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    Trendnet advertises itself as an Ethernet based device manufacturer, but also boasts a large collection of wireless devices as well. Trendnet routers often include dual antennas for maximum coverage, four Ethernet ports, and advanced WPA encryption. Trendnet devices tend to be small, lightweight, and stylish, allowing users to set them up and forget about them.

    Trendnet Default Password

    All Trendnet devices are equipped with a control panel that allows the user to make changes to the device‚Äôs settings and configure it to work with other computers and devices throughout his/her home or office. If the user has never accessed this control panel before, he/she can do so by entering into any browser’s address bar and entering the default username and password, which should be printed on the bottom of the device. If the default username and password are not printed on the device, the user will need to use the following chart to locate the default username and password for his/her specific device.

    Product Version Port / Protocol Username Default Password
    TEW 432 BRP HTTP:// admin admin
    TEW-432BRB 432BRB yarali konya1
    TEW-432BRP (blank) (blank)
    TEW-432BRP TEW-432BRP hiua xurxure
    TEW-450APB admin admin
    TEW-452BRP admin admin
    TEW-510APB (blank) admin
    TEW-511BRP (blank) admin
    TEW-631BRP admin admin
    TEW-639GR admin payago
    TK1601R (none) 00000000
    TK1602R (none) 00000000
    TK801R (none) 00000000
    TK802R (none) 00000000
    TPL110AP admin admin
    TRENDNET TEW411BRP (Blank) admin
    TW100-BRF114 (none) (blank)
    TW100-BRV204 (blank) (blank)
    TW100-BRV304 (blank) (blank)
    tw100-s4w1ca admini admini
    TW100-S4W1CA (none) (blank)


    How to Change a Trendnet Password

    If the user wishes to change his/her Trendnet password in order to prevent other users from accessing the router by using the default password, he/she can do so by logging in to the Trendnet control panel and selecting the Configuration menu. From here, the user can setup a new password by entering his/her old or default password. If the user cannot find the Configuration menu, he/she can also run the Setup Wizard for the same results.

    How to Reset Trendnet

    If the user has forgotten his/her Trendnet password, he/she can reset the router by pushing any small, pointed object into the reset button found on the bottom of the device. This will erase all data on the router and allow the user to access it by using the default username and password listed in the chart above.

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