original signal. This is fairly common in urban and suburban areas where radio transmissions occur virtually every second.

    Winegard HD-9095P

    The Winegard HD-9095P is a Yagi-style antenna that operates on the UHF frequency band and is designed to provide the user with highly accurate reception that has the highest level of quality available. Capable of supporting HDTV, the Winegard HD-9095P has a built-in corner reflection system that is able to pick up weak UHF signals, absorb them, and reflect them back to the antenna's driven element for increased performance, more reliable reception, and higher quality.

    43XG Terrestrial Yagi HDTV Antenna

    The 43XG Terrestrial Yagi HDTV Antenna is a Yagi-style antenna that is made with long distance use and exotic weather in mind. Due to its design, the 43XG is able to stand up to the harshest weather conditions imaginable. It also features 43 elements that act as 43 individual dipoles in order to pick up radio signals between 15 and 60 miles away. Its uni-directional capabilities allow the 43XG to pick up UHF radio signals in any direction and deliver them to the user in high definition.

    Where To Purchase a Yagi HDTV Antenna

    Yagi HDTV antennas can be found in a number of places including both retail outlets and online stores. For example, Yagi HDTV antennas are widely found on eBay, Google Shopping, Amazon, and Newegg. Likewise, they are found in large retail outlets such as Walmart, RadioShack, and Best Buy. Users should also check local radio stores as they are sure to have a Yagi HDTV antenna in stock or can order one upon request.

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