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  • Dangerous Android Applications

    Android applications sometimes contain malware which causes unexpected and sometimes dangerous effects on your Android device.

    Out-of-App Advertising

    Many Android apps are funded by advertising. This advertising usually only shows while you are running the application, however some apps continue to display advertising when you are not consciously running the applications. These apps push advertising into your system notification bar.

    Icon Spam

    Some apps place advertising icons or shortcuts on your Android desktop.

    Web Browser Spam

    Some misbehaving apps will change your default homepage so that their advertising page is displayed every time you open the Android web browser. Others apps will stuff their advertising URLs into your browser bookmarks.

    Ringtone Changes

    A few mischievous Android apps have been known to change users ringtones. How would you feel if your ringtone was suddenly changed to a voice screaming profanity?


    Some rogue apps will gather data from your Android device for less-than-honorable purposes. This data includes the devices telephone number (MSISDN), IMSI, and UDID. I also includes the users email address, and perhaps even the history of the devices telephone calls, text messaging, and web browsing. In extreme cases, malware may attempt to sniff web site logins and passwords from the device.

    Unauthorized Calling and Text Messaging

    Some poorly behaved apps will attempt to place telephone calls or send text messages without your permission — which can cost you money.


    In one case, a rogue app developer uploaded more than 50 apps to the Android Market which a trojan virus that is now referred to as the DroidDream trojan. This code opened a backdoor on the phone and “rooted” it by using the “rageagainstthecage” rooting tool. Once installed, the trojan was able to download additional computer viruses, spyware, or malware to the phone.

    The apps known to have been carriers for the DroidDream trojan include: Advanced App to SD, Advanced Barcode Scanner, Advanced Compass Leveler, Advanced Currency Converter, Advanced File Manager, Advanced Sound Manager, App Uninstaller, Basketball Shot Now, Best password safe, Bowling Time, Bubble Shoot, Chess, Color Blindness Test, Dice Roller, Falling Ball Dodge, Falling Down, Finger Race, Funny Face, Funny Paint, Hilton Sex Sound, Hot Sexy Videos, Magic Hypnotic Spiral, Magic Strobe Light, Music Box, Omok Five in a Row, Photo Edito, Piano, Quick Delete Contacts, Quick Notes, Scientific Calculator, Screaming Sexy Japanese Girls, Sexy Girls: Japanese, Sexy Legs, Spider Man, Super Guitar Solo, Super History Eraser, Super Ringtone Maker, Super Sex Positions, Super Sexy Ringtones, Super Stopwatch & Timer, Supre Bluetooth Transfer, Task Killer Pro, Tie a Tie, 几何战机_PewPew, 墨水坦克Panzer Panic, 多彩绘画, 大家来找茬, 投篮高手, 掷骰子, 桌上曲棍球, 致命绝色美腿, 蜘蛛侠, 裸奔先生Mr. Runner, 躲避弹球, and 软件强力卸载.

    Protecting Your Device and Yourself

    Bitdefender provides Antivirus Free for Android which can help protect you from known malware apps.

    It is still good advice to research each application carefully before installing it on your device. It’s a dangerous world out there, for you and for your phone.

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    One comment
    1. Gazinbali

      2 April, 2013 at 3:03 pm

      I think you also need to look at the following apps i found on my Android Tablet..ALL of these have access to very sensitive areas of your phone/tablet.. some can make paid phone calls others can use your Google and Yahoo ID to open accounts etc etc.. and other evil things. They appear innocuous.. and the names do not suggest anything harmfull. Who would suspect Screen Calibrator would have a list of permissions a mile long?

      I did get quite a few apps from a CD.. ( indonesia )

      Somehow these have downloaded and installed their evil buddies.

      Please check out these apps… and PLEASE contact me with info on how to get them OFF my Tablet

      SD LOG

      TTS Service

      Calendar Sync Adapter

      Account and Sync Settings V2

      Sim Toolkit

      Setup Wizard

      Settings Storage

      Messages… Hmm… is this an app?? it can make paid fone calls, modify Global settings

      FCC Test Pure EVIL

      Google Partner Setup Pure EVIL

      Google Backup Transport Pure Evil

      Google Services Framework Pure Evil

      Google Search V

      Oma Download provider Not too bad, but can use Auth Creds of my accounts

      Screen Calibration… even this can do 50 things.. incl make fone calls

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