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    CAD programs can be an exciting and helpful tool when designing blueprints for a house, vehicle, or electrical circuit. One of these programs is the popular LinuxCAD software that allows you to edit and create a number of blueprints and schematics under the Linux operating system. LinuxCAD comes with many features that other CAD programs do not, such as the ability to add your schematics and designs to MS Word documents. In this article, we will talk about what CAD is, types of CAD software, and how the LinuxCAD software can help you.

    What is CAD

    CAD, or computer-aided design, is a type of program that allows the user to access a number of tools in order to modify three-demensional blueprints from their computer. CAD programs allow you to not only edit designs that have already been loaded into the software, but also to create entirely unique blueprints from scratch. With CAD software, you don't even need to have any prior experience in design or schematics in order to create breath-taking blueprints that could one day become a reality. CAD software is quickly replacing blueprints as the preferred method of designing buildings, bridges, vehicles, and circuit boards, just to name a few. If you would like to enter a career of design in the future, it would be wise for you to learn how to use CAD software now.

    Architectural CAD

    Architectural CAD is a type of CAD software that allows you design houses, restaurants, bridges, parks, pools, streets, and a wide assortment of other architectural foundations with ease. Architectural CAD programs often present you with a number of tools to help you cut, shade, shape, and paste items into whatever form that you like. Architectural CAD software also allows you to virtually walk through your structure in a first-person perspective in order to appreciate the fine details that go into your design.

    Automotive CAD

    Automotive CAD works in a very similar way to Architectural CAD software but instead of structures, you are capable of designing automobiles. Automotive CAD software provides you with a number of templates to choose from to piece your automobile together and also presents the user with a selection of virtual parts in order to convert your design from a schematic to a working model. Automotive CAD not only allows you to design cars, but also trains, planes, ships, boats, and a wide variety of other vehicles. You will need to have prior experience with automechanics to design a working model of an automobile, but anyone with a computer a few hours of free time can master this type of software.

    Electrical CAD

    Electrical CAD software is similar to both Architectural and Automotive CAD but presents its information in a slightly different fashion. Electrical CAD is used to design schematics for electrical circuit boards that will someday go into an assortment of products. Electrical CAD software allows to search through a database of circuit board templates and reroute the circuits to fit your needs. In order to use Electrical CAD software, you will need to have an idea of how circuit boards work and what materials you will need to build the circuit board from. Electrical CAD software can be slightly intimidating if you have never used CAD software before, but you should be able to adjust to the software after a few hours of using it.


    While most programs specialize in just one form of CAD software or another, LinuxCAD combines several forms of CAD into one user-friendly program. LinuxCAD is quickly gaining popularity as the Linux operating system grows in the public eye. LinuxCAD is already the leading CAD software of the Linux operating system and is also available for Windows, Mac, and Mobile devices. LinuxCAD presents the user with a number of methods to edit and create blueprints, schematics, and designs for whatever purpose. Many users find LinuxCAD to be easy to use and are comfortable with the way the program allows them to edit their designs. LinuxCAD zooms in on specific features of your design and allows you to see if there are any mistakes in your schematic. LinuxCAD is available in a number of languages and offers idealistic support for the following uses of CAD software: flowcharting, land surveying, mechanical engineering, architecture, residential design, interior design, software engineering, and diagramming. LinuxCAD boasts the fact that their program is a complete replacement to AutoCAD, a program that prides itself on its ability to provide reliable support for any CAD-related situation. If you need any help with LinuxCAD, be sure to check out their user manual and online support communities.

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