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  • How to Repair a Wet iPod

    A common problem that happens to most iPod owners at some point in the lifespan of owning the device is getting it wet. Not just sweat from working out or a light sprinkle from rain, but potentially catastrophic exposure to water to include but not limited to dropping the iPod into the toilet, the pool, or even a glass of water or other liquid. As a result, a common task that arises for consumers is determining how to repair a wet iPod.

    Actions to Take Immediately After iPod Exposure to Water

    The first and most important thing to do when you get your iPod wet is to minimize damage.

    Step 1 – The iPod needs to be turned off immediately (if it is still on). The potential for greater damage to the device increases the longer that the electronic components have power while they are immersed in water. The good news is that with the majority of iPods being fairly thin as compared to other electronic devices, the owner may get lucky and avoid significant damage, but should not assume that water has failed to penetrate the interior of the device.

    Step 2 – If liquid has been spilled onto the device, attempt to wipe it off of the iPod as soon as possible. Depending on the specific device and manner of spill, this may prevent most of the liquid from penetrating the device.

    Step 3 – Leave the iPod turned off for 24 hours. If the water exposure was from the rain, or a minor spill, this will afford time for any slight water intrusion to dissipate or dry off. If the iPod has been dropped into water or suffered more significant water or liquid exposure, it may fail to turn on after being off for 24 hours. If this has occurred with the iPod, additional repair / troubleshooting steps will be required. These include seeking replacement under an extended warranty (normally has to be purchased with the device), repairing yourself, paying a third party to fix the wet iPod, or in the worst-case, purchasing a new or previously used iPod.

    ***Note: Do not plug the iPod into the wall or computer charger while turned off due to exposure to water. This will send power through the device and can result in potentially catastrophic damage to the device.

    Does the Apple Warranty Cover Water Damage?

    According to fans of Apple products, one of the best things about the company is their customer support. All iPods come with a warranty, and many buyers also get one or another kind of extended warranty. Apple’s iPod warranty doesn’t cover water damage; however, so if you bring your iPod into an Apple store, the repair techs will probably refuse to repair a wet iPod or possibly charge the consumer without fixing the device. How to Repair a Wet iPodIf purchasing an extended warranty, a good question to ask the sales staff is if the coverage will cover water damage. There are also costumers who know that Apple doesn’t service water damage so they just wait it out until the iPod is completely dry and then they take it to the Apple store in hope that they will get an replacement. Although that may work in limited cases, store employees can likely figure out if the iPod was really defective or if it was exposed to water which is not included on the standard device warranty

    How to repair a wet iPod with Rice (or Dust Free Kitty Litter)

    Anyone who has owned iPods or mobile phones over the past decade is likely familiar with the rice repair method. The basic idea with rice is to use it as a moisture absorbing material (or desiccant). More recently, some consumers have reported better success with using dust free kitty litter since most rice types have some form of dust that can penetrate electronic components.

    Step 1 – Open the iPod and remove the battery. Depending on the type of iPod that you have, this may require borrowing or buying a miniature screwdriver to take the device apart. If attempting the repair on a variant of iPod that does not have a user-removable battery such as an iPod Touch, it is still worth attempting the method but may have a lower probability of success.

    Step 2 – Carefully wipe all of the iPod’s components with a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol. The alcohol is important, because it dries almost instantly when placed onto a surface and can dry surrounding water as well. After gently wiping all of the parts off separately, place the components in either a plastic bag with uncooked rice (or substitute such as dust-free kitty litter). An alternative method is to put the uncooked rice in a plastic bowl open to the atmosphere. Based on the hygroscopic properties of rice, it will absorb moisture. So when you put your wet iPod into a bag full of rice the rice will pick up any moisture from the iPod and hopefully prevent any short-circuiting that the water might cause when you try to turn your iPod on. There are of course other materials that might be better suited for this task than rice, but rice is something that most people have at home or at least can get easily while something like silica crystals might be far harder to get.

    Step 3 – To maximize the chances of successful repair of a wet iPod with rice, the device should be left in the rice for 24 to 38 hours. The bag should also be stored in a dry and warm environment. After the 48 hours are up you can take a look at your iPod, check if there is any visible water and if not put it back together and try to turn it on. If it turns on and works without problems for a few hours, the repair has been successful.

    *Note: Although the rice/kitty litter method has been successful for consumers who have dropped their iPods in water spilled liquid onto the device, it is not guaranteed to work. If the device remains on, is plugged into a charger, or remains submersed in liquid for a prolonged timeframe, it is very possible that no repair method will work in fixing the device.

    Sending the iPod to a Repair Service

    Last and probably the least favorite way for most people to repair a wet iPod is by sending it to someone who specializes in fixing wet gadgets or even iPods specifically. This of course is unpopular because it requires spending who knows how much extra money on fixing your already expensive gadget. While this solution probably is the least popular sometimes you don’t have a choice, it is probably better to spend $50-100 in repair costs than to lose your iPod altogether. Some considerations to help determine if it is worth paying for an iPod repair service:

    1 – Age of the device. If your iPod is several years old and repair costs are going to exceed $50, it may be more cost effective to purchase a new or slightly-used iPod.

    2 – Repair guarantee. Does the service provider being considered offer a money-back guarantee on the repair? Many reputable repair companies will not offer such a guarantee for water damaged iPods. Some will even add additional charges if the device is damaged beyond basic repair. Additionally, if the device was left turned on (or even was plugged in) after exposure to water, the repair company may not be able to accomplish the repair despite their guarantee.

    3 – Time you can do without the iPod. Unless you are planning on using a brick-and-mortar iPod repair shop, you will be without the device for more than a few days. Although not a significant detail for the older consumer, many now use iPods to surf the Internet, store contact information, email, and listen to music.

    Difference Between Water Resistant and Water Proof  iPod Cases

    Most consumers will wait until losing an iPod to severe water damage before making the decision to purchase a water resistant or water proof case for the player. One of the primary facts to remember about water resistant cases is that although they will resist the entry of water into the case, they are not completely resistant to the entry of water. Water proof cases; however, can be fully submerged in water without worrying about getting the product wet. The resistant cases are more common for iPods and will typically cost less money than a fully water proof case. A note of caution; however, is each of the case varieties will typically have latches or hinged accesses to plug the iPod into a power source, connect headphones, etc. If this latch or hinge section is left open or not fully secured, the device will still be susceptible to water damage when immersed or exposed to water. When selecting a new case for an iPod, if the manufacturer does not state that the case is water proof or water resistant, then it likely does not provide significant protection against water damage.

    Videos Related to Repairing a Wet iPod

    • sophie

      :sad: what happens if the condensation and moisture is on ur ipod and you can see spots of water if u tilt it to the side sum1 plz help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 also i need 2 no how to take the ipod apart

    • Daniel Memenode

      Which iPod do you have Sophie? There is a guide to taking it apart here if that’s the model you have.

      You might want to have someone experienced take it apart and clean dry it though, like a technician or a repair man.

    • Ashleeey

      what happens if you have a newer ippod and can’t take it apart?!?! :cry:

      • Veronica-Lee Paige Schubbe

        i have the new touch screen the mini i pod nano do you recommend the rice method?
        my mom accidently put it in the washer.
        and the headphones.
        should i just throw the headphones away?

        • vanessa

          well i left my cousin play with my ipodtouch and he dropped it in the tiolet but i took it out fast because i was next to him i turned the ipod off and everything seemed to work well expect for the camera and my parents said i can’t buy another one because they say i’m waisting to much money because i am only 13. WHAT DO I DO?!!!!!!!

        • Beth

          I have the exact same situation with my iPod. It was accidently put in the washer and only partly works when I plug it in to charge. It flashes a few times and then turns off, and its totally ruined when I try to turn it on normally. My iPod is a shuffle. Let me know if you find out how to fix it.

    • Dallas16

      my dad is an idiot and he put my brother’s pants through the washer and didnt check the pockets i cant figure out how to take it apart!! we dont have the itunes account anymore and it has over 900 songs!!!! we also dont have the money to purchase another one. PLEASE HELP!!!!!! :cry:

    • Daniel Memenode

      There isn’t all that much that can be done here.. Wait till it fully dries out and see if it works. You could also try to take it to the repairman.

    • Ireland

      well three weeks ago i left my 5th generstion ipod video camera out and my little brother got a hold of it and put it in the toilet and flushed it. luckily it didnt go down the drain. i put a blow dryer on it for about 10 minutes, then put it in a glass filled with uncooked rice. i took it out a couple days ago and everything was functional. the trouble is that it is extremely glitchy. the screen flashes different colors uncontrolably and i am not sure what to do with it? everything still works but will it reamin working? can u help?? :-| :cry:

    • Ireland

      dallas16^^ my mom put my olsd 3rd generation ipod video camera in the washer a couiple years ago and it started working a few months after. but i also didnt use rice or a blow drier or a repair man… give it time and im sure it will work

    • Grady

      i have a Nano 3, and i put i knife in the crease and twist gently to ease it apart, but it will not come open. How do you get this model open?

    • Daniel Memenode

      Grady, check this video.

    • katiem321

      after volleyball practice i put my ipod in my backpack not knowing that my water bottle cap wasn’t closed. when i got home my sister told me it was leaking and i immediatley took my ipod out. i used it yesterday and then turned it off. i’m pretty sure it wasn’t dead when i turned it off. later the next day i went to use it and it wouldn’t work. i then tried chatging it and it still won’t work! :cry: i have it in rice right now but i don’t know if it will work. any other ideas anyone? :sad:

    • Daniel Memenode

      Katiem321, probably the best first thing to do is leave it to dry off completely (including the parts inside) and then try again. If it doesn’t work then try the above instructions to repair it.

    • Zannah

      my ipod nano,3rd generation,got wet when my diet muotain dew spilled in my bag.it was dead when it happened,and when i plugged it in to my iTunes,it said “this ipods folder could not be found” but then it reloaded or something.it turns on,and my itunes is fne,and it plays music.but it kinda has a humming sound,and the screen has spots.i cant tell my parents because it doesnt have a warranty,and my old one got stolen,and i want them to think im responsible.what should i do?when i dropped my phone in thewter,i wasnt supposed to plug it in.does that apply for ipods too?sorry f im rambling,but im kinda scared it will never work again.

    • kbug303

      i have an ipod touch and it fell in a toliot and idk how to take it apart and it wont let me turn it off and the screen is all white and it didnt come with a warrinty :sad:

    • kbug303

      i have a ipod touch and i have it in a bag of rice and i dont know how to take it apart :sad:

    • Charity west

      I dropped my iPod touch in the dishwater and got it out quickly and now I have it in rice but how do u take it apart an iPod touch third generation

    • Kelsey

      I dropped mine in the bath when i was taking and apple will replace it? I have tried everything and i do not know what to go now. :cry:

    • patsy doisey

      Hey my son left mine outside n the heavy rain for 2 days the sum how it got n the pool 5ft one at that, all i did was shook all the water out, dried it a bid on low with hair drier, an the left it outside on my deck in 90 degree weather for 2 days an it works like a pro. no jokin its works just fine :lol:

    • john smith 3

      so my ipod still works so far, except it still has to be hooked up to power and the light does not work. It was in the washer for literally less than 30 seconds. Should i expect these things to return back to their original way of function?

    • Daniel Memenode

      Originally posted by john smith 3: “so my ipod still works so far, except it still has to be hooked up to power and the light does not work. It was in the washer for literally less than 30 seconds. Should i expect these things to return back to their original way of function?”

      It’s possible if the moist inside takes a while to completely dry up, but it probably depends on how badly did you wet it, and if it made any long term damage.

      If it has to be hooked to power the battery might be damaged. You could take it to the Apple store or a repairman and ask about that, and if necessary have the battery replaced..

    • monkey butt

      I left my ipod nano…… the one that takes vidios in a tent and it got wet and wont work. it only works if its conected to the computer what should i do. how do i fix it????????????????????? :(

    • PC Repair Glasgow

      I had this same problem and couldnt find anywhere to fix it, eventually i took it to Glasgow Computers, 0141 4296592 G59RU and they fix it for me and also did some PC Repair too. Thanks guys

    • Gillz

      Allright, I accidently washed my iPod and quickly realized my mistake. I put my iPod in rice, let it dry for two days, and took it out. I plugged it into the charger and the screen lit up. It is fully functional with two exceptions. The screen is slightly damaged with water rings and it won’t work unless it is plugged in. Will getting a new battery fix the problem?
      Thanks :-)

    • Daniel Memenode

      Originally posted by Gillz: “Allright, I accidently washed my iPod and quickly realized my mistake. I put my iPod in rice, let it dry for two days, and took it out. I plugged it into the charger and the screen lit up. It is fully functional with two exceptions. The screen is slightly damaged with water rings and it won’t work unless it is plugged in. Will getting a new battery fix the problem?
      Thanks :-)”

      I think it should. It sounds like the battery might have died so replacing it would make sense, but I think it’s best if you could test this somehow. Maybe borrow a battery from someone else or see if you can try it before you buy or buy it and return if it doesn’t work.

    • shanel

      So, I slept outside the other night listening to my Ipod touch and it began to rain. I didn’t think it got very wet but it didn’t turn on the next morning. I left it in a bag of rice and oatmeal for 2 days and then plugged it in to charge it. It turned on so I thought it was fine, however it will not pick up any wi-fi signals not even from my home where I know for a fact the signal is strong and operating. The Ipod won’t even let me access the wifi options in the settings. Is this fixable and what should I do? ~Thanks :-?

    • Daniel Memenode

      Originally posted by shanel: “So, I slept outside the other night listening to my Ipod touch and it began to rain. I didn’t think it got very wet but it didn’t turn on the next morning. I left it in a bag of rice and oatmeal for 2 days and then plugged it in to charge it. It turned on so I thought it was fine, however it will not pick up any wi-fi signals not even from my home where I know for a fact the signal is strong and operating. The Ipod won’t even let me access the wifi options in the settings. Is this fixable and what should I do? ~Thanks :-?”

      Not letting you access wifi settings is weird. What does it tell you when you try that? If you could get there maybe you could try resetting your wifi settings.

      Otherwise, maybe there is a way to reset the entire device.

      If it’s a hardware issue, and rice method didn’t work then exchanging it or sending to a specialist for repair is probably best.

    • G.ellen

      About 8 months ago my ipod touch got soaked in my bag. afew days later it started working fine after i’d dryed it but now when i put my ear phones in, the sound keeps coming out like it would without earphones. Please help!! :sad:

    • Daniel Memenode

      Originally posted by G.ellen: “About 8 months ago my ipod touch got soaked in my bag. afew days later it started working fine after i’d dryed it but now when i put my ear phones in, the sound keeps coming out like it would without earphones. Please help!! :sad:”

      I don’t understand what you mean. What does “sound keeps coming out like it would without earphones” mean?


      • aron

        i think what hes trying to say this: my ipod is playing music on the ipods built in speaker when headphones are pluged in. somthing similar hapend to me when i baught a cheapo tuch screen mp3 player. aka sylvania p.o.s

    • Zack

      :cry: i dropped my ipod touch 2nd gen in the sink while i was washing my hands, but no suds got in it and it was only in the water for like 1 second. i immediately wiped it off with a towel and put it in a bowl fill with rice. that was about 3.5 hours ago. what else can i do? how long do i keep it in there and wut do i do for it when i take it out?
      i didn’t get the insurance for it, i got it for an xmas present 2 years ago from best buy. would they do something for them? :cry:

    • Daniel Memenode

      Originally posted by Zack: “:cry: i dropped my ipod touch 2nd gen in the sink while i was washing my hands, but no suds got in it and it was only in the water for like 1 second. i immediately wiped it off with a towel and put it in a bowl fill with rice. that was about 3.5 hours ago. what else can i do? how long do i keep it in there and wut do i do for it when i take it out?
      i didn’t get the insurance for it, i got it for an xmas present 2 years ago from best buy. would they do something for them? :cry:”

      According to the article it should be in rice for 24 to 48 hours. After that, if it feels dry, turn it on and see if everything works.

    • bob8675309

      it is not the water that harms circuitry, it is the oxidation that occurs from extended evaporation if liquids. The rust builds in microscopic amounts but they are sufficient to cause a connection loss among circuitry’s boards. If you cant get it open, probably not much water got in. Water has a property called surface tension basically causing it to act thicker that the mass of molecules it is composed of. Assuming some got in and shorted out your devise you will need to reset it when it dries. If it doesn’t have a manual reset button it will reset when turned on. The point am wanting to make is your best bet of salvage is to do a quick dry to avoid oxidation/rust. By all means wipe it of as quickly as you can. An oven set at 110 or moisture.

    • Justin10

      Hey so my dad dropped his ipod touch 2nd generation in water. We left it in rice for over 24 hours. And now the ipod touch wont even turn on or sink to our computer. What should we do now?

    • Akili

      Hey everyone!!
      A two/three weeks ago I put my ipod down, and accidently spilled some water on it. I didn’t notice, and left it-and the water- there for several hours. It doesn’t turn on at all, and it didn’t work on the charger- plus after that…my brother broke the charger(which may very well be one of the reasons it doesn’t work…hmm…)

    • Daniel Memenode

      Originally posted by Akili: “Hey everyone!!
      A two/three weeks ago I put my ipod down, and accidently spilled some water on it. I didn’t notice, and left it-and the water- there for several hours. It doesn’t turn on at all, and it didn’t work on the charger- plus after that…my brother broke the charger(which may very well be one of the reasons it doesn’t work…hmm…)”

      Well, even without the water incident if the charger doesn’t work and you have nothing to charge it with, it wouldn’t work. You could perhaps borrow a charger from someone to see if it works?

      Other than that, have you put it in the rice or tried anything from the article?

    • htownsend

      My daughter had her water bottle leak in her back pack and her ipod got extremely wet.(4th gen 16gb nano chromatic)
      I am unsure if they tried to turn it on when her teacher found it.
      I let it dry for a couple of days. and now it works sort of.
      the screen comes up when the lock button is on (so the click wheel will not work), if you shift the lock button to use mode then the screen goes black and nothng works
      any suggestion???

    • Daniel Memenode

      Originally posted by htownsend: “My daughter had her water bottle leak in her back pack and her ipod got extremely wet.(4th gen 16gb nano chromatic)
      I am unsure if they tried to turn it on when her teacher found it.
      I let it dry for a couple of days. and now it works sort of.
      the screen comes up when the lock button is on (so the click wheel will not work), if you shift the lock button to use mode then the screen goes black and nothng works
      any suggestion???”

      Sounds like something might have shorted. You could try taking it to a specialist.

    • 25mariah

      i left my ipod in my pants and washed it by accident and by the time i took it out it was soaked all i wanna know is how do you take apart an ipod nano the 1 with the camera on the back :sad:

    • Daniel Memenode

      Originally posted by 25mariah: “i left my ipod in my pants and washed it by accident and by the time i took it out it was soaked all i wanna know is how do you take apart an ipod nano the 1 with the camera on the back :sad:”

      Watch this video for instructions on how to take it apart.

    • ireland…

      my mam put my ipod through the washing macine the other day,i took it out and it was making a beeping sound so i put it in a sock and on the radiator and about 2 hours later its turned on telling me i had a low battery,so i hooked it up to the computer and it was telling me my battery was full,then when i take it out it goes dead? i have the nano that came out before the nano with that camera?i have no ideo what its called but can someone please help:(

      • memenode

        According to what I read it is possible it still needs to dry off fully. There may still be residual moisture inside that might not be noticeable, but is disrupting it from working properly. You can try other drying methods (like the rice method), and just holding it in a warm place for about a week and keep trying.

        Another thing you can try, during or after the drying period, is to leave it charging for at least 24h straight and see if that helps.

        If nothing works after a week or so perhaps you should buy a new battery for it. If you have a warranty you could try that, but I doubt they cover damages incurred by washing it in a washing machine. These things have to be watched out for.

    • aron

      my ipod fell out of my pocet wile i was getting out of my sisters car so it was sitting face up in the pouring rain all night. i let it dry for a litle wile by setting it on a heater vent later today i had my ipod charging about 2-3 hours after i found it. it was working fine then i check on it only to find it wont turn on or charge. so does this mean my ipod shorted out?

    • LindseyC

      When electronics get wet the best thing to do is,
      Do not turn the device on again until it has been completely dried out. Turning the device on too soon will fry the circuits, at which point there is no easy fix.

      To completely dry out the device try Silica Gel Packets. There was a good article on associatedcontent.com that explains how to dry an iPod, MP3 player, cell phones, or any electronics. You need to place your electronic device in a zip lock bag with Silica Gel Packets. Silica Gel will remove all the moisture from the electronic device and its components, something air drying will not do!

      Just Google “Silica Gel Packets” and you will find several companies selling these products. There is also a web site called: SilicaGelPackets.com that has them.


      • aron

        ok ill cut my losses and recycle my new expensive pape weght its F%$ked.

    • crazylife

      my ipod fell into the toilet
      i emmidiatlly dryed it off and checked if it worked it did but it would control itself i put it into rice
      i hope it works please help!!!!!!!!!!

      • aron

        thats just water compleating the button circet the same thang happend when my phone fell into a puddle. juste turn it off and le it dry dont make the same mistake i did ( scrole up to look at my other posts and youll know)

        • vanessa

          o wow i did the same mistake

    • lyne

      My Gen 6 Ipod went through the washing machine and I tried shaking the water out, turning it on until it wouldn’t turn on then blow dryed it and tried turning it on again and then took someone’s advice and put it in a cup of rice to pull the humidity out of it for a week and voila it worked great just like new. RICE WORKS!


    • kenny

      hi i have got an ipod classic 160gb and its been soaked now and i have used the rice method so is it ok if i put in the rice the next day without taking it apart??

      • memenode

        Have you already taken it apart? I think putting it in rice without taking it apart would probably reduce the effectiveness of the process. It’s really the parts that need to dry out for it to work.

        This video might help you take it apart.

    • paola alvarado

      i have the new ipod touch,i drop in the toilet water….. i hve it in a bowl with uncooked rice for more than 48 hours….. what should i do if it wount turn on!!!!

      • memenode

        Take it to a specialist to take a look, as the article says. :) If it could still be fixed cheaply it’s probably worth it.

    • vanessa

      i let my cousin play with my ipodtouch but he DROPPEDIT IN THE TOILET!!! I took it out quickly but everything works expect the camera u can kinda c the moisture in the camera. my parents don’t know because they will think i am irreponsible i can’t buy another one because my parents won’t let me. and i can’t go and buy it myself i’m only thirteen. WHAT SHOULD I DO PLEASE HELP ME!!!!

      • memenode

        Here’s what you should do:

        1. Read the article.

        2. Do as the article says. ;)

        Basically, try putting the thing in rice. Ideally take it apart if you can and put it in rice. If the moist is preventing the camera from operating it might work again. There’s instructions for taking it apart on iFixit. Be careful though, or don’t do it if you’re unsure. You can try the rice method with it as it is and see if it helps.


    • Mackenzie

      I am having a really bad night and to top it all off, I decided to wash some clothes and my iPod nano 6th generation that I just got happened to be in my jacket, with the headphones in. It won’t turn on or anything. I am afraid to tell my mom because she will get mad at me, even though my aunt bought it for me. What should I do???? PLEASE HELLPPPP!!!! :(

      • Natalie Mhae Oliver

        that just happened to me! except its a fifth generation, im scared to tell my mom too, but i tried the rice thing on a phone and it didnt work, ans idk how to take it apart and i dont want to scratch my ipod. im going to try to take mine to the apple store and see what theyll do for me, theyre usually pretty nice there.

    • johnsmith

      my ipod got wet nd i left it in rice for 5 days now…it lights up but it show only a gray light wat do u think happened and wat shud i do?

    • Jamie Anomaly

      so my uncle put my jacket in the washer and it had my ipod in it (4th generation)  im too scared to take it apart and i dont have money to go and get it fixed, should i just leave it alone for a while, like a week and then plug it up to see if it will work?

      How will i know if its dry on the inside? Should I just wait until next weekend to even check it? My headphones made it through the washer and drier just fine but the ipod went through the whole wash cycle and it wont do anything, normaly when i pull out the head phones it lights up but it didnt so yeah… what should I do?

    • Maddy

      Okay just recently i accidentaly dropped my ipod into the toilet. ): it was completly submerged in water for about 3 seconds. i quickly got it out and dried it off and put it in rice for a whole 24 hours. My screen just stays black and wont respond to ANYTHING!
      No money to take it to a store so dont put that please! What do i do?!!

      • memenode

        Only thing coming to mind is taking it apart and putting it in rice like that. 

        We don’t have magic iWands btw, sorry.

    • ysabel

      hi guys i have a 2nd gen ipod touch and i put it in my mothers bag to keep it and the water bottle in my moms bag spilled! and its so wet. we had to rush home and we put it in rice and i tried turning it on it worked but there was no sound and whenever i go to the home page it would go any where like pictures notes etc and different apps  then i made it sleep but not off i dont know what to do!! i kept crying im only twelve and i cant afford another one please help me!!!!! im scared its my first ipod!!! i got it as a present from my parents!!!

      • memenode

        You could try to take it apart, then dry it off, and put it back together. This might dry off residual moisture that might be left. This video shows how to take apart.

        If all else fails you could plead to Apple for a replacement if it’s still under warranty. :S

    • koko12

      hi i droped my 3g ipodtouch in a hottub yeastrday i put it in rice and today i took it out and then i vacumed it . it workd after that but the wi-fi wasnt working after alittle it flashed a whit screen and shut down it wont open i have it in rice right now please hel

    • Sstarr

      A happy ending story for you all…..  My ipod was dropped in the toilet about a year ago.  Quickly retrieved it… unpleasant.  Powered on, but touch screen didn’t respond.  Did the rice thing, still nothing.  Could not return as it was past 90 days, Apple would not replace because of water damage, and the cost of repair was about the same as a new iPod.  So, it’s been sitting on my desk since May of last year, all but forgotten.  Thought I’d try to sell on ebay for parts so I charged it to see what happened.  Low and behold, everything is working again.  So, I guess there is hope if you’re patient enough to let it sit for a year.  :0)

      • memenode

        Good to read that! It might not need a year though if it is just held in rice longer. If it can be safely taken apart and dried off like that even better. I imagine that would reduce the waiting time.

    • danadek

      My iPod 4th gen nano chromatic got washed a few days ago and I left it in rice for 3 days and I have now taken it out and it is just giving me a white screen i’ve tried what this article has said and it gives me a lightened version of the normal apple logo but it then just goes white again! What do i do??

      • danadek

        My iPod is working all except for the screen I can hear the clickinh sound as the wheel turns and if I tilt it at a certain outline I can see faint shapes of the screen but its mostly just white.

        Can anyone help??

        • memenode

          It probably needs to dry off more. See the comments above.

          I doubt anyone can help any further unless someone has some especially brilliant ideas (which is always welcome). Just read the other comments, dry it off as much as possible, as long as possible, taken apart if possible, and if you’re lucky it might work. If not, well nobody claimed iPods can withstand water treatment. People should be more careful. ;)

          I’m not gonna reply to the same kinds of questions again.

    • Sydney

      So, I couldn’t find my iPod Nano 5th gen. My mom finally finds it after washing the clothes. It was in my jeans and got washed. It wont turn on. I plugged it into my laptop and it shows an apple. Then it showed this really old looking version of what its supposed to be when its plugged in. But the light isnt bright at all. What can I do?

    • kz74

      My son dropped his itouch in the bathtub several weeks ago.   We immediately put it in a baggie of rice.    When I first turned it on the screen was normal and after about three seconds it went dark.  Now the screen remains dark and barely visable.  Any ideas or solutions?  Thanks!

      • Will.Spencer

        It appears that the water damaged your phones dimmer. You’ll be able to work around the damage by backing up your phone, resetting it to factory defaults, and restoring your apps and data from backup. Your dimmer feature will still be broken, but at least it will be stuck in the bright setting.

    • jrgzz20

      so my ipod went into the washer for like ten minutes i dried it with a hair dryer on low then i left my ipod nano 5g in a bowl of uncooked rice for 2 days and i just connected it to the computer. After like ten minutes the apple logo came up but thats all that its doing so far..should i leave it connected to the computer longer?

    • jtc

      Hi-I had my ipod touch in my bag with a not-so-tight water bottle and it got it wet. The touch screen didn’t work and I tried blow drying it until I searched the internet and found out about this rice method. Day 3, I checked to see if it worked. NOTHING…so I put it back in the rice and pray it will work soon after another couple of days. I read somewhere that you can try plugging it in to power up. Is that true? (or should I just wait a little while longer in the rice?)

    • Joe

      ok so for those of you who have tried the rice but need another option, heres one:  try putting your ipod in the freezer for at least 24 hours, then take it out and let it defrost for a couple hours.. It may allow the water in the ipod to evaporate. I’ve seen it work with cell phones alot, give it a try! :D

    • Zoey Carney

      Hi there , !
       I have a pink ipod nano and it WAS working fine , i donwloaded the itunes for it and it was going grand , until my commputer got a very BAD virius and i had to send it away to get it fixed , then when the computer was fixed i lost ITUNES off itt and now my IPOD NANO wont even show up on my computer or any other computer ! :( i REALLY wantt to get it fixed soon ,  !

      Sooo is there any  SUGGESTIONS on how i would be able to fix my ipod ?

      It would be greatly  APPRECIATED , THANKS :)

    • Grace Horner

      my water leaked all voer my bag with my ipod inside it when i realised i panicked and took it out and dried it of and left it in my pocket. it said that it was out of battery when i i only charged it the night before. when i got home i charged it and it still wouldnt turn on. its been quite a few hours and nothing is happening. it wnt turn on or anything….what should i do??? please i really need help and i cant afford another ipod….

    • me

      what if you wait 3day to do the rice meathed will it still work

      • Kris

        Use DAMP RID. I found some at Bed, Bath & Beyond. I placed mine in a baggie along with a bag of DAMP RID. This stuff is AMAZING. Our car was completely SOAKED from a bad rain and DAMP RID took all of the moisture out!!!!

    • warnutztheloser

      i cant open this amma have 2 break this crap!

    • Edz Bigornia

      My ipod touch got wet while it was charging. I didn’t knew it until I noticed that the itouch has been blinking and suddenly the screen got blank. Would you know how much it would cost if I would be raising it up for repair? =(

      • memenode

        There is a listing of repair prices here for reference: iPod Repair Pricing.

        You can also call them, describe the problem, and ask how much they’d charge.

    • BETH

      OK  so i gave my third gen Ipod Touch to my mom to use. she droped it in the turd pot..she not having a clue what to do she puts it on the table and does nothing, i come hame and tell her to do the rice method but we cant it didnt work, then i let it dry for like 2 mounths and still nothing, my mom said i could get the camera one so i did, but i cant bring it to school, so i must bring my old one. i neeew to six it but i dont know how, please help.

      • carson

        My litle sister spilled milk on my ipod so now it wont turn on .MY mom said to charge it but it was on the charger for 3 hours while i was over a friends house and its stilldosent work .Now i cant listen to  my kesha or my Beiber.SOMEONE HELP!!!!!

    • ariana

      my itouch (3rd generation) got wet in  wter filled continer dropped it in by accident. i quickly dryed it off with a towel. and not knowing i did try to see if it works so i turned it on and press the button in the bottom of screen too. i have it in rice but im still afraid that it still wont work even tho it wasnt a big soak i did press the bottuns. will it still have a chance even if i turned it on and pressed buttons?

      • Andrew

        Maybe. What buttons did you press

    • andrea

      i dropped my ipod in a toilet on accadent like 4 weeks ago and then just my luck, i dropped it in a shower about 2 weeks later, and now the screen is dark. is there any way it could be fixed??

    • Washer ipod

      I accedently washed my iPod in the washing machine, I let it sit in rice for about 16 hours that plugged it into my docking station. It lit up right away it just had a dead battery. It now works peferctly fine the screen just look funny and blochy.

    • Sumdima

      I left my Ipod in my pants pocket and I put it in the washer.When I was putin the clothes in the dryer I saw it and freaked.I did all those methods but now my screen is pure white!

      • mothergoose

        Did you ever get your ipod working after the white screen??  My son did the same thing.  Ipod went thru washer, we let it set in rice or a week and now white screen.  Would love to now a fix!!  Thanks!!

    • Emilee Davis

      My iPod dropped out of my pocket and was left in the rain. I have no clue what to do and I need help fixing it someone plz help me!!!!!!!

      • memenode

        Well, the article should give you some clues. :)

        The reason I’m not responding to many comments here anymore is that because everything that had to be said was already said. No matter where and how did your iPod get wet the procedure is the same, and it’s been described in the article and the comment responses.

        Of course, sometimes the rice method and waiting wont work, it’s not guaranteed to work, but it’s something to try if you have the patience before deciding to buy a new one or have it serviced.

    • lumino

      i dropped my ipod in gravy and tried to remove it with water but now my ipod is completely frozen! PLEASE HELP ME! im really sad about it ):

    • The Sarah Kid

      So… has anyone had success with the Rice Method?

    • Ashley

      I let it sit in my center console of my car and I accidentally dropped a water bottle on it and it appeared dead and i rushed inside to stick it in some rice and the next day I plugged it into the dock and it lit right up, although the battery was dead

    • Cupcake

      so i went to turn on my shower and didnt realize my ipod was in my pants pocket that i still had on so i pulled my ipod out real quick and it got splattered with water from the shower head…it wasnt tons of water but it got it pretty good..so i put my ipod on my bathroom counter and when i got outta the shower ii went to go see if it still worked and it wont turn on! this happened yesterday btw..and i have tried so many different things to do but nothin seems to be helping me to turn it on :( i really really need my ipod cuz all kinds of importanat things r on there and so is there anyway i could fix it!? :'( also b4 it turned completely off after gettinmg wet i checked it once and it was still on…buttttt it had a low batterey so would that have anything to do with it????? and i went to get into my ipod after that happened when it was still on but it was already wet..and i wiped my ipod off with a towel  but when i went to slide the unlock button my screen wouldnt pick up my finger..any reason y????? PLEASEEEEEEE HELP ME :((((((((( I REALLY NEEED MY IPOD AND I NEED TO TRY AND SAVE IT

      • bob

        Same thing here. Also, the backround shows a bunch of water droplets instead of Earth. It’s in rice right now.

    • jana

      my 3 yr old sis left my ipod outside in the backyeard and it started raining,when i found it outside it was dry and the inside of it was dry 2 but it would not turn on, the screen would just stay black,is there a way to fix my ipod on my own and would the rice method work on this situation ? plz reply, thx

    • paola

      My ipod has just been wet, sunked and it turns on but the toouch doesnt work so i cant turn it on, WHAT DO I DOO!

    • paola


    • Shelbss

      Well I was swimming in my pool and my iPod was under a blanket playing the radio and then I jumped in and made a big splash and got it wet but I shut itt off while I was dryin in then about an hour later I turned it on and now it won’t play on it’s speakers it keeps thinking there’s headphone in it all the time…WHAT SHOULD I DO?!?!?!?!?!?

    • lindsey

      i dropped my ipod touch in the toilet at the mall and i quiclkly dryed it off and it turns on and everything but the volume will not work on anything not even games i tryed the rioce thing but it didnt work my frind di the same thing and her volume started to work after a week should i just wait and see what happens ? please reply thnks :)

    • Jennifer

      my Ipod went through the washer and it was soacked pretty bad. After the washer someone found it and accedentally dropped it afterwards (it wasn’t me) theres about 3 cracks on the screen. If i let it dry would my ipod still work even from the drop?

    • Katherine

      My dad washed my clothes this morning and then I finally realize about my ipod at midnight, so you can say, it was in that washer for 10-12 hours. The stupid thing I did was immediately tried charging it too see it would work before looking for help online…..Then after seeing someone wrote, “don’t turn it on” I immediately unplugged it. (But when I plugged it in, iTunes responded and the screen came on, well…it went blank then it started turning on again.) Right now, its submerged in rice and next to a lava lamp, used as a heat source, since I don’t have a desk lamp…I’m going to wait 3-4 days before turning it on again. But I hope that one “turn on” doesn’t cost me an ipod…will it?!? I need too know!?!…….

    • Alexi Rane Valfre

      okay, so about three months ago i dropped my iPod in a pool. it’s third generation..and I am just now putting it in rice. I’m going to leave it there for a week but I seriously doubt that it’ll work. does anyone think it’ll work??

    • Jack McGill

      The “Rice Method” worked perfectly for me, and I didn’t even take apart my iPod Touch at all. It’s a 3rd generation, I had it in the washing machine for about 20-30 minutes before my dad heard something clunking around in the washer. I took it out immediately, stuck it in a bag of rice, and placed it in a dry place (in my attic, for me). I left it there for a day or two, then moved it down into my living, where it received partial sunlight. After letting it sit for 2-3 weeks, I plugged it into my computer to charge and it now works perfectly. My only advice would be to be patient and not mess around with any buttons on the iPod while it’s still wet. Good luck!

    • Karen

      i just found my ipod covered in lotion and i managed to get most of it out ( i sucked it out ) it worked fine and took a charge but now its switching itself off and only part of the clicker is working is there anything that i can do???

    • Laurie K

      How do you take the ipod apart to put it in the rice?

    • olivia

      I dropped my ipod in the toilet only to find that it was shut down. Is there any other method to try other then the rice method? Or is my ipod toast, it is a ipod touch i think 4th gen

    • Mikayla

      About 3 or 4 weeks ago a baby got a hold of it and broke me screen.Then about a week later I spilt a huge jug of water all over be and I had my I pod on my chest.At first I couldn’t listen to music then I shut it off, and I could here my music. But I couldn’t take pictures and Im a photographer. And nothings worked! What should I do?

    • deuces

      how bout when its fully dry and it says error?

    • Mark Gibson

      My son left his ipod in his shorts and they went through the washing machine.  I taped the ipod to the back of a dehumidifier and let it run for 2 days – works fine now!!!

    • Flor Uribe

      I went to the river and I fell in the water and my iPod was in my bag. My iPod is working good, but now when I use my earphones, the volume isn’t as loud as it used to be. Any ideas on what to do???

    • Missy

      my son just laid a soaking wet dishwashing sponge on top of my iPod now the screen is white. I tried drying it out with a dryer. What do I do? Is my iPod destroyed. I just now read to turn it off. But I’ve already had it on. What do I do.

    • baylee

      my i pod got left out in the rain about a month or two ago and i used the  rice method right after it happend and it didnt work. i left it to air dry for about a month and it still wont work. what should i do now?

    • Samusbubble

      Okay last night I was taking a bath and I was listening to my ipod while i was in it and I axidently droped it my my bathtub. I didnt notice because i paused the music before it fell in. So when i finished i drained the water and my ipod was in the tub!!!!! It was about 8 or 9 and its in rice right now and its 1:13 pm and its not working. Do I leave it in longer or is it fried?

      • Glenn

        Put it back in the tub for another two days, then try the rice method.  Worked fine for me…

    • Fredrick

      I was texting someone on my 3rd generation Ipod Touch and I was in the bathroom washing my hands. The sink was full of water and I took the case off My Ipod and it fell in the sink with all the water. At first the Ipod the brightness got really low and it said it was on high bright. Them it flickered on and off the light. And then it officially turned off. Will letting the Ipod Touch sit for 24 hours still work???
      F.Y.I. the Ipod was in the sink for about 2-4 seconds
      thank you

    • ChaosSoldier

      ok  my ipod nano (second gen (the small square one) was left in my pants pocket and washed in the washer for the full cycle. how should i go about fixing it? idk the warrenty on it cause it used to be my uncles and he didnt mention anything. idk how to take it apart. nor do i have the money for a speaialist right now.  what should i do?

    • Bdog2damax

      Sooo i washed my ipod today without thinking :/ so should i just blow dry it and wait a day for it to work?!?! 

    • Navneet

      I dropped my ipod in the bath tub by accident and i called my friend and she told me to put it in a bowl of rice for 48 hours and it still doesnt work What do i do?!?!?!?!?!?!

    • DeanJ53

      My ipod had water splashed on it when it was left by a sink and I didn’t realise till the next day (By which point it had already shut down) Now it’s unresponsive, wont turn on, charge etc. This was about a month ago so is it to late to try the rice method?

    • mopar menno

      i’m trying a dehydrating toaster oven.

      • x jt killer x


    • kayla

      i had my ipod in my pocket and i went to take a shower and i put my clothes in the washer and  i looked for my ipod GONE i then saw it in the washer yelling for me (not really) i stop the washer i grabbed it it turned on then turned off so i took a blow dryer and trind to dry it it didnt work (i almost criend i cant live with out my ipod) i put it in a bag of rice for about a day then i pluged it in and it made a sound and turned on  but the screen wouldnt work it couldnt read my finger so i let it sit for awhile and then it finally worked YAY!! everyonce in a while it wouldnt do what i want it to do but other then that it is fine.

    • x jt killer x

      I got my second gen. Ipod touch outside and it was tipping it down i didnt realize till after 2-3 hours i am drying it now but i am doing it on a warm heat-mat will it work ;0 HELP ME PLZ WHAT DO I DO!!!!!!

      • Paco

        Be patient, it will take a week or more to dry.  If you turn it on to see if it is working then you will short circuit the device.  Don’t turn it on until it is completely dried.

    • serena

      mi padre a metido mi ipod en la lavadora lo primero que izo fue intentar encenderlo, despues le dio con el secador del pelo , y mas tarde lo conecte al ordenador pero nada aora estoy intentando con el truco del arroz, POR FAVOR QUE ALGUIEN ME DIGA K PUEDO HACER POR FAVOR POR FAVOR POR FAVOR

    • tommyboy94508023


      I dropped my Ipod touch in the toilet and tried turning it on directly afterward. It did not work and I plugged it into the charger and still didnt work I did each of these things several times trying to see if it would work.   Is it bad if I tried charging and turning it on several times and if it is what do I do and what will happen to the ipod?

      • Klarissa

        I did the exact same thing but in the swimming pool. I turned it on as soon as I realized I was swimming with it in my pocket. The screen lit up but when I touched the unlucky thing it wouldn’t work. So I put it in the sun to dry. It felt extremely hot so I bring it inside and started charging it. After a while it came up with it was too hot on the screen so I un-plugged it and started charging it again. After a while I un-plugged it and asked my techno mate what to do. He tried pulling it apart to no avail and then went on about how much he hates apple :P I have no idea what to do now. He says I probably fried the circuits by plugging the charger in. And my iPod is probably long gone, I have not yet tried the rice method but I don’t think it will work. :P


        No no no no!!!!!!!

        Never ever turn your iPod on or charge it that’s never what you should do
        I left my iPod out side in the pouring rain on Saturday and how it’s sitting in a bag of rice do you need anymore help
        Dont ever try turning it on

    • Amy

      right my sister was listening to her ipod and dropped it in the sink! we had it in a pot of rice for 3 months now and i was wondering how to actually open it up? (apple said it might help) x

    • Emily Stone

      hey guys.
      my ipod went through the washer, and had water trapped in the screen and when shaken it would start dropping out of the pñugs for both charger and earphones.
      what i did was leave it for almost 24 hours, screen down under a regular desklamp, about 2 cm from the bulb.
      it got pretty warm and i removed it every once in a while so it wouldnt fry the circuits, but after 12 hours the water started disappearing from the screen and also when shaken, no water came out.
      after a day, when i pressed center button, all it did was ask for power. but i suggest you leave it until all the water is gone before connecting it to the charger.

      • martha

        the ipod went to the washer completely soak into the water for more than 5 min. when we took it out. i left it on upright position so the most of the water could came out. i read about to shake the ipod so you can help the water to came out and i did. also, i read about the rice which i also did and leave it there in a warm dry place away from the direct sunlight or any light for about 4 days, submerge into the a bowl of rice. after that, we tried and after plug it it turns on and IT WORKED!!!!! we tried the music and internet and everything was fine, only a mark appeared on the screen and i better turned off again and left it on the rice again for the rest of the week, about 3 more days. we tried again and now it’s completely fine, no mark on the screen, and everything is working perfectly, no issues so far. i still not believe it. i was sure it was dead but we didn’t have nothing to lose doing the rice thing. my son is sooooo happy again!!!!  IT’S WORKING!!!!

    • renee

      hi i dropped mine in the turtle tank lol its of trade me and the charger hasnt arived yet i put it on the lamp for an hour case it got to hot what shold i do ?

      • renee

        ps it has no water in it

        • adrian

          take it out of the light for a couple of minuets

          • adrian

            then put i back in. you dont wana keep it in to long or you might fry the circuits 

            • Bryarr

              I was lucky I spilled milk on it and I just wiped it off and it still work I sent this message from it so I really do think that I just got lucky

    • adrian

      my ipod touch 4th Gen went though a 60 min washing cycle when my mom was putting the clothes in the dryer she found my ipod my ipod would not turn on i am trying the rice thing hopping that it will work. can anyone give me more ideas if the rice thing fails? ;( 

      • nikki

        so did the rice work? the same thing happened to my daughter’s ipod this morning! have it in rice now!

      • tim

        mine was put in the wash.do not! throw it away! do not plug it in anything(you will fry the circuits)put it rice for at least a week.then try to charge it.if it still does not work put back in rice.sooner or later it will dry. my ipod took 6mos to dry. i almost thru it out. good thing i did not. it works fine now:0

    • Marilyn

      Hello, today at school I dropped my brother’s (2nd generation) ipod in the toilet and i took it out as fast as I could. I gave it to my friend so she could try fixing it but she couldn’t do anything. When she gave it back the screen had water, but it turned on to charge it but real deam. Like two hours later I found out about the rice method so when I got home, which was like 4 hourse later, that was the first thing i did. After three hours I checked it and saw that the screen was dry, so i went and charged it. It said to connect it to itunes and when i tried turning it off the screen didnt work. Can i fix this or it doesn’t function anymore? Please help me or ill get in grounded! >:(

      • Taryn

        today ir was pouring down rain where i live and where i was at it does not have a basement…(i was with my friend)they were getting ready to take me home and i had my ipod and my phone in my bag that i took over there.. i took my phone out of my bag and left the pocketet open.(my ipod and phone were in the same pocket) the sirens went off so we ran to the neighbors house and they werent home so we ran back to my friends house and got in the car and went to her grandparents house…thats when i relized i didnt have my ipod and we went back to her house after like 20-25 min. and found it in the pouring rain… it was on but then it wont work now.. i dont even know how to explain really what is happening.. i turned it off and i can see water in the camera and i dont have rice so we r trying to see if we can get rice at a neighbors house or something… i just got it April 25th and today is May 6th sooo yeah if i have to replace it again it will b my third ipod this year!! so if it doesnt work im screwweedd… any adviced

        • ivana

          omg the same thing JUST happened to me i was over at my friends house and i left my purse over there and i remembered it at night after i had left and i called her and she said she would bring it back after her and her other friend finished hanging out and well turns out it had started pouring and she had ran inside and forgot my purse in the back of her parents pick up and it was out there all night and day in the rain i have it in rice at the moment im hoping that it works cause that was my fave thing in the world and im having a long flight soon and i rlly need something to keep me occupied on it

    • C

      My mam put my iPod touch in the washing machine, It was in my pants and she didn’t check. I tried leaving it in dry places and everything the only thing is it did dry but their is still marks on the screen and when I push the middle button the screen lights up for about a second for me to slide the touch part but goes blank again sometimes I don’t even get that far before it goes black any advice?

      • ellie3

        mine did that, dont try and turn it on, get rice and put it in a chinese or indian box and fill up to the top wit rice w=then put your ipod in it and wait for afew days. and put it in a boiling cupboard or somewhere warm

    • G.

      I just found my iPod in the washer, it went through the entire cycle. I have it in rice now. I’ve fixed several phones that have been wet with rice, but never one that has been in the washer. Hoping it works.

    • B.P

      i just found my iPod in the pool i think it has been there since two days ago it has been soaking in rice for water for twenty four hours and it is still not working what should i do

      • B.P

        my iPod is a shuffle i think it is really tiny and is touch screen and after 24 hours it will not even turn on or show anything it just stays black

    • lupita

      I put my ipod against my chest and carried it around on a hot day, guess my sweat got in it,i tried to blow dry and waited a couple of days it turned on but can’t sense the heat off my fingers so it doesn’t move, what can i do?

    • Cas

      Hi yesterday I went swimming and judd in the pool with my iPod in my pocket I was swimming for about 5 mins and then realized it was in my pocket I went straight to my house and put it in a bowl of rice for about 24 hrs then took it out but it still had just a black screen oh and the iPod was on when I went in to the pool

    • Brietta

      My ipod touch 4th generation got dropped in a pool for a few seconds and i accidently turned it on so i turned it off and now im putting it in rice. the screen is blank and im really scared it wont ever turn on again and if my parents found out, i would be in so much trouble! What do i do?

    • elllie

      I spilt a whole bottle of water in my leather bag so it was just swimming in it for what i guess 10 minutes max. Think is i didnt want to turn it on it kept turning itself on :L i put it under the hand dryer and somehow all the water came out from under the screen really quick. It then said it had no battery even though it was fully charged. I turned it on an hour later which probably wasnt a good idea but it was working fine and charge was back. I didnt want to start using it until im sure, got it in rice now but idk how to take it apart. How long do you think i need to keep it in there?

    • ten

      look i need serious help

      my ipod fell in water last week. My first stupidity was that i charged it andthen i kept on turning it on and of the whiole week………i even opened it up but there were no signs of water damage

      now today it started but i could see stains of water
      the screen is flickering

      now it has started acting weird

    • India

      brother and I were getting into the pool and he jumped in with his ipod touch 4th generation in his pocket. He realized right away and got out of the pool asap. It took a minute to take it out and when it was out, we dried it and tried to turn it on. It wouldnt turn on so we left it to dry in my bag. It stayed in the bag for a couple of hours and now it is under a hot light. Is that what I should do? How long should it sit there? Please help. Thank you.

      • Ajay Khule

        You should / can try following methods to resolve your problem:
        – Switch off the iPod immediately.
        – Try to wipe out water from the device.
        – Leave the iPod turned off for 24 hours.
        Or you can try to repair a wet iPod with Rice, as rice is used as a moisture absorbing material.

    • Ashley

      i dont know if reading this article helped with my lil water problem , my ipod was in a bowl with less than 1/2 of water and the ipod entered the bowl head first (power button and camera) and when i grabbed it out, i held it upside down for a breif moment til i panicked and tried to suck out the water by the power button and flipped it over and now it started to really glitch out on me and by that time the buttons wouldnt react so the screen couldnt come on and it was left on before i can turn it off… i plugged it into my ipod deck throughtout the whole hoping it would be better in the morning , i thought it was til the touchscreen woulnd react to when i tried to slide (the buttons work now) so i dont is it really broken or can this be fixed? cuz i dont want to get another ipod :(

    • Liz

      I need help!! my ipod witch is the 4th generation has a giant gray spot on the left side of my ipod and im not quite sure what to do i need help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    • http://www.tech-faq.com/how-to-repair-a-wet-ipod.html Cool Mom

      Don’t give up!! This is unbelievable!

      Last week my son actually went swimming with his iPod Touch, which was in the pocket of his bathing suit. He was in the water for over 10 minutes before he even realized that it was there! I thought I would humour him by putting in a bag of rice for a few days- we googled it and didn’t try to turn it on or anything. All the time I was explaining to him that it would be nothing short of a miracle if came back to life, even in the least. We were absolutely amazed when, after 3 days, he pulled it out of the rice, shook it to get a piece of rice out of the bottom, plugged it in and OMG- just like nothing ever happened!!!
      He insists now that rice is the “most epic food on earth” :)

    • Whitner97

      So, I found this Ipod touch burried in the snow and ice at the mall! I don’t know how long it was left there but it looked like it was left there for quite a few hours! I picked it up and It had a case on it and the screen wasnt ruined or anything and the case wasn’t wasnt wet inside or anything!!! but I still took it home and put it in a bowl of rice and left it in there for 24 hours. I plugged it into my computer with my brother”s ipod touch charger and it just wont turn on. Any other suggestions to what I should do? or should I just ditch it? also, is there a way to take it apart to find out if its worthless or not?

    • bonbon

      What if you have an ipod shuffle? the new square version. It was accidentally slipped into the washing machine without headphones so most of the water has probably seeped in through that socket. D: :( what should i do??? :(

    • http://www.quickr.org/Geek_Choice_35A_Myrtle_St_Boston_MA computer support

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      address and thought I might check things out. I like what I
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      over your web page yet again.

    • Sam b

      My iPod 3rd gen got water damage 3 year ago and being a bag of rice ever since, if I tuck It out is their a chance it will work?

    • Amber

      My 3 year old son went to sleep with his ipod touch 2nd generation two nights ago, in the middle of the night I went in his room to check on him and he was asleep. But he had snuck his cup into his room which had milk in it and it spilled all over his bed (i’m guessing after he fell asleep, cause he was still laying in the bed). Sadly his ipod touch was laying face down on the bed in the milk. I quickly grabbed him and the ipod. I tried pushing the home button and it worked perfectly right after, so i wiped it clean and put it on the counter. next morning my son went to play with it and it wouldn’t work at all. so i plugged it up to my ihome docking station and it made the little beep sound for charging a few hours later i took it off and it worked, but you could hardly see anything on the screen. Plus it kept trying to turn off on its on. so I put it in a bag of rice, tried it out this morning and nothing so far, so i put it in another bag of dry rice. Is there anything else i can do to try and save his “Pock” (my son calls it that).

    • ashleigh

      My ipod nano 4th generation went through the wash about 2 months ago. I immediately but it in a bag of rice for a few days. When it wouldn’t turn on i gave up on it and put it into a draw in my dresser. Last night I stumbled upon it and decided I would try and plug it in. When I plugged it in the screen came on but the light was not working nor would it turn on without being plugged in. Also the screen would only come on while it was on lock. What should I do????

    • Katy

      water leaked into my ipod at least 9 months ago and I just hoped it would be ok but when there was 20% left I plugged it in but it wouldn’t charge. it is now in my moms car, I don’t have access to it until 5:45. Someone help me!!!!

    • Lhavan

      I liked your video .It helped my i pod touch very good.

    • maddil

      hey, i did everything the video said but when i drenched it in water it worked fine forabout 30 minites or so and then the screen went dark to thepoint you couldnt see it at all and now im scared that im going to loose it like i have it in rice but ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh help!!!!

      • WillSpencer

        Patience is the best approach right now. Leave the device turned off until it dries.

    • Johan Cruze

      Thank you for sharing the technique to repair a wet iPod. Last month my iPod got water damaged. I tried to repair at home but I can’t . Then I go to play and talk shop. They repair my iPod properly. Then can also repair video game, mobile phone and sell new video game, iPod, mobile phone.

    • Johan Cruze

      Thank you for sharing the technique to repair a wet iPod. Last month my iPod got water damaged. I tried to repair at home but I can’t . Then I go to play and talk shop. They repair my iPod properly. They can also repair video games, mobile phones and sell new video games, iPods, mobile phones.

    • Rosie

      I dropped my IPod 5 in a pool but luckily only the top fell in, i was able to catch it before it was completely submerged. i didn’t turn it off tho i let it rest. it was the first time i’ve actually gotten my ipod wet. it was still working but when i used the camera it glitched and the screen turned different colors. i went home and i didn’t turn on so i left it in rice. hopefully it works

    • Toby

      i went to a lake with my friend and we jumped in and we were swimming for a good 10 min then i realized that my ipod touch(4th generation) was in my pocket. I shouted out a bunch of words that i dont think you guys should know…. anyways, i got out of the lake, tried drying it with a towel and after i did that, i noticed that there were a bunch of water spots on the screen. i tried turning it on but nothing happens. i have it in a bag of rice (as of now) im going to keep it there for a good 2 months. If it does nothing what else should i do?

    • Jacob Ferrusi

      I dropped my iPod in the toilet for about a second, it was turned off for 3-4 days in rice and still not working, is there anything else I can do?