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  • What is Iertutil.dll?

    Iertutil.dll is a Runtime utility for Internet Explorer that is essential for Internet Explorer 7 to function properly. If Iertutil.dll is missing, the user may not be able to run Internet Explorer or even boot his/her computer. Iertutil.dll was missing from the Beta version of Internet Explorer 7, causing many users to have to manually replace the file, but the file is included in the final version of Internet Explorer 7 that is now available. Iertutil.dll runs on the Windows Operating System and can be found in the primary hard drive’s System32 folder.


    How Iertutil.dll Works

    Iertutil.dll, like many other DLL files, is a Dynamic Link Library component, which is a collection of DLL files that contain instructions for running Windows and Windows products. Iertutil.dll (Internet Explorer Runtime Utility) runs whenever the user runs Internet Explorer 7 and carries out several important commands that allow Internet Explorer plug-ins and applications to run. When Iertutil.dll is missing from a computer, Internet Explorer cannot receive these important commands and will not run.


    Is Iertutil.dll Harmful?

    Iertutil.dll is not a harmful program. It is a file that is critical to Internet Explorer 7 functioning properly. However, Iertutil.dll is known to use large amounts of CPU memory, which may slow the computer down, prevent other programs from running properly, or stop the computer from running altogether. Also Iertutil.dll may be used to disguise malicious software, which is why the user should always scan files that are downloaded from the Internet before installing them on his/her computer.


    How to Replace Iertutil.dll

    If Iertutil.dll is missing from the computer, the user has two options. One option is to download a copy of the file from the Internet and manually place it in the primary hard drive’s System32 folder, which can be found at C:\Windows\System32. The second option is to download the latest version of Internet Explorer 7, which contains the Iertutil.dll that the Beta version was missing.

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