How to Reset a BIOS Password

On PCs, the BIOS (Basic Input/Output System) is updatable computer firmware designed to initialize the computer during start prior to handing control to the operating system. Due to the sensitive nature of the system settings controlled by the BIOS, a password can be set by either the computer manufacturer or the end-user. Some of the most common BIOS producers include AMI, AWARD, IBM, and Phoenix with many manufacturers making their own changes to the firmware prior to selling a computer on the open market. The common methods to reset BIOS password include: Generating a BIOS password using a hash code, entering a backdoor BIOS password, reset the BIOS password using software, reset the BIOS password using hardware, and resetting the BIOS password with vendor specific solutions.

How Does the BIOS Work?

The computer BIOS is the first programming code executed by a PC when the machine is rebooted or turned on. The computer firmware conducts a power-on self-test of the system which is responsible for identifying system hardware and initializing components such as the CPU, hard drive(s), RAM, video card, mouse, and keyboard. Once the initialization task is Dallas Semiconductor DS1687-3 Real Time Clock. This IC stores BIOS setup information, including the BIOS password.complete, the BIOS checks the boot devices in order of configured preference (traditional default setting is the computer’s hard drive). The boot loader software is executed by the BIOS once located, and control of the computer is then passed to the operating system. Functionality that can be changed by the end-user through the BIOS user interface (UI) include setting the system clock, enabling or disabling system hardware, configuring hardware, enabling or setting passwords, and choosing the order of boot devices.
Although the BIOS was originally stored on a ROM (read only memory) chip on the computer’s motherboard, today’s computers will store the firmware in flash memory or EEPROM chips that can be updated after the computer has been sold. Once Intel started producing chips for use on non-PC hardware such as Macintoshes, a successor to the legacy BIOS system was required and is called the Extensible Firmware Interface (EFI). Although EFI provides a number of improvements over the traditional BIOS, it has not yet gained market dominance on PC’s.

Is There a BIOS on Mac OS X?

Prior to the production of Mac computers using x86 or Intel chips during the later portion of the 2000’s and their use of EFI, OpenFirmware was the BIOS equivalent on all Macintosh computers. OpenFirmware provides similar functionality on a Mac as the BIOS and EFI do on other computing systems. It conducts tasks such as locating attached or installed hardware and uses environment variables to direct the boot process for the Mac. To access the interface for OpenFirm, press the power button on the mac for about 10 seconds. While pressing the power button, simultaneously depress the “CMD,” “OPT,” “O,” and “F” keys once you hear an audible “chime.” Once you are done with the required modifications in OpenFirmware, exit the interface by typing “bye”, “boot”, or “mac-boot” (depends on the version of Mac computer you are using) followed by pressing the “return” key.

How to Rest a BIOS Password By Using a Hash Code

A lot of the major computer manufacturers use a master password generated from a hash code to reset the master BIOS password. This hash code is normally calculated from a unique equipment identifier such as the Serial Number, Service Tag, System ID, or Express Service Code. On many brands of computer, the identifying code will be displayed after the BIOS password has been entered incorrectly three times in a row. On other brands, it may be printed on the computer. On some HP models of computer, the hash code will only display if the “F2” or “F12” keyboard function key is press prior to entering the incorrect password a third time.
A free service provided by Tech FAQ (other websites will charge you) is our BIOS password generation tool. The tool is designed to make a BIOS password that will work on many computer brands to include: Compaq, Dell, Fujitsu-Siemens, HP, Samsung, and Sony models. The tool has also worked for many white-label PC’s running Phoenix or Insyde BIOS. recommends end users that desire to reset the BIOS password for their respective computer try the hashcode generator before paying another company money to conduct the same task. Many times, third party companies will simply charge individuals upwards of $40 USD to obtain the same information provided for free here:

BIOS Password Generator Tool

Enter the checksum/hash (without any braces) you see on the screen or printed on your PC into the textbox below and click Generate.

Finding the Backdoor BIOS Password

In addition to creating a BIOS password from a hash code, a number of BIOS manufacturers also implement an explicit backdoor password. This password will work regardless of the presence of a manually set BIOS password. The primary purpose of a manufacturer’s backdoor BIOS password is for maintenance and testing evolutions. These passwords are changed periodically by the respective company and success will vary across brand and age of computer.
The reported BIOS backdoor passwords to date include:

Manufacturer BIOS Password
Award BIOS ,01322222, 589589, 589721, 595595, 598598 , ALFAROME, ALLY, ALLy, aLLY, aLLy, aPAf, award, AWARD PW, AWARD SW, AWARD?SW, AWARD_PW, AWARD_SW, AWKWARD, awkward, BIOSTAR, CONCAT, CONDO, Condo, condo, d8on, djonet, HLT, J256, J262, j262, j322, j332, J64, KDD, LKWPETER, Lkwpeter, PINT, pint, SER, SKY_FOX, SYXZ, syxz, TTPTHA, ZAAAADA, ZAAADA, ZBAAACA, and ZJAAADC.
Russian Award BIOS %øåñòü ïpîáåëîâ%, %äåâÿòü ïpîáåëîâ
Phoenix BIOS BIOS, CMOS, phoenix, and PHOENIX.
VOBIS & IBM merlin
Dell Dell
Biostar Biostar
Compaq Compaq
Enox xo11nE
Epox central
Freetech Posterie
IWill iwill
Jetway spooml
Packard Bell bell9
Siemens SKY_FOX
Toshiba Toshiba

How to Reset the BIOS Password Using Software

A popular option for end users to reset the BIOS/CMOS password is to use third party software.

CmosPWD  is a free application that can be used to retrieve and decrypt the BIOS password. It also provides backup, restoral, and erasing capabilities. The program is proven to work with the following BIOS types:
Award 4.5x/4.6x/6.0
Compaq (1992)
Compaq (New version)
IBM (PS/2, Activa, Thinkpad)
Packard Bell
Phoenix 1.00.09.AC0 (1994), a486 1.03, 1.04, 1.10 A03, 4.05 rev 1.02.943, 4.06 rev 1.13.1107
Phoenix 4 release 6 (User)
Gateway Solo – Phoenix 4.0 release 6
Zenith AMI

How to Reset the BIOS Password By Removing the CMOS Battery

One of the most common methods to reset the BIOS password is to remove or discharge the battery on the computer’s motherboard. If the power to the battery is lost or drained, the BIOS configuration will be reset to the factory state with no password. System settings made to the BIOS will also be lost.
Step 1 – Turn off the computer and ensure it has no external power (ie unplug the power cable. If it has a battery, remove it).
Step 2 – Open the computer’s case or box.
Step 3 – Locate the computer’s motherboard and look for the white silver button battery on the motherboard.
Step 4 – If the battery is not soldered to the motherboard, remove it carefully and wait for approximately 30 seconds.
Step 5 – Put the computer case back together and boot the computer.
Step 6 – If the “CMOS Checksum Error-Defaults Loaded” error message is displayed, the BIOS password has been reset.
In the event the CMOS battery is soldered to the computer’s motherboard, you will want to seek a different method to reset the BIOS password on the computer.

Steps to Reset the BIOS Password Using Hardware

If the CMOS battery is soldered to the computer’s motherboard, some brands will have a jumper located on the board that can be used to reset or clear the BIOS password. The location of the jumper on the motherboard will be contained in the motherboard documentation. If you can not find documentation on which jumper will reset the BIOS password, some users will guestimate on which jumper is the appropriate by choosing the one closest to the battery for reset. Another option is to short the points of the battery connection pins to the motherboard (when there is no power being applied to the computer).

Steps to Reset the BIOS Password Using the Real Time Clock

If attempts at resetting the CMOS battery through removal or by jumper fail, another method is to reset the Real Time Clock (RTC) Integrated Circuit (IC) on the computer’s motherboard. This method will work if the RTC requires an external battery. To reset, simply remove the RTC from the motherboard socket with no power available to the computer and reseat. The RTCs reported to require external batteries include:
Dallas Semiconductor DS12885S
TI benchmarq bq3258S
Motorola MC146818AP
Hitachi HD146818AP
Samsung KS82C6818A
If the RTC contains an integrated battery, it can typically be reset by shorting two of the pins for several seconds after power has been removed from the system.

How to Reset the BIOS Password Using Vendor Specific Solutions

Resetting a Dell BIOS Password
For information on how to recover a Dell BIOS password, please refer to How do I reset Dell BIOS password?
Resetting an IBM ThinkPad BIOS Password
For information on how to recover an IBM Thinkpad BIOS password, please refer to How do I reset an IBM ThinkPad BIOS password?
Resetting an IBM Aptiva BIOS Password
Some IBM Aptivas can bypass the startup BIOS password if both mouse buttons are pressed repeatedly while booting the system.
Resetting an Acer BIOS Password
For information on how to recover an Acer BIOS password, please refer to How do I reset an Acer BIOS password?

How to Turn Off the BIOS Password

Once end-users obtain the master BIOS password for the target computer, a common task to accomplish is making the computer stop asking for the password when restarted or rebooted.
Step 1 – Restart your computer.
Step 2 – Press the BIOS access key during computer restart (F2 on many models, Tech-FAQ listing of common BIOS access keys).
Step 3 – Use the keyboard arrow keys to locate the security tab in the BIOS setup.
Step 4 – Locate the submenu that lists menu items similar to:
Supervisor password is: set
User password is: set
Step 5 – Use the keyboard arrow key to navigate to the available options and press the first password setting.
Step 6 – Enter the current BIOS password in the subsequently displayed menu prompt. Some BIOS types will ask for the password to be entered twice.
Step 7 – Change the password setting to blank, not set, etc.
Step 8 – Repeat steps 5-7 for the subsequent password options that indicate they are “set.”
Step 9 – Navigate to the BIOS “exit” menu option and choose the “save changes” menu option.
Step 10 – Continue to exit from the BIOS setup and restart your computer for the changes to take effect.

Please use the password generator tool above before asking for password in the comments.

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  • greenzone_560

    Hey, idk about your toshiba laptop, but i have a Toshiba Satellite a665 s6070 i7 core…
    anyhow, i forgot my pssword too…i looked around the intenet and couldnt find anything, prolly due to it being new.
    so the way i reset it is:
    1.take out the laptop battery
    2. unscrew the lid off the prossesors thing…
    3. take out both of the proccessors(or however many you have)
    4. there will be a sticker under it, peel it off.
    5. on the left hand side there should be two open connections, and by them it should say cmos
    6.just take a small wire or a clip or something and connect them.
    7.viola! youre done…put everything back together and youre done.
    8.just start up the computer and press F2 and there is no pssword :)
    -hope this helps at least someone, reply if helped

  • Insyde Man

    Have no Fear!
    No more opening the Case or Laptop !!!
    If you start your PC or Laptop and you are faced with the dreaded “Password” dialog after you pressed the F2 button.

    The Acer company or any other PC company is in the Business of making money.But they know how to fix the Bios Password Issue too.
    And I will show you how it is done.
    The Acer Boys use a DOS Software called “Bios Password Cleaner”
    It’s on a bootdisk that also has a HDD Lockout Password Generator on it.
    all you need to remove the Password is the Software.
    The name is “clnpwd.exe”
    How do you get it you ask?

    Here is what you do,and it’s so easy!

    I encourage you to do this:
    1. Google it
    2. look for a file called “”
    3.If you can’t find it here is the link: hxxp://
    4. download it and unzip the file.
    5. You find more Dos files in it that you can use if you want to make a Floppy Boot disk,
    but most PC’s don’t have a Floppy Drive anymore ,so you will need a Dos 7.1 Bootdisk.
    It is a MS-DOS 7.10 LiveCD / BootCD for BIOS Flashing
    Here is a link to the Dos 7.1 Bootdisk iso file: hxxp://
    Download the Password protected file and extract it with Password “123″

    1. Use an ISO image editor to open the ISO file (I use UltraISO).
    2. Place all your DOS File “clnpwd.exe into the FLASH folder. You may want to delete the folder’s contents first.
    3. Burn ISO image to disc.
    4. Boot directly to disc.
    5. Select option 1 to launch MS-DOS.
    6. When “A:\>” appears, type “C:”.
    7. When “C:\>” appears, type “cd FLASH\”
    8. When “C:\FLASH\>” appears, type:”clnpwd.exe”
    9. Follow the on screen instructions to delete the Supervisor and or User Password by pressing 1 or 2.
    Now reboot your PC and when you press F2 the Password dialog will not appear.

    “A message given in Fear holds little Truth.”
    “A message given in Love leads you to the Answer.”

  • Dogbert

    Laptops are little bit more tricky: in most cases, there isn’t a reset jumper or a working default password. Still, most vendors have implemented bypass mechanisms which I reverse-engineered:

  • Ron

    so Toshiba posts on their web site that commonly the computer will not start due to a password reset issue on the cmos. They state they will no longer repair this under warranty and charge 170.00 for the cmos reset password. Something is wrong with this. Nobody informed us of this issue before we spent our money even though they knew of it.  We appreciate all you have done to help us but short of some Toshiba tech recognizing that the company is acting in poor confidence therefor volunteering the password under the table, I think we have a new target for the kids to shoot at.
    I will never again support Toshiba.
    yours in disgust

    • Adam

      Hi Ron,

      I’m a broke college student experiencing the same difficulties with toshiba. My laptop is a huge part of my life since so much of our class work needs to be done through the Internet. If you could please help me that would be amazing! My e-mail address is I attend Walla Walla University in Washington state

      Thank you for your consideration,
      Adam Condon

  • Patrick Peacock

    This worked for me. Laptop was pre loaded with Vista  and bios was password protected. I followed directions on my link and it worked like a charm. Then once booted up nothing but a black screen with a blinking cursor at top left. I then tried to use recovery cd’s to restore but would quit responding on disc one. I then used XP Pro to wipe drive and loaded new partition with XP Pro. My next step then was to use the Vista recovery cd’s again and this time it.   worked. I’m thinking made some registry problems and wiping then putting XP pro fixed and allowed for a clean recovery from cd. Hope this may help someone :)   BTW my laptop was not same model as his in video but was lucky enough to have same setup from which i believe would be the case with most models.

    • Limonta

      fujitsu lifebook v1020, i forget autenticated user passw on bios, please help me, I try to remove cell batery, but still the bios phoenix trustedcore user authenticated prompt.

      Tks and help me!!!!!

  • jessey cerrillo

    I have a toshiba satellite A305 and I ‘ve seen that many people have the same problem that I have….bios password activated by error, I send it to repair to the geek squad guys…”they should be called the reapers squad guys….they are charging me 335,73….hehhehe what a joke they are… ” to remove it , or better say erase it…anyways that things its that they said that they need to change the mother board……hehehhehe . those guys are a joke….I rather put the lop top in the garbage…..bye toshiba ….you just loose another customer… lop tops are good but you ….toshiba tech guys and Geek squad are a joke……shame on you…

  • adam richardson

    hi i have managed to sort the problem today, i did get an error code just saying system disabled.
    for future reference if anyone else has the same problem all i had to do is reset the cmos battery by placing a screwdriver tip over the two conacts labelled rct rest by the memory module and hey presto..
    thanks for your help as i only managed it by reading a few pointers on here

  • Demetrius

    I don’t know if this will help anyone, but I had to reimage my Gateway M- Seris laptop. It now has a BIOS password. Tried all the forum backdoor passwords to no avail. Finally, I just started entering random default passwords. It has a PhoenixBios.
    1234 worked for me. Hope it can help someone else.

  • George

    BIOS/RTC. If you have a non-resettable RTC try putting the IC (NOT THE WHOLE PC!) in the freezer for 12hrs. This works with Texas Instruments RTCs but shoul;d work with any with an internal battery. The cold causes the battery to supply insufficient current to maintain the settings. Allow the IC to warm up naturally before re-installing

  • nicoletta

    hi, my laptop is
    hp probook 6560b

  • hassani

    SERIAL NO.Z6123562Q

    Hello please respond to the request if it all started with

  • david

    please i need help i got 2 laptop from **** with bios password i cant loggin
    first – hp elitebook 8440p s/n: CZC0236KGY p/n: VQ669E#ABD tag : 3y/3y/0y
    second – hp elitebook 8440p s/n: CZC0242RKQ p/n: VQ669EA#ABD tag : 3y/3y/0y
    Tanks in advance

    • Will.Spencer


      The first is e0e17fgshi and the second is e0e17v7bs5.

  • Jason

    Hi my kid was messing around with my Sony Vaio PCG-71912L laptop and accidently put a bios password on it and he can’t remember what he used, if I try it 3 times I get a code like this K786-V3RT-97HJ-8TH3
    Can someone help me on this Thanks.

    • Jason

      I just noticed I changed after I restarted now it says
      Key: 2rj6-d9h6-xvh3-v8xp I will leave it on until I hear form you. Thanks

  • Wazzy Clef

    I’am in need of hardware instructions for clearing bios for Dell inspiron 1000 laptop with service Tag No:7TK0251.

    Thanks for your help.

    • Will.Spencer


      Try these:


      • Wazzy Clef

        Thanks a lot Will.

  • Ese


    Please can i have the BIOS password for a EN TM87 Packard bell laptop, the SNID number is 03722479816
    and the serial no is lxbnl0200103736e1e1601.

    Thanks in advance

  • Lotfi

    Hi ALL

    thank you for helpme to find the password for this machine
    HP 8440P
    serial: CZC0365Y85
    Product :W954AV

    THX in advance


    • Will.Spencer


      Try e0e1fgqiuq.

  • facebook_jorge.leggis

    hola, mi laptop es
    HP Compaq nc6400
    s/n: CND7171GCD
    P/N: RX975EC#ABA

    • Ajay Khule

      You can use “BIOS Password Generator Tool” present above in the article.

  • nathanoliver

    Wow, thank you! Have a laptop that I am working on and someone locked down bios with password and disabled any other boot options. Seems any other method mentioned by Manufacturer didn’t want to work either as I believe the laptop has had a bad virus!. Acer Extensa 5620. Generator worked like a charm though!

  • Allison

    Hi, I have a Toshiba Qosmio laptop and it’s always worked fine till recently, instead of starting up it goes straight to a screen that says ENTER PASSWORD: ______ … when pressing F2 during the initial startup it takes me to a similar page though it says “Phoenix SecureCore(tm) Startup Utility ENTER PASSWORD: _____ …” I’ve come to understand it’s asking of a BIOS password, but I have no way of disabling bios, and any password I’ve tried has failed me. Three failed attempts and the computer kicks me and shuts off. I’ve tried looking around the web for a few weeks now trying to figure it out, calling tech support etc and well nothing has worked. This is probably the most reliable page I’ve come too yet, but I’m still quite stuck. If there’s any way you can help please message me, I will be very grateful. — Thanks!

    • Daniel Memetic

      Have you tried the BIOS Password Generator Tool on the page below (box with a white background)? Instructions on how to use it are there too.

    • farney4rump

      contact toshiba tell them you have an inherited fault. tell them they have a bios problem with your laptop.. they repaired mine as a goodwill gesture.. my laptop was 5 years old.. reason being by law you have 6 year gaurantee but have to prove after a year the fault is inherited at point of purchase. toshiba have a list on their web site with all models involved.. my model wasnt listed but they honoured the fault free at not cost.

  • robotnik

    I just tried the “loopback” thing on my old Toshiba Satellite laptop (whose BIOS password I have no clue about…). I was very septical at first but I gave it a try,…. It worked!

  • ivanpedrero

    I just want to say a big “thank you very much!!!”
    The “BIOS Password Generator Tool” saved my life.
    It works perfectly in a packrd bell easy note NJ31!!!!
    Thanks Again.

  • Tony Smyth

    I’m a little confused. Using the generator above with different codes supplied by my Samsung N150 it keeps coming back with what I believe the BIOS password to be but each time it fails. If the code appears to confirm the password is correct are there any other suggestions? Thank you. As yet I have unable to satisfactorily short the RTC pins

    • Will.Spencer

      With the Samsung N150, you have have to remove the CMOS battery from the motherboard and wait for a few minutes before replacing it.

  • Robert Davidson

    Well, I have a Toshiba Satellite L755D-S5204 with insyde h2 bios. When I turn on the computer I tried pressing F2 or F12 to get to bios or the boot manager and instead I’m presented with a black background and a blue box that says ‘Enter Password’

    After 3 attempts, it says ‘Verify error!! System is shutting down.’

    Then it turns off. No hash codes or any error messages.Would greatly appreciate if anyone has a clue on how to fix this or go about fixing this so I can use my laptop again. Thank you!

  • mehul

    ples help me my compaq420 bios passawad unlock ples.., help me

  • lancelight

    I used the password hash generator to reset the bios password on a gateway p 7805u fx. I entered the bios pw incorrectly 3 times in order to bring up the hash (for me it was a 5 digit number), entered it into the hash generator here and used the “Phoenix generic” pw that was generated on the next reboot. It worked awesome, thanx much :D

  • sheikh aakib

    my laptop acer aspire 3620 is bios paasword protected… to i remove bios password ….plzzz help me..
    thanks in advance

  • tony

    i have the acer aspire 5920g need to get in to boot from dic but when i go to setup needs password 3 times comes up with 06895 can you halp

  • Wazzy Clef

    How can I locate sony vaio VGN-NS230E laptop bios chip and how to disassemble the bios chip to remove bios boot password. Any advice will also help. Thanks for your help.

  • Andrey

    Hi, i need a bios password for my HP EliteBook 2760p.

    Please Help

  • Anon Ymous

    The hashcode generator worked PERFECT on the Samsung SF410

    Entered in wrong password 3 times

    It displayed the hashcode



  • Alex

    Please can i have the BIOS password to HP Elitebook 8440p s/n:CND0240X6V, p/n: SJ780UC#ABA


  • Robert

    You guys are the greatest! Thanks so much for helping me get into my client’s Bios. now maybe i can fix this computer for her.. I hate to be the one telling that i cannot help and thanks to you guys i don’t have to.

  • Jules

    Please can you help with the BIOS password for HP Elitebook 8470p s/n:CZC2481XV8, p/n: B2F95EC#ABA


  • Big Papa

    THE hashcode gen worked for my hp pavilion dv4000 it was the generic phenox that worked thanks guys :))

  • Alfred Onaghise

    I have a samsung NP300V5A notebook and I’ve tried three different passwords without luck. At the third attempt, a message is displayed -”system is disabled”.
    Below this message the following code is displayed: 2789C0600380315CD2
    Please I’ll appreciate any help from you to enable me resolve this problem. Thanks

  • timosthenes

    Excellent work! I had never tried to fix someones box that had phoenix on it…usually I pop in hirens and im done…Thank you so much!

  • tofclaire

    I’ve tried your password generator tool but the result not work..It’s for a dell m20 : the screen ask password for #DCXNL1J-595B
    Thanks a lot for your help

  • L. A. Cole

    I have an Acer Aspire 7741Z using a Phoenix SecureCore Setup Utility.

    I used your BIOS Password Generator Tool and it worked on the first attempt upon entering the checksum/hash number.

    Thank you.

  • Tonic

    Hello, execuse my english,
    I need reset password to my HP Compaq nx9005
    s/n: C NF34423BZ
    p/n: DJ260A#AKB
    Service tag: Cnx9005UA180X430WC N25H

    Keys “F2″ “F12″ cannot display Hash Code
    I tried find jumper on mainboard to reset, I tried remove battery for 20days
    Can you help me?

    • Tonic

      Another specification:

      Phoenix BIOS 4.0 Release 6.0
      HP Notebook PC BIOS Version KAM1.49
      BIOS version KT3R T3B71 T3A

  • Rockstar

    Hi…MAN is my laptop driving me CRAZY !!! I’ve got a BIOS password I can’t break !! I’ve been scrolling, clicking and threading myself to a state of delirium!! Please help me..I have sought out such programs w/ no results..Here is my laptops info..

    Samsung NP-SF510-BA68-05408A
    Service Tag..( I think ) BA68-06297A 11

    I don’t see anything else..Please see what you can

  • Rockstar

    OMG !!! It worked !!! I didn’t see option to try it here earlier..just was grazing around not doin much…and there it I typed in my info and…. FAG !!! My password was “FAG”
    Unfaggin believable !!! Thanx dude !!

  • Donald Weston

    I have been MONTHS trying to remember (and try) what the pass was for the Phoenix BIOS on a Gateway MX6447. I have been frustrated to death. And I stumbled on your hashcode generator. Worked immediately. GFL!!! A thousand thanks, guys!! And I WAS almost prepared to pay $35 to some company on the net to do the same 10-second task for me. I REALLY appreciate your help.

    • DanielMemetic

      Awesome! You’re welcome!

  • Jadin

    S/n: 78293728W
    I can’t seem to find anything else that you can enter.

  • Ibrahim Younis

    plz a lost my bios password for Samsang 900X3C

    serial number is HWU591GCA00015B

    and the message is 1A0219AD21B99C6000

    i have tried the password generator tool but nothing happend

  • Per Person

    hello. can somebody please help me? been searching google for 4 days now….

    im about to give up:(

    i have
    a laptop. it is a hp probook 6360b, witch i can`t bootcd or usb from,
    and need a pw to get in bios to change boot settings. i have removed the
    small battery under the keyboard but still the same. after typing 3
    passwords i get an on screen keybord and have tried pressing f2 and f12,
    but no hash code or nothing. i have tried to change both hard drive and
    ram but no change. and so, please! please somebody help me!?

    Bigupp all the way from Norway!!! if someone can help me with this problem:)

    Here is all the information i can find on the system info:

    notebook model: hp probook 6360b

    product number: wy546av#abn

    serial number: 2ce12400j4

    universal unique identifier: 814e740bf594e011b40148c259000047

    asset tag: (blank)

    warranty start date: 00/00/0000

    system configuration id: A0001D02

    system board id: 1621

    system board CT: PCCJK1B2H0T24O

    bios revision: 68SCE Ver. F.03

    bios date: 04/27/2011

    keyboard controller revision: 97.40

    Processor type: intel(r) Core(tm) i3-2310m cpu

    MicroCode Revision: 14

  • squidbillier

    first try worked.. thank you so much. very helpful for laptops and you don’t want to take it a part. thanks you very much

  • marshall

    hi I have dell latitude E6420 and tag is 52hjgs1 and i need hard drive password, hope you can help.
    thanks a bunch if you can

  • another toshiba guy

    i also have a toshiba satellite (l300) and i have the same problem: there’s no hash code or message, it also shuts down after 3 attempts. it seems like some 50 people who passe by this site have or had the smae problem, as anyone any clue of what might solve it?

  • another toshiba guy

    since it was removed, ill repeat my previous message: as everyone else with a toshiba, i have this problem: i can’t find the hash codes or error message i need. the laptop just shuts down, similar to what Robert Davidson decribed. It would help if – instead of deleting a message from someone who needs help (years of work in that thing) – you, what’s the word, helped. is it spam to note that toshiba users still have no clue of how to handle the mess? Please, help me (and others like me) if you can

    ps: the user name is “another toshiba guy” because i thought many of the unsolved problems exposed here were from people with toshibas, am i wrong? is is spam to have such a name? i don’t know the etiquette in these things. forgive me if it is spam or in any if it anoys anyone. I just want to be able to enter my old pc again

    • DanielMemetic

      Comment wasn’t removed. It’s still below. Perhaps there’s a Service Number on the back of the laptop you could check?

      We aren’t official tech support. We provide hopefully useful and helpful content, and try to help with questions in the comments. We also read comments for feedback to improve our articles. Perhaps it would be a good idea to contact Toshiba or their representative about this issue?

      • GONEIL

        There is a combination of key strokes necessary to display a challenge code on a Toshiba,have done it before but can’t remember.I found the info via Google ie get/find challenge code etc…

        • WillSpencer

          Apparently it’s [ESCAPE] and then [F1] on some Toshiba’s and [CONTROL][TAB][CONTROL][ENTER] on others.

  • Skyjaxxx

    Hello! I have an Acer 5320 with the password of bios that prevents me from reinstalling windows and makes the PC unusable. I entered the error code result after 3 entries in the dialog refused BIOS Password Generator Tool, and with the generated code I unlocked the bios on the first attempt. Now I’m installing Windows. A thousand times thank you!

  • Jim

    Dell Inspiron BIOS reset = Worked Like a Charm!!!! Thank you so much! After 3 months of tinkering I tried your BIOS reset and now I have a laptop that actually works

  • Scott Heffner

    Thank you sooo much! been working on this laptop for months and until i found your site i was lost. first password this page generated worked!!

  • sherrie Dove

    Hi, everyone I’m having a problem with my daughters inspiron1018 mini dell tag #241c4r1 she got it for the school program, where if your poor and get free lunches in school you get this laptop for $65.00. Daniel maybe you can help? it says to enter an HDD password.

    • WillSpencer


      Our password generator says to try these:


  • Robtronic

    Dell Latitude E6420: CKCCFS1-1D3B

    Generator dosnt seem to work for this one.. Any got any guesses?

    • WillSpencer

      Have you tried just the first part of that number? It generates these passwords:


    • WillSpencer


      That’s an Express Service Code. The generator needs your Service Tag.

      I rewrote the text above to make this more clear.

  • tazpaul

    hello , I have tried the above generator but it wont do anything , just keeps showing what I typed in. #93v0ch1-595b. any help please thanks

    • WillSpencer


      It is showing me this: lotra658


    Hi,no action in the generator with Vaio VGN-CS36GJ challenge code DT2D-XKR7-J8TF-3R96 that I have entered.Help appreciated,thanks

    • WillSpencer

      I don’t think that the generator will work with news Toshiba’s.

      You’ll likely have to call Toshiba tech support and give them the Challenge Code.

      What is the model number of your Toshiba?

    • Limonta

      i have fujitsu lifebook v1020, i forget autenticated user passw on bios, please help me, I try to remove cell batery, but still the bios phoenix trustedcore user authenticated prompt.

      • Limonta

        hellp me with that laptop, please!!!! my bios dont have failed code

      • H3llas

        What error does it say: System disabled… some number, which number?

        • Limonta

          not system disabled error display, only after 3 time write bad password, on screen display “User Authentication failed, The number of authentication retries has been exceeded,the System has been halted” and continuously beep active.
          Please help me, my friend

          • H3llas

            This is from your computer user manual:

            Remember your passwords! If you set and
            forget your User and Master hard disk
            passwords, Fujitsu Computer Systems will
            not be able to reset it. You may lose data
            and have to replace your system board or
            hard disk drive.

            Though it looks like some people found workaround

            Bad thing is it is not free.

            I am clueless without having hand on your specific model.

          • Limonta

            H3llas my friend, here is all the specification of my laptop:
            Lifebook V Series
            Model: V 1020
            Product No: FPC03257AK
            Part No: CP352920
            Reg No: V 1020

            You are my latest hope, help me and Tks.

    • H3llas

      That is much newer laptop, Sony probably changed password algorithm. Did you tried contacting support?

  • joe

    i had a message that system protection failure how do i go about it?

    • WillSpencer

      What was the exact message? Where did it appear?

  • joe

    am loosing laptop toshiba statellite pro A120

    • WillSpencer


      What was the exact message? Where did it appear?

  • babak

    help me
    hdd password???
    laptop dell L502X
    EROOR PASS:08070

    • WillSpencer


      Please try these passwords and let us know the results:


  • mike

    you`re a legend,you just saved me about 3hrs taking laptop apart to try cmos battery removal.thanks so much

  • Krishna

    Please help me..My model is Samsung RV410. when i enter hashcode in generate, it doesn’t show anything….

    • WillSpencer

      In that case, you’ll either have to contact Samsung for the code or open your PC to find the pins to short.


    Hi, i need a bios password for my ASUS S400CA VIVO

    • WillSpencer


      With your ASUS, it looks like you’ll have to open up the notebook and use the Clear CMOS jumper.

      Unfortunately, the at ASUS do NOT include instructions on how to do this in the User Manual:

      So… you’ll either have to open up the device and look around or you’ll have to contact ASUS support.

  • AHM

    I forgot Bios password

    I need reset Password

    samsung NP355E4X-A02MY


    System disabled 57C818894D68993000

    please Help

    • WillSpencer


      Neither of those codes seems to be generating a password.

      Our generator worked with Samsung PC’s in the past. It *may be* that Samsung has changed their BIOS password algorithm.

      Unfortunately, Samsung did not publish a decent manual with this notebook. Here’s all we get:

      Because of this, the options are either to open the notebook and look for a RTC reset jumper or to call Samsung support.

  • Macius

    Please, generate a password Phoenix BIOS 1.04 for Laptop Active Book L55RI0 or L55R10

    After entering the password three times, an error pops block number:

    The Disabled

    Motherboard Model:
    HannStar J MV-4
    94V-0 0737

    • WillSpencer


      I’m not familiar with that model. You’ll have to figure out how to coax a hash code out of it. Then, you can put that hash code into the BIOS password generator above.

      Who is the manufacturer of that device?

      • Macius

        Active Book is a manufacturer and it comes from China has ARNO

        How to extract hash code?

        perhaps what is says on the label tailgate Laptop:

        63GL55015-20 CM-2

        SZSL55RI074400122 <—barcode

        • WillSpencer

          Neither of those are recognized by our BIOS password generator tool.

          You might be able to get a hash code by entering the wrong password three times.

          • Macius


          • WillSpencer

            That’s the error number, not the hash. :(

  • dennis

    help me generate a Bios password for Dell latitude D52
    service tag; HC9BG2J
    express service code; 377-465-444-11

    • WillSpencer


      Did you try our BIOS Password Generator Tool above?

      It generated these BIOS passwords for you:


  • Walisson Silveira

    Please help me! Password for Toshiba Satellite M115 – S3094 SYSTEM UNIT MODEL NO. PSM0U-015007
    SERIAL NO. Y6348914Q

    Thank you so much!

  • Flying Boy

    I need a bios code for Bios A14. and service tag F661BL1

    • WillSpencer

      Try these passwords generated from your Service Tag:


  • Mikeuccino

    Help Please! Password for Advent 7113. After 3 failed attempts at the password a message comes up saying “System Disabled [05071]“?

    • WillSpencer

      Probably you will have to open the case and short the CMOS chip.

      Advent supplies a user manual for the 7113 on the “Notebook Utility CD” that came with your system. Do you have that CD?

      Advent doesn’t seem to have a web site where you can download the manual, but since the Advent 7113 is just a rebranded Uniwill L5II you can download the manual here:

  • Emilio Cerón

    Excuse me. For unlock BIOS ‘One Time Password’ of Sony Vaio Model VPCZ110GL?

    • WillSpencer


      What is the code that your Sony prints after you enter the password incorrectly three times?

      Put that code into our tool above and it will generate a working password for your Sony.

  • omar

    PLZ COD BIOS BELL latitude X1

    le cod is : #3KK8D2J-595B

    • WillSpencer


      Can you post a screenshot of your Service Tag?

      Your Service Tag should be a 7 digit number.

      If your Service Tag is ’3KK8D2J’, try these passwords:



  • Matt

    I need to locate CMOS jumper for Toshiba A355-S6935 since the battery is soldered, I need to reset CMOS jumper. I’ve located the battery as in the immage below, but I don’t know where the jumper is.

    Thank you

    • WillSpencer

      Instead of searching for a jumper, I’d remove the battery to delete the BIOS settings.

      Read the article section “How to Reset the BIOS Password By Removing the CMOS Battery” for tips.

      • Matt

        Well, I didn’t want to unsoldered it. Anyway, thank you for your suggestion.

        • WillSpencer

          Ahh… from the picture I could not see that it was soldered on — it looked like it was held on just by a pressure clip.

          How about shorting the points of the battery connection pins to the motherboard (when there is no power being applied to the computer)?

          • Matt

            I did unsoldered the battery and solder it back… and also shorting the battery points, but didn’t work. Still my laptop is “dead”

          • WillSpencer

            What do you mean “dead”?

          • Matt

            Won’t power on.

          • WillSpencer

            I am confused. “Won’t power on” is not a symptom of a BIOS password problem.

          • Matt

            IT was working fine until I started to update BIOS and it took a long time. I left it on the table and when I came back it was off. Since then, it won’t turned on anymore.

          • WillSpencer

            The common slang for systems which crash during BIOS updates is “bricked”. It means the motherboard is now “functional as a brick”.

            I see a replacement motherboard on eBay for $68.95:


    • H3llas

      Try this: look for the B500 or XXX jumper, it should be somewhere around ram memory.
      Short one of those out for a couple of second… Those worked on old Toshibas.

      • Matt

        I will try this one as the last attempt to power on my laptop. Thank you for your suggestion.

        • H3llas

          Since you can’t power on your laptop, judging about comments bellow, I can say this will not work for sure. If your computer stuck while updating bios then you will need professional help to fix it.

  • Oinam

    My laptop is singtech i forgot bios password and hash code is F34D5973 , plz tell me the password

    • WillSpencer


      Try 14415100.

  • H3llas

    Hmm. I think that one is tricky. You will need bios password unlock chip for it. Try searching on ebay, you can find those for 15-30$.

  • Paul

    Help me with my HP MINI code is CNU8471RX7

    • H3llas

      Did you tried one of these:

  • bearklan

    I cant find hash code on the back of acer aspire one zg5 and when I enter password incorrectly 3 times, it just tells me: (system will halt!! press any key) Thanks in advance for any help.I will continue researching more..been this netbook for the past 2 years off and on. thank fully I am on work comp so now I have plenty of time.

  • Marko Zivkovic

    I have Fujitsu Siemens Amilo pa2510 .
    I was try to reset paword with jumpers and remove batery but nothing.
    Always says : pasword !
    Bios is Phoenix !
    I can`t go in Bios , and when skip bios , computer say again pasword ???
    I also tried many combinations of the codes I found on the internet but nothing.
    Any comment is welcome .

    p.s. copmuter informations:
    P/N : 72G115266-70F

    • H3llas

      Did you tried SKY_FOX password?

      Did you tried to short out jumpers when you turn on your notebook?

      • Marko Zivkovic

        HI H3llas,
        SKY_FOX not work :(
        Also i tried to short-on cmos jumer and start up laptop but same situation.
        When i start computer i got this screen (nr.1) .
        When i press setup i go to bios but need bios pasword : picture (nr.2)
        or when i go to resume i need other ( i dont know which) pasword..

        When i try 3-times wrong pasword i got message: System Disabled 65534 !

        I tried shortly to explain my problem ,thanks in advance for your patience.. :)

        • H3llas

          Does your Amilo has battery like in this video?

          • Marko Zivkovic

            Yes, i just tried this metod feww times .. but same situations , after i again got screen like picture nr.1 … all is same …
            I slowly lose my temper .

          • WillSpencer


            I’m confused. The picture you posted doesn’t show a BIOS password problem.

            It shows that your BIOS configuration has been lost. Press F2, confirm or configure your BIOS settings, and the message should disappear.

          • Marko Zivkovic

            When i press F2 ,i got picture nr.2 , where need bios password .
            i cant configure or confirm BIOS because always looking paswswod.
            When i press F1 i got picture nr.3 .

            very strange :(


            Best Regards friend

            I congratulate you as excente work.

            and I think you could help me, I have a samsung latop MODEL NP300E4C-A08CO and I need the password to enter the setup.

            Code: 1F73DB8D69B5B4DE00

            thank you very much for helping me.


    • WillSpencer


      You could also try the password from our password generator: 69944425

      • Marko Zivkovic

        Hello Will
        Yes i tried this pawsord …. Nothing… after 3 times i got message System Disabled 65534 .
        Do you know something about master or power-up pasword , maybe is that problem ?

  • kayemi

    Hi i have a smsung n150 and the code is

    • H3llas

      On a Samsung n150 netbook you reset the bios by shorting out small contacts called RTC Reset while you turning on your computer. Computer will then restart.

      RTC is located on the right side of the RAM memory utors as you can see on the picture.

      Another easier way is to remove battery and wait some time

      • kayemi

        thank you it works

  • Johnny D

    hey will.. i hav a toshiba sttllte a300 dat sumon borrwd and returnd wid sum sort of passwrd!? i hav data on d laptop dat hasnt been backd up and dnt wana pull it apart or hav incorrct attempts cz i.dnt wana lose anythn frm hd. cant find hashcode, dnt knw biosdesigner, Toshiba dsnt work, need help. wud b forevr gratful…. Johnny.
    model no.: PSAG0A-02Y009
    serial no.: 58087713Q

  • Mikeyg11111

    Hey guys,
    Any help with my laptop, got a dell latitude e6430?
    Quite a new model and cant get past the pre windows boot up with the bios password

    • H3llas

      Do you get any numbers when it get stuck on false passwords tries? What is the serial number and model number?

      • mikeyg11111

        No, no numbers when the password is wrong, but i get three attempts then the system boots down.

        • Mikeyg11111

          The service tag is 3NXKRY1 but the message that comes up on the pre windows boot up is #3NXKRY-1D3B

          • WillSpencer


            Have you tried the auto-generated passwords:


  • Adis

    I have problem bios password with gericom laptop
    after 3 times entering wrong pass massage is: system disable (11552)
    i try generator, removing cmos batery but nosthing
    bios is phoenix 2.07

    is there any chance for removing this pass

    • H3llas

      Which Gericom model do you have?

      • Adis

        supersonic force

        • H3llas

          This worked on another version of Gericom so maybe you can try it:

          Disconnect your notebook from power. Keep cmos battery.

          Remove the RAM cover, and on the underlying DIP switch (S3) put switch number 4 to ON for about a minute.

          • Adis

            this model dont have dip switches
            this is newer model with petium dual cpu T2050(i think)

          • H3llas

            Hmm there is in total 12 supersonic models. Other then contacting support on I am clueless for Gericom models.

  • daniel

    Fantastic … for my Samsung 900x – hash OPEN worked, i was able to clear BIOS password some moron set on my laptop.

  • Mickey

    please help

    samsung np-r519 only boots up to bios password
    it lets me put password in 3times and comes up with this code 232889FOA2OOOOOOOO

    • WillSpencer


      Are you sure that all of those are O’s and none of them are 0′s?

      If I convert the O’s to 0′s, I get a usable BIOS password for your machine.

      Your password is: tray

      • Mickey

        omg thank you so much it worked your brilliant

        • WillSpencer

          It’s good to hear that your PC is back in production! :)

      • Paul

        I have a Samsung NP300E5C with locked BIOS.
        The Hashcode after 3 times wrong password input is:
        Is there a masterpassword available?

        • H3llas

          If you missed two zeros your password is:

  • Matt

    I’m looking for bio password for Dell E6230 Service Tag HKY6CS1

    • WillSpencer


      Have you tried these passwords which the BIOS password generator created from your Service Tag?


  • lisas

    looking for password for bios for Samsung notebook np300v5a forgot how to get by password

    • WillSpencer


      Try to get into the BIOS three times. Eventually it may give you a hash code that you can enter into our password generator tool above.

      If not, you’ll have to remove the CMOS battery or short a couple of contacts on the motherboard.

  • Pedro

    I have a E-System 3089 UK with phoenix bios, can i get some help?
    The code after 3 attemps is 05703!


    • WillSpencer


      Our password generator tool above generated these passwords for you to try:


      • Pedro

        15239, worked for me, so many thanks :)

  • Vladimir

    Is there a possibility to unlock the bios for dell e6520.I have the ability to go into Win 7, but ycan not access the BIOS to change ide in AHCI,Is there a tool with which I can reboot the bios from Windows or DOS.Thanks to everyone who answers,Sorry for the bad English.Vladimir

    • WillSpencer


      Just enter your Dell Service Tag into our password generator here:

      • Vladimir

        Will,thank you for answer, I tried but fail, my Service tag is 6MY6BS1.

        I tried :


        but without success, please, can you help me.

        Best regards Vladimir

        • WillSpencer


          Unfortunately, if those don’t work you will have to call Dell Technical Support at (800)624-9896.

        • WillSpencer

          Alternatively, if you’re comfortable opening your machine, take a look at page 35 of the E6520 Owners Manual. It should be easy to temporarily remove the coin cell battery, which will erase your CMOS settings.

          • Limonta

            i have fujitsu lifebook v1020, i forget autenticated user passw on bios, please help me, I try to remove cell batery, but still the bios phoenix trustedcore user authenticated prompt.

            Hellp me please

            Sorry my bad english


          • H3llas

            I was checking your manual and this is incredible:

            Remember your passwords! If you set and
            forget your User and Master hard disk
            passwords, Fujitsu Computer Systems will
            not be able to reset it. You may lose data
            and have to replace your system board or
            hard disk drive.

            Anyway when you misstype password 3 times you get some message and code on Siemens computers? Can you get us those message and numbers you get?

          • Limonta

            no message, only negative answer, im a sad person, after 3 times display a message User Authentication failed! and turn on the beep noise continuosly, please hellp me, im dead if the problem not solve, beacuse that notebook is from my boos. IM really dead.
            Any sugestion are well, any solution, perhaps hardware, i dont know.

            Hellp Me please!!!

          • Limonta

            lets me tell you, i access too that user pass, but my boss, wont want that password when he access, and i configured blank password for all option on that, after that the prompt password for user bios, steel appears, and the old password are useless.
            I crazy with that machine.

  • alex666ia

    Hi!!, I have a Samsung NP300E4C and I can’t unlock the BIOS password, I’ve tried many ways but none works:( Can you help me please!!, I got this:

    System Disabled!

    • WillSpencer


      What have you tried so far?

      That code doesn’t appear to be valid. Please check it, making certain to note which characters are O’s and which are 0′s. Also double-check 1′s and I’s.

      If the hash code can’t be sorted out, you’ll have to remove the CMOS battery or short a couple of contacts on the motherboard.

  • darwin

    please dell e6420 #994x2q1-1d3b

    • WillSpencer


      What happened when you put that Service Tag into our Dell Password Generator Tool above?

      Did it show you these possible passwords for your Dell?

      For Service Tag: 994x2q1


      For Service Tag: 994X2Q1


      Did you try them?

      What did you see?

  • H3llas

    Can you try

    62423080 or 20233080

  • tony

    Hi!!, I have a Samsung Samsung NP350E7C and I can’t unlock the BIOS password Can you help me please):

    System Disabled!
    thank you

    • WillSpencer


      That doesn’t appear to be a valid hash code.

      Please check it, paying special attention to O’s and 0′s and 1′s and I’s.

      • tony

        other hash code:

        Thank you

        • H3llas

          Can you try these:

          • tony

            He does not work none of your codes

            Other hash code
            Thank you

          • H3llas

            I think you will need pre-programmed bios chip soldered to your motherboard. There are people selling those chips online.

            Other then that maybe you can contact Samsung support or a store where you bought it for warranty.

          • H3llas

            p.s. Does your model have RTC reset pins near the ram utors like on this picture.


  • kimberely

    i used the tool above none worked for me… its a dell latitude 6410, i previously dismantled the whole system into several parts trying to find a specific chi to short, never found the thing, wild goose chase. I went to dell and they refuse to help me because ownership was never transferred last year when we purchased it from a private party…who I only know his first name and cannot seem to find anyone that knows his phone number…what can I do? also, do you know why a bios password would just appear after 8 months?

  • tj

    Hi, I’ve got a samsung R519 that is asking for a bios password. I tried 3 times and got the system disabled message with code 318C10060000000000 . I tried the generator and got 2 codes ‘Samsung’ and ‘p12′. Am I doing something wrong. I’ve tried both but they don’t work. Any assistance would be appreciated.

    • H3llas

      It’s just p12. Do you get different code or the same one when the system is disabled next time?

      • tj

        I got a different code the first time. It was 233201180000000000 but the generator gave me the same password p12 and it didn’t work

        • tj

          Hi, Just got it sorted. The password ‘p12′ was correct. It was the keyboard that was faulty. I connected a usb keyboard and typed in the password ‘p12′ and it worked fine. The bios password has now been cleared. Thanks for the advice.

          • H3llas

            Great to hear you sorted it out.

  • Char Brown

    Hi I have a hp pavilion dv2000 and the disabled code is 01982 I brought off a person online and iv tryd to contact the for the password but they wont contact me back so if you cauld help me out that would be great

    • WillSpencer


      Try putting the serial number from your HP into our BIOS password generator. The serial number is printed on the underside of the notebook.

      If that doesn’t work, you’ll have to open your notebook and temporarily remove the CMOS battery.

      Instructions for doing so can be found in section 5-5 (page 125) of the HP Pavilion dv2000 Notebook PC Maintenance and Service Guide:

  • Char Brown

    Willspencer..thank you I tried putting the serial number in and it came back with 2 codes but they r both too long..and the cmos battery is fastend to the laptop and I cant figure out how to get it off without breaking it

    • WillSpencer


      What is the serial number?

      The picture on page 125 of the service manual shows you how to remove the battery.

  • Char Brown

    The serial number is 2CE64

    • H3llas

      How about these:

      HP/Compaq Mini Netbooks

  • Santiago

    Hi I have an hp dv9000 that I rescued from a recycling plant. The bios is asking for a password at start and the pass word genorater generated a code that was too long my S/N is CNF645258N Pleas help me as I need this for school.

  • jeandedieu shonda

    i need a password this tag service: #BP4MRY1-1D3B please me. my PC is DELL LATITUDE E6430

    • H3llas

      Did you tried any of the passwords our tool generated:


      Try typing those with external QWERTY keyboard.

  • Jay Jay

    anyone know the bios password for a advent 7302- model number:AL-096
    No # code comes up with bios password at all.

    • H3llas

      It looks like that model is writing password on EEPROM. This means that you can clear it if you can boot from CD or to OS. Try getting Ultimate Boot CD iso and burn it on CD. It used to have few password clear tools.

      • Jay Jay

        Thanks, i actually put a new hard drive in with vista preloaded so can just go on it that way have now got the password taken off was a real pain as normally this is no issue for me, very greatful for the help :)

  • Donald Watson

    hi there I have a Lenovo ideapad z850 please could you help me I forgot my bios password my s/n – qb05036340 and p/n – 59338534 would be much apriciated

    • H3llas

      What is the service tag for that Dell?

      • Donald Watson

        Hi its A Lenovo idepad Z850 please tell me you can help me?

  • KMCTech

    My Dell E6420 has code: 5W33VR1-1D3B, I need some help, please post answer, thanks, KMC

    • H3llas

      Try one of these:


  • CKdelta Delta


  • Kenneth Merritt

    Customer has a satellite l755d-s5150, I have removed the battery, cmos battery and shorted g2 with no success. Can you help me to figure how to reset the bios. I am 2 days into this with no luck

    • H3llas

      Can you see are there two small contact near each other somewhere around bios chip. If yes shorten them out for a few seconds and see did it worked?

  • kamil33

    Dell E6330 #JSSPX1-1D3B

  • kamil33

    Hello I hope all of this site to help unlock code in the device with all the best Dell E6330 #JSSPX1-1D3B

    • H3llas

      Are you sure this is correct number?

  • kamil33


  • kamil33

    I’m sorry that the correct number and I hope to reconcile DELL E6330 #JSSPNX1-1D3B

    • H3llas

      Can you try these:


  • flamur

    hello,i need your help with my fujitsu amilo Xi2528-P75IM0 with this hashcode 14542

    • H3llas

      Does these works:

      Fujitsu-Siemens Phoenix 2294
      Fujitsu-Siemens (model L) Phoenix 2285477
      Fujitsu-Siemens (model P) Phoenix 5244
      Fujitsu-Siemens (model S) Phoenix 5649
      Fujitsu-Siemens (model X) Phoenix 633779

  • kamil33

    Hello my brother, I thank you for the effort and the secretary succeeded in Largo Open More #JSSPNX1-1D3B

  • Slave

    Hey there. i have an HP probook 4510s. i havent used for 2 years. now i am using it, but dont rembmer my password. is there a backdoor password?

    • H3llas

      Does your BIOS give any error code when you hit wrong password 3 times?

  • dan

    Great site – Can you help me with this one….Samsung slate tablet PC: 46B65B888DC7885FC6 I can’t get the tool above to return any values…Thanks!!!!

    • H3llas

      What bios does that thing have?

  • Marius

    If some one could help. My system disabled code is 08018. Phoenix BIOS. Advent k100 Laptop. Big thanks. Generator doesn,t work.

  • kamil33

    Hello my brother, I hope you have Almsaeidi in the open in your code Hdd-0

    Hard-drive #50853645324-1D3B

    • H3llas

      Can you please rephrase your sentence?

  • Nijanthan Nija

    hi frnds i also have the same problem my service tag is BD8XVS1-1D3B Any one pls help how to remove this

  • Matt

    Just wanted to say Bios password Generator worked fine.
    Thank you so much for providing a useful to people for free.

  • kamil33

    Hello, my brother in Hardsk Kudo please help

    Hard-drive #50853645324-1D3B Dell E6330

    • H3llas

      Your service tag looks wrong.

  • pierjfrantz

    I forget my password bios asus X401a

  • kamil33

    Hard-drive #50853645324-1D3B

  • Jessica

    Could someone please help me ? Dell Latitude E6420 – Service Tag HKYCS1

    • H3llas

      That looks like a wrong code. Can you recheck.

      • Jessica

        Sorry, HKY6CS1

        Thanks for your help.

        • H3llas

          Can you try these:

          • Jessica

            none of those worked, do you happen to have anymore ?

            appreciate the help

  • kamil33

    Hello my brother this code from the computer please help

  • heather chavez

    I have a samsung laptop model np355e5c-a01us. serial# HY2N98FCCC1XPKH and forgot my password and it gave me this code 150297EC67D8990000 it gave me Bad hash and ive tried any and all listed on this page and none works please help?

    • H3llas

      Can you try

      If that does not help then you will need to try physical methods numbered in the article above.

  • primitivefigurative

    I was given a laptop which is asking for a BIOS password. The laptop is a Gateway MODEL No. MG1……….MODEL P-6831 FX (not sure which os the model type to identify it by). Can anyone provide some assistance?

    • H3llas

      Do you get any error code when you mistype password 3 times?

  • Paul

    HP ProBook 4730s. Code i think is CNU2036GMP. Thank you

    • H3llas

      Password is e9l71fgh42.

      Behind 9 is small letter L (l) and behind 7 is number one.

  • Joseph Montiero

    hp elitebook 8460p. no code showed up just a message to restart the computer
    serial # CNU2090Q75
    product # SN107UC#ABA

    • H3llas

      Did you tried this one:

      HP/Compaq Mini Netbooks e9l71o15xq

  • herickjuan

    Laptop cce win what’s the password ?

  • JohnH

    i have a fijitsu lifebook U772
    serial number DSDAO18237
    need my bios passwoord arg…

    • H3llas

      When you miss password 3 times what code do you get?

  • Lyanne

    Hi my daughter has a Samsung NF110 netbook, when I try entering bios it asks for a code… Help

    • H3llas

      When you miss password 3 times do you get any code?

  • Dinesh Dawrani

    Unfortunately My Laptop is locked by bios password. Now whenever i power on my laptop it is asking “Enter Bios Password”. But unfortunately i don’t know what is the password. Any one can help me how to break/remove/clear this password. There is No CMOS battery in Motherboard & No any Reset Jumper…
    please help me to solve this issue.

    Toshiba Satellite M30-742



    • Child

      Hit the wrong password 3 times. When you get error code insert it in the tool above then use the generated password.

      • MEMATI

        I want bios password Default samsung np300v5a

      • MEMATI

        I wanted to change the password bios
        But after I came out of the bios
        Restart my computer, and I did not have access
        Please help me
        I want to password
        samsung NP300V5AA01DX
        S/N; HPYT93QBC00800D

  • Ouriel

    Siemens amilo pro pi1536 system disabled 14586 plz help

    • H3llas

      Try one of these codes:

      Fujitsu-Siemens Phoenix 94649
      Fujitsu-Siemens (model L) Phoenix 31254
      Fujitsu-Siemens (model P) Phoenix 24489
      Fujitsu-Siemens (model S) Phoenix 863178
      Fujitsu-Siemens (model X) Phoenix 8899

  • Michael

    I picked up a Dell laptop that was broken from a pawn shop in my area. I repaired it and the last thing I needed was to gain access to the BIOS. I registered my computer with Dell and still they could not/would not help me!! Service Tag 8L0T6P1 with a “System disabled” code of 06227. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

    • H3llas

      Try one of these:


  • Clyde Davis

    BIOS password needed for HP pavillion ze4230 CRVSA-02T1-75 series. Serial number is CN30200258

    • H3llas


  • Clyde Davis

    I need to upgrade the BIOS, the system is acting up, dont see the hard drive and the video card is retard.

  • Harcharan Chun Pala

    Hi i need a bois password for a Toshiba Equium L40-17M
    Model No: PSL49E 00C005KS
    SERIAL No: 28013143R

    If you need anymore info just let me know.

    • H3llas

      Try the KeyDisk program. Put it on bootable cd or usb stick and follow instructions of the program.

      • Harcharan Chun Pala

        Thanks for the advice but the bios is locked to boot to HDD so your advice will not work.
        Thanks all the same.

  • Joel Stoner

    HP ProBook 4525s
    SN: 2CE1290BQW
    product: QT121US#ABA

    • H3llas


  • jim


    • H3llas

      Try the KeyDisk program. Put it on bootable cd or usb stick and follow instructions of the program.

      • Jim

        It won’t boot to windows I only get the toshiba logo then it goes to enter password mode 3 try’s then it will shut down

  • Domm

    Fujitsu ESPRIMO PC.
    When I miss the password 3 times the only code that always appears is “D8″

    • H3llas

      Any serial number on the sticker behind?

      • Domm

        Yea :) Serial Number: “YLHW087263″ (without braces…)

        Is there any password generator tool for serial numbers?

        • H3llas

          One in the article above but it does not work for Fujitsu with serial number. It should give bigger code then D8.

          • Domm

            After three attempts, there is just the locked password screen, where I can’t type in anything any more, and “D8″ in the bottom right corner with blue background…

          • Domm

            so no further ideas? :/

        • WillSpencer

          Our decoder thinks that is an HP/Compaq Mini Netbook with a backdoor password of: sikzd1ux7gf

          • Domm

            I already tried that one, but it doesn’t work …
            Any other Ideas? :/

  • Denim

    Hi i need a bios password for a HP compaq 6730s
    sn: CNU9024KB5
    pn: NN377ES#ABZ

    • H3llas


      • Denim

        Thanks but password isn’t working. Do you know any other way to get rid of administrator bios password?

        • WillSpencer


          Doublecheck the SN and PN. Were they both in all UPPERCASE?

          Are looking for a BIOS password or a Windows administrator password?

          • Denim

            SN end PN is fine.
            I am looking for BIOS administrator password.

  • Brad Cole

    I tried the tool above and it did nothing, I need a password for a HP 2000 Notebook
    P/N D1E80UA#ABA
    S/N 5CG31802QW

  • Williams

    BIOS password needed for Samsung NP-R480-JV01CL Serial numeber is ZV5293DZ9000148J

    • H3llas

      When you hit password 3 times wrong you will get message System Disabled and some number. Can you enter that number into our generator tool in the article above and tell me what happens?

  • Routers


    • H3llas

      I have no clue for Toshibas. I guess new bios chip or Toshiba support might help you…

  • Sami Alam

    Need your help H3llas, been at this for days. I have a Sony Vaio PCG-71912L (VPCEH1AFX) which needs a BIOS password. I’ve tried the password generators for the older Sony Vaio but they don’t work on mine, I can’t seem to get any help(even from Sony). Using the last 7 digits of the S/N doesn’t work on mine, that is for older models. After 3 failed attempts I get a 16 digit(4×4) code that needs to be converted into a one time password. The code I currently have up is 7T73-2J6J-FP98-R7T3. Please tell me you have the new script to convert this. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    • Sami Alam

      That last 4×4 code is no longer valid because I had to shut down the laptop. If you or WillSpencer can help then please contact me and I will generate a new code the same day you reply. As you know the code changes every time you reboot. Thanks.

      • superdave007

        Hi Sami, Any luck yet? I’ve got a newer Sony with a similar 4×4 code for onetime password that I’m stuck on. Did you get a private message with assistance or are you still stuck too?

        • Sami Alam

          Didn’t get any assistance with it but it turns out that the previous owner had set a personal BIOS password and I was able to get that from her. I hope someone is able to help you with yours, sucks not being able to do anything because of BIOS password.

  • TJ

    Hey man, thanks for the Article. The Bios password generator worked for me. :D Acer Aspire 5335-2552 Phoenix ScureCore. Thanks!

  • wendy

    I have a Gateway laptop NE56R41u that I need to BIOS for. when I put in a wrong password 3 times it says password check fail, when you hiy enter it the stares System will halt!! press any key, and when you do the screen goes blank, and a small white line is in the upper left corner. nothing else happens even when you press the keys on the keyboard

  • SuperDave007

    The code generator is not working with my one time key for my Sony PCG-71111L. The code is: 2F3P7673VPRTJ7K2 Any help?

  • Ali Abour Cañadas

    The code generator worked for my friend´s Advent 711***,just typed the hash number 04599 and gave back 711531,typed it and it worked!!!!!!!!!!! thanks a lot,great page….keep up with this excellent work!…………greetings from Spain.

  • Mehtuus

    The generator above does not seem to work with 4×4 key hash’s, and I have tested the back door passwords too. Specifically, I am working with a Sony VGN-SZ model laptop with the hash key: 3FR6-9R87-FRFR-DTJD
    Any chance of retrieving a One Time Password?

  • Barry

    i got mine sorted it rang RM, (RM CY27) Phoeonix 4.0 verson 6.0 bios
    they told me thier default bios password is rm or rmpc or rmplc
    it tried “rm” and got in straight away

  • William Yount

    You seem like a smart man I was wondering after I install the reset password disk on my USB flash drive what do I do at BIOS I tried it but some Japanese or Russian code was popping up am I doing it right?

  • Mr Ed

    Hello Will,
    Could you please help me with a password for hp elitebook 8440p sn: CZC0416NJS pn: WJ681ET#ABU
    bios version: 68CCU Ver.F.0F

    Thanks in advance,

  • DanielMemetic

    Based on the serial number you provided our tool above puts out: e0e1v1xiat Worth a try.

    Guys and gals, don’t forget to try the generator tool in the article!

  • troubadour

    @troubadour: To clerify here’s one example master hash code just entered,

    resulting in: “Following generated passwords may help:

    Fujitsu-Siemens new8649778

    Fujitsu-Siemens oldf 5pntkxh
    wrong Password!
    Any idea?!

  • DanielMemetic

    Have you tried the hardware reset method by removing the CMOS battery? It seems to have worked for this guy:

    Last resort might be to contact Fujitsu support about it.

  • farney4rump

    contact toshiba tell them you have an inherited fault. tell them they
    have a bios problem with your laptop.. they repaired mine as a goodwill
    gesture.. my laptop was 5 years old.. reason being by law you have 6
    year gaurantee but have to prove after a year the fault is inherited at
    point of purchase. toshiba have a list on their web site with all models
    involved.. my model wasnt listed but they honoured the fault free at
    not cost.


    help me
    hdd password???
    laptop dell L502X
    EROOR PASS:08070