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    Network backup is any backup system where the data to be backed up traverses the network to reach the backup media.

    Network backup typically requires a client-server software architecture. The backup server resides on a centralized server and the backup clients reside on every system to be backed up.

    Advanced network backup systems can manage backup media which are also connected to the backup server via a network.

    Network backup systems are much more scalable and manageable than local backup systems where tape drives are attached to each comouter ystem.

    Because network backup systems can backup so many computers, they normally utilize tape autochangers to give them greater storage capacity.

    Network Backup Software

    Free network backup software includes Amanda, Bacula, and BackupPC.

    Commercial network backup software includes HP OpenView Storage Data Protector, Veritas NetBackup, and EMC Legato Networker.

    Hybir Backup

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    1. ThFayez

      17 May, 2011 at 7:52 am

      i need to know a reliable backup tool that collects the running configuration from network devices, other than the Kiwi Cat Tool, it’s prefered to be a free one but if a free one is not available or not reliable, just provide a good one 🙂

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