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    Coaxial cables are necessary for rooftop antennas and dish antennas in order to provide crystal-clear sound and audio input. RG-11 bands typically have 75-ohm wires made of copper. Polyethylene dielectric makes sure that there is minimal loss of picture and sound while the antenna receives audio or video feeds. Most users of the RG-11 have reported high-quality resolution of the images transferred by these cables.

    RG-11 Specifications

    Type RG-11 RG-11A
    Impedance Z0(Ω) 75 75
    Dielectric Solid Polyethylene Solid Polyethylene
    Time Delay (ns/ft) 1.54 1.54
    Propagation Velocity (% of c) 65.9 65.9
    Capacitance (pF/foot) 20.6 20.6
    Outside Dimensions (inches) 0.405 0.405
    dB/100ft @400MHz 5.7 5.2
    Maximum Voltage (Vrms) 4000 5000
    Shield Braid Braid

    You may wonder about the quality of protection built into these RG-11 coaxial cables. To start with, the bonded aluminum foil is more than enough to make sure that these cables are foolproof. It is also supported by more foil composed of 60% aluminum braid and 40% aluminum braid. Now that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has tightened its rules and regulations, we can look forward to getting some enhanced protective measures from the RG-11 cables.

    Features and Benefits

    RG-11 cable has become especially important because it is included in the list of specifications required for the installation of CL1, CL2, CM, CMX and CMGs. For those who are concerned about the security of using these cables, they are tested to a range of about 3GHz to ensure that they provide the best possible performance when used at applicable frequencies. Above all, the simplest and the most unique feature is that the cable jacket is marked in sequence at intervals of two feet to help keep track of the length of the cable being used.

    RG-11 coaxial cables are manufactured by a large number of companies. You should check out their websites to view the wide range of RH-11 coaxial cables available for purchase. Make sure you get a RG-11 cable that allows you to block transmission leakage without compromising the quality of the picture and audio.

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    1. Assaf

      6 December, 2011 at 5:26 pm

      hello , 
      I would like to know what is the BEST cable to run analog video for long distance ? ( 120+ Meters )

      thanks . 

      • Tyler

        18 January, 2012 at 8:35 pm

        RG11 by far is the best way to go for long runs. Aerial, cable run along side with it, is for hanging use while burial, gel coat for water protection, is buried to hide the long runs. Check out Ebay for good deals. FTA_Express is the seller I get mine from. By far, their prices have been great.

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