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  • What is Installous?

    Installous is an installation package for jailbroken iPhones, iPads, iPods, and other Apple devices that allow users to install “illegal” applications. Illegal applications refer to unofficial applications and those that other Apple users have cracked. This means that Installous previews Apple applications before they are purchased. Installous is free and can be downloaded via Cydia, the online database of portable device applications. The use of Installous and similar programs is commonly referred to as “jailbreaking” and although it was once considered unlawful, it is now perfectly legal. However, there are still laws concerning how Installous and similar programs are used.

    How Installous Works

    Installous allows users to search for jailbroken applications on Cydia and other application databases. Once a user finds an application that he/she likes, the user can download the application and install it on his/her Apple device. Installous automatically extracts the downloaded file and places the file’s contents in the appropriate directories on the Apple device. Installous also removes installed applications, undoes specific system changes, and updates currently installed applications with the latest version of the software. Installous works in a similar way to Windows Installer but is specifically made for Apple devices. While there are other installation programs available for Apple devices, Installous is by far the most popular and is compatible with the most applications.


    Installous installs cracked Apple applications as well as applications that other vendors created on any jailbroken Apple device. It is very easy to use and free to download. Installous does not use a significantly large amount of memory and takes up very little room on the user’s device, considering the tasks it is capable of performing. It accesses a jailbroken device’s Internet connection, allows users to search directly from its own interface, and keeps track of the applications it installs for the user’s convenience.


    While it is perfectly legal for users to install applications that public vendors made, it is illegal to use Installous to download free copies of Apple software. However, no one has been prosecuted for doing this yet and it is likely that if anyone ever is, it will be the software providers rather than the users themselves.

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    1. Ian

      20 May, 2012 at 6:58 am

      Bullshit. Installous has ONE purpose only…….to allow users to download iDevice software without paying for it, thus depriving app developers from the income they deserve. Anyone using this is a thief. It’s called pirating software.

      • Batman123

        6 March, 2013 at 3:48 am

        Yep so True !!!!

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