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    Internet Explorer (IE) is the Microsoft produced web browser that is freely bundled with the Windows operating system. A common task that arises for users of Internet Explorer is zooming in on web pages that do not have font large enough to view. This capability is included with the web browser to greater enhance the accessibility of web pages to those who have difficulty with vision or just to cope with sites that do not provide an automatic scaling of the text or imagery included on a web page. The zoom feature on IE can be conducted via menu selection or short cut key.

    Steps to Zoom In Internet Explorer

    Step 1: Open Internet Explorer by double clicking the program icon on the computer’s desktop or by selecting from the “Program Files” submenu of the “Start” menu.

    Step 2: Depress the “Ctrl” key on the keyboard and scroll up on the center mouse wheel to zoom in and down to zoom out. The zoom setting will be locally saved after completing the zoom operation.

    If your mouse does not have a mouse wheel, the zoom in function can alternatively be conducted using keyboard shortcuts.

    Step 1: With the Internet Explorer window already open, depress the “Ctrl” and “+” key to zoom in.

    Step 2: Zoom out by depressing the “Ctrl” and “-” keys simultaneously.

    A third way to zoom in Internet Explorer is using the file menu option.

    Step 1: With Internet Explorer open, select the “View” menu option.

    Step 2: Choose “Zoom” and “Zoom In” from the file menu and the screen will zoom in by one increment. Repeat until the appropriate zoom percentage is displayed.

    Step 3: Select the “View,” “Zoom,” and “Zoom Out” menu options to reverse the Zoom In tasks completed.

    Steps to Zoom In on Internet Explorer 6

    Although Internet Explorer 6 is considered to be an outdated version of the web browser, there are a significant number of computer users who continue to use the browser. The steps to zoom in on this version of the browser are similar to newer versions.

    Step 1: Open Internet Explorer.

    Step 2: Depress the “Alt” and the “+” key simultaneously to zoom in.

    Step 3: Depress the “Alt” and the “-” keys simultaneously to zoom out.

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