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    Belkin is a leading manufacturer of networking devices such as modems, wireless routers, and network storage devices. Belkin also produces a number of other wireless access devices and USB based modem cards and markets a number of data plans for some of the largest Internet Service Providers.

    Belkin Router Default Password

    As with any other router, all Belkin routers include a built-in control panel that allows users to change the router’s configuration settings, enable the router to work with other devices, and setup network security. To access this control panel, the user can enter into any browser’s address bar. The user will then be prompted for his/her password, which will be the default information printed on the bottom of the Belkin router if the user has never accessed this control panel before. If the default username and password are not printed on the bottom of the Belkin router, the user can enter “admin” in the username field and “password” in the password field.

    How to Change a Belkin Router Password

    If the user would like to change his/her password in order to prevent unauthorized persons from accessing the router’s control panel by using the default information, he/she can do so by logging into the Belkin router and opening the Configuration menu. From here, the user can change his/her password by entering the old password and creating a new one. If the user cannot find the Configuration menu, he/she can run the Setup Wizard, which provides the same option.

    How to Reset a Belkin Router Password

    If the user has forgotten his/her password, he/she can reset the Belkin router by pushing any small, pointed object into the “Reset” button found on the bottom of the router. This will erase all content and configuration settings on the Belkin router and allow the user to access the control panel by using the default information.

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    1. Robert wilson

      5 September, 2018 at 11:29 pm

      Trying to find the belkin pass code

    2. Peggy Carrier

      25 March, 2012 at 2:05 pm

      I was talking to a 24/7 tech at pcplanet and he did some work on my computer and erased my pass word for my computer in the process

    3. david

      19 March, 2012 at 9:04 pm

      I’ve used the process listed above to reset my router. When I press the reset button, the router’s lights turn orange and flash. I left the router on overnight like this, in case it was updating something. The next morning, it was still flashing. I unplugged it and left it that way while I went to work this morning. Guess I’ll see the effect when I get home. In case it’s still flashing when I get home, how can I fix this problem?

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