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    RG-58 is a coaxial cable that is used for wiring purposes. A coaxial cable, in general, consists of an inner conductor that is surrounded by a spacer. The coaxial cable is electrically charged and sometimes consists of different uninsulated conductors that remain entangled with one another. The insulating spacer of the cable is further surrounded by a sheath that is cylindrical in shape. The final circle is formed by an insulating jacket. The insulation surrounding the RG-58 cable carries a low impedance of around 50 or 52 ohms. It is generally used for generating signal connections that are of low power.

    RG-58 Specifications

    Type RG-58 RG-58A RG-58B RG-58C
    Impedance Z0(Ω) 53.5 52 53.5 50
    Dielectric Solid Polyethylene Solid Polyethylene Solid Polyethylene Solid Polyethylene
    Time Delay (ns/ft) 1.54 1.54 1.54 1.54
    Propagation Velocity (% of c) 65.9 65.9 65.9 65.9
    Capacitance (pF/foot) 28.8 29.6 28.8 30.8
    Outside Dimensions (inches) 0.195 0.195 0.195 0.195
    dB/100ft @400MHz 11.7 13.2 14 14
    Maximum Voltage (Vrms) 1900 1900 1900 1900
    Shield Braid Braid Braid Braid

    The RG-58 cable is most often used for the Thin Ethernet when the maximum length required is about 185 meters. The RG-58 cable frequently acts as a generic carrier of power signals. These signals are generated in physical laboratories. The RG-58 cable is at times collectively used with BNC connectors that are commonly found in oscilloscopes. The BNC connector is in fact the common connector for the RG-58 cable. The BNC connector is used for terminating the coaxial cable in the RG-58. This particular connector provides signals for radio antenna connections, electronics used for aviation, and for conducting video signals. When the RG-58 cable combines with the BNC connector, it can produce composite video played on commercial video devices. The interconnection between the RG-58 cable and the BNC connector can lead to ground loops when these are further connected with several coaxial cables. The combinations might produce an unwanted flow of current in a conductor that joins two points at similar potential. This interconnection is capable of pulling around 50 to 60 Hz fields from the AC mains.

    The RG-58 cable is specially designed to work with most two-way radio systems. This communication system is different from the usual broadcast receiver because the latter can receive data from one end only. In case of the two-way radio system, which can be generated by the RG-58 cable, content travels in both directions. The radio can receive and transmit data at the same time. It is also called a transceiver. The transmitter is activated by means of a push-to-talk button. These radio systems work with the 50-ohm RG-58 cable. Examples of such radio systems are marine SSB, police transmitters, fire, WLAN antennas, and marine VHF.

    The RG-58 can also be used for higher frequencies. The range, however, remains fairly moderate. The coaxial cable that is used for generating the power signals is usually a quarter-inch in diameter. The Ethernet wiring for which the RG-58 cable is used is sometimes termed “cheapernet”, since it draws low-power signal connections. There are several well-known manufacturers that have excelled in the field of manufacturing high-quality RG-58 cables for wiring. The RG-58 cables are used for both domestic and industry purposes. They are highly advanced in telecommunications, which is primarily generated by means of the coaxial cable and the BNC connector.

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    1. John Dacoutros

      7 April, 2012 at 4:10 pm

      What power differences can both RG58 and RG213 take from a transmitter. Which can take most power RF power and how much for each please ??


    2. agi

      11 November, 2011 at 8:58 am

      is RG-6 same as RG-58..? can i use RG-6 instead of RG-58…? i want to connect it to a antenna and a receiver.

      • Will.Spencer

        11 November, 2011 at 9:06 am

        RG-6 is 75 Ohm; RG-58 is 50 Ohm. They are not compatible.

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