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    The ARP cache is a table that stores mappings between Data Link Layer addresses and Network Layer addresses.

    The Data Link Layer addresses are usually MAC addresses and the Network Layer addresses are most frequently IP addresses.

    The Operating System stores the ARP cache in RAM.

    Displaying the ARP Cache

    Under most Unix and Microsoft Windows versions, the command `arp -a` displays the ARP cache.

    Unix ARP Cache Example

    $ arp -a
    www.tech-faq.com ( at 00:34:c4:45:73:21 on fxp0 permanent [ethernet]
    fw.tech-faq.com ( at 00:34:62:a1:c2:00 on fxp0 [ethernet]

    Microsoft Windows ARP Cache Example

    C:>arp -a

    Interface: — 0x80004
    Internet Address Physical Address Type 00-0d-6d-bc-a8-6b dynamic 00-0e-1c-2b-e5-3c dynamic

    Further Reading on the ARP Cache

    To learn more about the ARP protocol, read What is ARP?

    To learn how to clear the ARP cache, read How do I clear the ARP cache?

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