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    Free VoIP calls are never completely free of cost. Often, the goal is not to achieve completely free calls to all destinations, but to use the VoIP operator that suits one’s needs best. Keeping that in mind, one will learn that most VoIP companies let users talk for free in their own network, but will charge for making calls outside their proprietary network.

    Companies offering free VoIP calls usually offer free calls inside their own network and towards other specially selected destinations. Using this tactic, users are drawn to make calls to free destinations and later purchase credits to make calls towards paid destinations.

    There are several options to choose from when it comes to selecting the right VoIP service.

    1. The first category of VoIP services involves direct PC to PC connections or PC to landline/mobile phone connections.

    This is by far the most common way of using VoIP. It requires VoIP software use. Skype is one of the most popular VoIP services on the market in this category. Users can initiate conversations with other Skype users free of charge. However, in order to make calls to regular landlines or mobile phones, users need to pay. The subscription fee for calls in North America is $30 a year. It is not a great deal of money, but it still is not free.

    Raketu, another player in the VoIP market, offers free phone calls to landlines in 42 countries and besides that, it also offers live video television. The only downside to Raketu’s service is that they ask users to pay $9.95 up front in order to use their services.

    Someone who is still looking for a cost free VoIP service can use something like voipCheap that allows him/her to make free calls to PCs and regular phone lines. However, this service is available up to the maximum limit of 300 minutes per week, per IP address, after which users will have to pay. It includes many destinations outside the USA and Canada that can be called without paying a cent. However, if the user wants to call places not on their free calls list, he/she will be charged.

    Google Voice allows free calls and messages anywhere in the mainland US and international calls can be made for less than half a dollar per minute.

    2. The second category of VoIP services involves getting landline or mobile phone connections to be routed over the Internet.

    Jajah is a good example from this category. Users of this service can make free calls to landlines and mobiles in select countries. For other select countries in Europe, Asia, and South America users can apply for landline calls.

    The YouFon service routes cellular phone calls from Nokia E-Series handsets through the Internet. It lets users make free calls to other registered YouFon users for around $5 a month.

    3. A third category of VoIP technology services involves the use of VoIP phones directly using an Internet Protocol (IP) network by connecting to it via a Wi-Fi or Ethernet network.

    The ooma service is a good example from this category for users within the US. It uses peer-to-peer VoIP technology to allow users to make free calls within the US. The service is available for residents and up to a limit of 3000 minutes of outgoing calls. The only cost that is involved is purchasing the device. Certain premium services are available for an extra charge.

    Those who manage to use services that offer good deals can save up to 98% of the cost of their phone bills. This means that users need to put some time and research into it, but in the end they can make calls practically for free via the VoIP technology.

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    1. Cathy

      11 November, 2011 at 9:26 pm

      I purchased a voip router a couple of years ago.  Although my current Internet Provider does not “support” voip, or sell voip routers they are charging me $40 per month for having voip on top of my monthly DSL fee.  What if I tell them to stop charging me for voip? Is there any way they can disable the voip router I bought from them? 

    2. Fred

      9 February, 2011 at 3:37 pm

      You want to call international phonenr. by landline or by mobile?

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