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    RG-6 cable is one of the more common types of coaxial cables used for commercial and household purposes. The term RG-6 is a generic label that can be used to describe a whole range of cable designs. In fact, all cable designs described under RG-6 may well differ from one another in center conductor composition, dielectric type, or shielding characteristics. RG-6 was originally a military specification meaning Radio Guide, but this term has become obsolete due to lack of use. Today it is used to describe coaxial cables with 75-ohm impedance and 18 AWG center conductors.

    RG-6 Specifications

    Type RG-6 RG-6A
    Impedance Z0(Ω) 76 75
    Dielectric Solid Polyethylene Solid Polyethylene
    Time Delay (ns/ft) 1.54 1.54
    Propagation Velocity (% of c) 65.9 65.9
    Capacitance (pF/foot) 20 20.6
    Outside Dimensions (inches) 0.332 0.332
    dB/100ft @400MHz 7.4 6.5
    Maximum Voltage (Vrms) 2700 2700
    Shield Braid Braid

    What are the key RG-6 products available on the market today?

    RG-6 connector products like Digicon connectors are unmatched for performance and reliability. The conical swedge technology used by these state-of-the art connectors have been able to terminate with a compression of 360 degrees, thereby helping in a complete sealing of the connector surrounding the cable jacket. The result is improved durability and enhanced pull-out strength as well as greater mechanical and electrical performance. Digicon RG-6 F-connectors are available in a range of cables that can even exceed Telcordia and SCTE specifications. The nut present on the connector ensures a secure connection and a much better grip.

    What standard equipment can one get with a RG-6 coaxial cable?

    An RG-6 coaxial cable bought from a dependable store can get you a cable along with messenger wire (for various aerial installation processes), standard cable, quad-shield for maximum RF protection, a cable covered with a flooded polyethylene jacket for protecting it from underground runs and a cable with a tri-band.

    Things to keep in mind while using the RG-6 coaxial cables

    Never commit the mistake of installing the wrong RG-6 coaxial cable. An authentic RG-6 cable can be used for distribution of feeds from a satellite dish, cable TV service or rooftop antenna. In comparison to the earlier RG-59 cable, there are no problems with inferior shielding or signal leakage.

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    1. chris

      21 March, 2011 at 12:22 am

      Hi: Can you tell me if I would notice much difference in quality between a 3 GHz or a 2300 MHz  RG6 coaxial cable?  I am using it to connect a hi-def satellite t.v..  Also, is quad shielding recommended for these set-ups?  Any help will be appreciated…

    2. mahi

      16 March, 2011 at 8:18 am

       hai brothers pls reply my question how to extend rg 6 cable one area to anather 300 meter far anather area with out signal loss with using latest technology

      • memenode

        16 March, 2011 at 3:22 pm

        I doubt you can have 300m without signal loss or latency, but there are 300m RG-6 cables to buy. Just look for them. I suppose since they exist they should be usable.

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