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  • How long can my URL’s be?

    While there is not single specific value to determine the maximum length of a URL, users should be aware that variances in standards can cause different results.

    HTML3 imposes a 1024-character limit to attribute values, while HTML4 has no such restriction.

    There is no set minimum or maximum URL length, but some applications do have length restrictions; Internet Explorer imposes a 2084-character limit.

    Other variances in maximum URL length can occur inside web servers themselves as they may have an internal query-string limit. When this internal query-string limit is broken, the error code 414 Request-URL Too Long is generated by the server’s failure.

    It is generally accepted that URL lengths should not exceed 255 bytes, as older implementations may not be able to accept longer lengths.

    Users who experience URL-length issues may use a workaround using POST queries (as opposed to GET queries), with the parameters stored in the body. The length limit in this method is much higher (2MB in IIS 4.0 and 128KB in IIS 5.0). This fix usually provides a solution to a 414 error.

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