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  • How to Create a Glass Picture Frame in PhotoShop

    This tutorial will help you create a glass-looking picture frame in Photoshop.

    First, draw a gradient in the background layer:

    Next, create a red rectangular box:

    Then apply this effect to the layer:

    This will be the result:

    Then duplicate the layer and flip it vertically to make it look like this:

    Then draw this shape on a new layer and fill it with white:

    Next, reduce the opacity:

    Then again on a new layer fill a box with red to white gradient:

    Reduce the opacity for this layer also:

    This will be the result:

    Apply these settings on the top layer:

    Now create a new layer with a circular gradient on it:

    Duplicate this layer:

    Then select some part of the gradient as an image and press :

    Then select the rest of the image:

    Apply this effect to the selected part:

    This will be the effect:

    Now place the picture in the picture frame:

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