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  • 7 Tips For Creating Professional Photos With Your iPhone

    Recently, the ubiquitous saying “the best camera is the one that is with you” has evolved into an entirely different mantra for both experienced and budding photographers alike. Due to the advancements in cellular technology, though, it seems as if everyone under the sun now has the ability to flex their photographic eye.

    The iPhone has made this possibility a definite reality for those who own any of the most recent iterations of the Apple device. And because it’s fast becoming the most used device among the most popular photo hosting apps and sites, like Flickr and Instagram, it’s only natural the number of amateur photographers has seen an increase.

    But because practice really does make perfect, we wanted to equip you with some fundamental photography tips that will catapult your skills far beyond selfies and blurry food photos.
    the end of the linePhoto by Brendan Ó Sé

    1. Too Close For Comfort

    iPhones, at this point, are pretty good at capturing long and mid-range photos with ease, but they still don’t stand up to the macro abilities of many DSLR cameras. With that in mind, take into account the distance between you and your subject when taking photos.

    Take a half step or two back before focusing on your subject will work wonders in improving the overall quality of your photos.

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