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    If you are serious about reselling Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services, there are some questions you will need to ask yourself first. Here are some simple guidelines to help you determine if and how you should pursue your goal of becoming a VoIP reseller.

    Know the Service

    If you really want to be a reseller for VoIP services, you need at least a basic working knowledge of how VoIP works and what type of applications are currently commonly used. Among the things you will need to understand are gateways and how they interact with voice switches. You will also need to understand the process for creating an integrated voice package that allows easy switching to and from conventional digital switches. Educate yourself on the basics before you attempt to move on to the next step–reselling.

    Determine the Applications You Want to Sell

    You may want to market VoIP to audio teleconferencing companies as a cost efficient means of participation during conference calls from any location. You may want to focus on providing Fortune 500 companies with a VoIP telephone service that virtually eliminates long distance charges. By selecting the types of applications you want to resell, you set the stage for moving on to your next step, which is becoming an agent or reseller.

    Decide Whose Services You Want to Resell

    Once you know what applications you want to resell, it is easy to begin investigating the companies that offer those types of services. Look into such qualities as reliability, customer support, private labelling options (if you want to sell under your own company name), and the rates offered. You may also want to see if billing and receiving payments are something you will have to do, or whether your supplier handle those functions for you. Don't be afraid to ask questions if you can't find documentation to specifically address a concern of yours. Companies that rely on resellers to generate revenue typically are very happy to work with persons who are serious and can think for themselves.

    Being a VoIP reseller is an excellent way to make a living; and also a career choice that should be secure for a number of years to come. Investigate this possibility in more detail. You may find that this opportunity is right for you.

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