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  • Understanding the IPX-SPX Protocol

    IPX/SPX is a protocol suite that is implemented on many corporate internetworks. IPX/SPX was developed to operate in Novell Netware in LAN environment. But today, the IPX/SPX is also used in Microsoft NT, Microsoft XP and Lotus Notes environment along with Vista.

    IPX/SPX on Cisco IOS

    The Cisco IOS also provides a wide range of configuration tools and options for IPX/SPX protocol suite. The Cisco IPX/SPX router configuration tools are very much similar with Cisco IP router configuration. Some of them are listed:

    • The Cisco IOS provides static route support for both IP and IPX routing.

    • The Cisco IOS provides default route support for both IP and IPX routing.

    • The Cisco proprietary EIGRP provides support for both IP and IPX.

    Many of the same issues with configuring IP over Frame Relay are encountered with IPX over Frame Relay configuration. The Cisco IOS provides various similar debug tools for troubleshooting and show commands for verifying IPX and IP.i


    As the TCP/IP protocol suite is made up of a family of protocols, IPX/SPX is also has its own family of protocols. Just as the IP protocol is the heart of the TCP/IP protocol suite, IPX is the heart of the IPX/SPX protocol suite. IPX has a different addressing scheme called IPX addressing and different header fields.

    The IPX address follows the network:node:socket structure. The detail of the IPX addressing structure is given as below:

    • The network address consists of 32 bits that are represented by 8 hexa-decimal digits.

    • The node address consists of 48 bits that are represented by 12 hexa-decimal digits.

    • The socket address consists of 16bits that are represented by 4 hexa-decimal digits.

    Novell IPX in OSI Model

    Novell IPX works at the third layer called network layer of the OSI model because it carry the datagram. The 3rd layer protocol works with a collision of 4rth layer protocol such as Novell SPX. The IPX data encapsulates with a third layer PDU (Protocol Data Unit) called packet tags with IP header that includes the IPX addressing.

    Configuring Novell IPX on a Cisco Router

    For IPX routing, the IPX routing process needs to be enabled on the Cisco router and this is performed by executing the following Cisco IOS commands in the global configuration mode of Cisco router:

    • Router (config) # ipx routing node address

      Use the following command to add an IPX address to an interface:

    • Router (config) # ipx network 1111

    Monitoring IPX

    Like with IP, for troubleshooting IPX you should have made it sure that the physical and data link protocols are operating properly.

    If you have a problem that how to check IPX SPX are working properly or not on a Cisco router, use the following Cisco IOS commands to determine this:

    • Router # show protocols

    • Router # show proc CPU

    • Router # show ipx interface brief

    • Router # show ipx interface

    • Router # show cdp neighbours

    • Router # show cdp neighbours detail

    Once you have determined that everything is operational, you can use the following IPX specific tools:

    • Router # Ping IPX

    • Router # Debug IPX Packet

    • Router # Debug IPX SAP

    • Router # Clear IPX Route

    The "debug IPX Packet" is an extremely valuable monitoring and troubleshooting tool but use it with extreme caution on a production router.

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    Network IPX Support for Vista

    If you would like to play one of your games over your home network with some friends you can't do it with Windows Vista because it requires an IPX protocol. You are unable to join IPX WARCRAFT 2 multiplayer game until and unless you do not install IPX. It is possible to install IPX protocols on Windows Vista. IPX has all type of network support for Vista such as an IPX emulator, IPX driver for Vista, IPX clients download for Vista and any type of heavy games such as Doom 1 and 2 are the greatest games ever they only allowed IPX.

    How to Make IPX Work with Vista ?

    There is some specification required for IPX on Vista. You have to follow some specific hardware requirements for making your computer compatible with IPX for Vista. Once the hardware compatibility is ok then you can easily install the IPX/SPX protocol. To install IPX/SPX on your Windows Vista computer you can just point the installer at something with the IPX/SPX files on and then install it.

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