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    An air circulator is basically a fan. Although the term “air circulator” most often refers to an industrial fan that is used in a warehouse, factory, or office building, it can also refer to a regular household fan. Air circulators also refer to air conditioning units and other types of air cooling devices. They are designed to cool a room or area in very hot environments. For example, factories that have many people and machines often become hot very quickly. Likewise, homes can also become very hot due to so much movement. An air circulators can remedy this as it moves hot air around.

    How does an Air Circulator Work?

    Air circulators have several blades and are usually attached to a pole or mounting device. The blades spin rapidly in one direction and centrifugal forces cause air to be pulled towards the blades’ edges. As the blades continue to spin, air passes through the gaps between them and is directed at a specific area in the form of an invisible jet stream. This jet stream pulls heat with it and carries it away from people and objects. Air entering the back of an air circulator pulls heat with it as well.

    Air CirculatorsTypes of Air Circulators

    There are many types of air circulators including ceiling fans, portable fans, industrial fans, central air conditioning units, and window air conditioning units. While all of these are based on the same mechanisms and perform the same tasks, they are all designed slightly differently and made for their own specific application. Ceiling fans, for example, are mounted on the ceiling and are wired to the room’s light switch so that it may serve as the room’s primary air circulator. Industrial fans, on the other hand, are large and cause large amounts of air to be driven across a specific area at a very high speed. Portable fans are portable, window air conditioning units are installed in windows and only cool the room in which they are located, and central air conditioning units are designed to cool an entire home or office building.

    Where to Find an Air Circulator

    Air circulators can be found and purchased from a wide variety of retail outlets both online and in stores. Such online stores include eBay, Amazon, and Paypal Shopping, while physical stores include Home Depot, Lowe’s, Kmart, and Walmart. Industrial warehouses, home decor outlets, as well as any store that carries other cooling systems or household appliances generally sell air circulators. Popular air circulator brands include Vornado, Air King, and Lasko.

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