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    “How do I open .MIX files?” This question may arise whenever someone sends a file with an .MIX extension. There are three types of .MIX files: those for MS Windows Sound MIX, those for Power C object files, and image files. Typically, the image file is the cause of confusion for most computer users.

    Opening .MIX Files

    Here are two methods that can be used to battle the problem:

    Method 1

    Save the file as a web page by following these simple procedures. The first method works best for users working with Windows XP Professional. Here are six steps to get this done:

    1. Save the file to the computer. Be sure to remember where it was placed.
    2. Open Microsoft Word and click “Insert.”
    3. Click “Picture,” look for the words “From File,” and select one’s file.
    4. Save the file by selecting “File,” “Save As,” and “Save as Web Page.”
    5. Go to “My Documents” and look for the web page file that was saved. Open the folder containing one’s .MIX image.
    6. Rename the file. (Optional)

    Method 2

    Open the file with Picture It! version 2002 or later:

    1. Check the Picture It! version. If the files cannot be opened, find and install an earlier version. Go to Google, Yahoo!, or any other search engine. Search for these words: “Earlier version of Picture It!” Install the new version and be sure to follow the instructions provided.
    2. Once one is sure that the Picture It! version is working, save the .MIX files as jpeg files. To do this, click “File” and “Save As”, then choose the jpeg format in the drop down menu. Save the files again as “Web Page” files.
    3. Locate one’s file in “My Documents” (or wherever it was saved) and double click it to open it.
    4. Rename the file. (Optional)

    Opening .MIX files can be a nightmare if it is one’s first time encountering them. Fortunately, now one can apply either of the procedures described above to solve these problems.

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    1. kke

      27 April, 2011 at 7:40 am

      SOMEBODY else in http://www.photographytips.com posted this, SORRY if im not memorising you but i had to log in and lost the page..

      Microsoft still makes available a free Microsoft Digital Image Starter edition. It will batch convert .mix files to jpegs or png in a couple of easy steps. Works like a charm. Go under file and choose starter page, select batch process images and then Save As …


      [h][b]PLZ do go there, it is simple, free, fast, (though it uses 250mb of ur hard disc drive) and can even get you transparency thank to png[/b][/h]

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