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  • How to Send Text Messages Free

    Cell phone text messages typically use the SMS (Short Message Service) protocol.

    Most cellular service providers charge fees to send and receive text messages.

    There are numerous ways to send text messages for free, but they vary among cell service providers.

    Send Free Text Messages by Purchasing the Right Service Plan

    Some cell service plans include free text messaging. That is the simplest solution.

    Send Text Messages for Free via the Web

    Many websites allow visitors to send text messages to cell phones at no cost.

    We provide such a service on our Free SMS page.

    Send Text Messages for Free via Instant Messenger

    AOL Instant Messenger sends text messages to cell phones.

    To send a text message via AIM, simply message the telephone number. Include a plus sign and the country code. For example, to text message a friend at (303)555-1212, send an IM to +13035551212.

    Send Text Messages for Free via E-mail

    Quite a few cell service companies provide free e-mail to SMS gateways where users can send text messages for free via e-mail.

    Here is a list of e-mail to SMS gateways where users can send free text messages.

    United States

    Provider E-mail to SMS address format
    3 River Wireless xxxxxxxxx@sms.3rivers.net
    ACS Wireless xxxxxxxxx@paging.acswireless.com
    Advantage Communications xxxxxxxxx@advantagepaging.com
    Aio Wireless xxxxxxxxx@mms.aiowireless.net
    Airfire Mobile xxxxxxxxx@sms.airfiremobile.com
    Airtel Wireless (Montana, USA) xxxxxxxxx@sms.airtelmontana.com
    AirVoice xxxxxxxxx@mmode.com
    Airtouch Pagers xxxxxxxxx@airtouch.net
    Airtouch Pagers xxxxxxxxx@airtouchpaging.com
    Airtouch Pagers xxxxxxxxx@alphapage.airtouch.com
    Airtouch Pagers xxxxxxxxx@myairmail.com
    Alaska Communications Systems xxxxxxxxx@msg.acsalaska.com
    Aliant xxxxxxxxx@number@sms.wirefree.informe.ca
    AllTel xxxxxxxxx@message.alltel.com
    Alltel PCS xxxxxxxxx@message.alltel.com
    Alltel xxxxxxxxx@alltelmessage.com
    Alltel xxxxxxxxx@sms.alltelwireless.com
    AlphNow xxxxxxxxx@alphanow.net
    American Messaging (SBC/Ameritech) xxxxxxxxx@page.americanmessaging.net
    Ameritech Clearpath xxxxxxxxx@clearpath.acswireless.com
    Ameritech Paging xxxxxxxxx@pageapi.com
    Ameritech Paging xxxxxxxxx@paging.acswireless.com
    Api4SMS xxxxxxxxx@members.api4sms.net
    Aql xxxxxxxxx@text.aql.com
    Arch Pagers (PageNet) xxxxxxxxx@archwireless.net
    Arch Pagers (PageNet) xxxxxxxxx@epage.arch.com
    Assurance Wireless xxxxxxxxx@vmobl.com
    AT&T xxxxxxxxx@txt.att.net
    AT&T Free2Go xxxxxxxxx@mmode.com
    AT&T Engterprise xxxxxxxxx@page.att.net
    AT&T Global Smart Messaging xxxxxxxxx@sms.smartmessagingsuite.com
    AT&T PCS xxxxxxxxxx@mobile.att.net
    AT&T Pocketnet PCS xxxxxxxxxx@dpcs.mobile.att.net
    Beepwear xxxxxxxxxx@beepwear.net
    Bell Atlantic xxxxxxxxxx@message.bam.com
    Bell South (Blackberry) xxxxxxxxx@bellsouthtips.com
    Bell South Mobility xxxxxxxxx@blsdcs.net
    Bell South xxxxxxxxx@blsdcs.net
    Bell South xxxxxxxxx@sms.bellsouth.com
    Bell South xxxxxxxxx@wireless.bellsouth.com
    Bluegrass Cellular xxxxxxxxx@sms.bluecell.com
    Boost Mobile xxxxxxxxx@myboostmobile.com
    Boost Mobile xxxxxxxxx@sms.myboostmobile.com
    Boost xxxxxxxxx@myboostmobile.com
    CallPlus xxxxxxxxx@mmode.com
    Carolina Mobile Communications xxxxxxxxx@cmcpaging.com
    Carolina West Wireless xxxxxxxxxx@cwwsms.com
    Cellular One MMS xxxxxxxxxx@mms.uscc.net
    Cellular One East Coast xxxxxxxxx@phone.cellone.net
    Cellular One PCS xxxxxxxxx@paging.cellone-sf.com
    Cellular One South West xxxxxxxxx@swmsg.com
    Cellular One West xxxxxxxxx@mycellone.com
    Cellular One xxxxxxxxxx@cellularone.txtmsg.com
    Cellular One xxxxxxxxxx@cellularone.textmsg.com
    Cellular One xxxxxxxxxx@cell1.textmsg.com
    Cellular One xxxxxxxxx@message.cellone-sf.com
    Cellular One xxxxxxxxx@mobile.celloneusa.com
    Cellular One xxxxxxxxx@sbcemail.com
    Cellular South xxxxxxxxx@csouth1.com
    Centennial Wireless xxxxxxxxxx@cwemail.com
    Central Vermont Communications xxxxxxxxx@cvcpaging.com
    CenturyTel xxxxxxxxx@messaging.centurytel.net
    Cincinnati Bell Wireless xxxxxxxxxx@gocbw.com
    Cingular xxxxxxxxxx@mycingular.com
    Cingular xxxxxxxxxx@mycingular.net
    Cingular xxxxxxxxxx@mms.cingularme.com
    Cingular xxxxxxxxxx@page.cingular.com
    Cingular xxxxxxxxx@cingularme.com
    Cingular (GSM) xxxxxxxxx@cingularme.com
    Cingular (TDMA) xxxxxxxxx@mmode.com
    Cingular Wireless xxxxxxxxx@mobile.mycingular.net
    Cingular Wireless xxxxxxxxxx@mycingular.textmsg.com
    Cingular Wireless xxxxxxxxxx@mobile.mycingular.com
    Comcast xxxxxxxxxx@comcastpcs.textmsg.com
    Communication Specialists xxxxxxxxxx@pager.comspeco.com
    Communication Specialists xxxxxxx@pageme.comspeco.net
    Cook Paging xxxxxxxxx@cookmail.com
    Corr Wireless Communications xxxxxxxxx@corrwireless.net
    Cricket xxxxxxxxxx@sms.mycricket.com
    Digi-Page / Page Kansas xxxxxxxxxx@page.hit.net
    Dobson Communications Corporation xxxxxxxxx@mobile.dobson.net
    Dobson-Alex Wireless / Dobson-Cellular One xxxxxxxxx@mobile.cellularone.com
    Edge Wireless xxxxxxxxx@sms.edgewireless.com
    Gabriel Wireless xxxxxxxxxx@epage.gabrielwireless.com
    Galaxy Corporation xxxxxxxxx@sendabeep.net
    GCS Paging xxxxxxxxx@webpager.us
    General Communications Inc. (Alaska) xxxxxxxxxx@msg.gci.net
    Globalstar (satellite) xxxxxxxxxx@msg.globalstarusa.com
    GrayLink / Porta-Phone xxxxxxxxx@epage.porta-phone.com
    GTE xxxxxxxxx@gte.pagegate.net
    GTE xxxxxxxxx@messagealert.com
    GTE xxxxxxxxxx@airmessage.net
    Helio xxxxxxxxxx@messaging.sprintpcs.com
    Houston Cellular xxxxxxxxx@text.houstoncellular.net
    Illinois Valley Cellular xxxxxxxxxx@ivctext.com
    Infopage Systems xxxxxxxxxx@page.infopagesystems.com
    Inland Cellular Telephone xxxxxxxxx@inlandlink.com
    Iridium (satellite) xxxxxxxxxx@msg.iridium.com
    i wireless xxxxxxxxxx.iws@iwspcs.net
    JSM Tele-Page xxxxxxxxx@jsmtel.com
    Lauttamus Communication xxxxxxxxx@e-page.net
    MCI Phone xxxxxxxxx@mci.com
    MCI xxxxxxxxx@pagemci.com
    Metro PCS xxxxxxxxx@metropcs.sms.us
    Metro PCS xxxxxxxxx@mymetropcs.com
    MetroPCS xxxxxxxxx@mymetropcs.com
    Metrocall 2-way xxxxxxxxx@my2way.com
    Metrocall xxxxxxxxx@page.metrocall.com
    Midwest Wireless xxxxxxxxx@clearlydigital.com
    Mobilecom PA xxxxxxxxx@page.mobilcom.net
    Mobilfone xxxxxxxxx@page.mobilfone.com
    MobiPCS (Hawaii only) xxxxxxxxxx@mobipcs.net
    Motient @isp.com
    Morris Wireless xxxxxxxxx@beepone.net
    Northeast Paging xxxxxxxxxx@pager.ucom.com
    Nextel xxxxxxxxx@messaging.nextel.com
    Nextel xxxxxxxxx@page.nextel.com
    NPI Wireless xxxxxxxxx@npiwireless.com
    Ntelos xxxxxxxxx@pcs.ntelos.com
    O2 xxxxxxxxxx@mobile.celloneusa.com
    Omnipoint xxxxxxxxx@omnipoint.com
    Omnipoint xxxxxxxxx@omnipointpcs.com
    OnlineBeep xxxxxxxxx@onlinebeep.net
    PCS One xxxxxxxxx@pcsone.net
    Pacific Bell xxxxxxxxx@pacbellpcs.net
    PageMart Advanced /2way xxxxxxxxxx@airmessage.net
    PageMart xxxxxxxxx@pagemart.net
    PageOne NorthWest xxxxxxxxx@page1nw.com
    Pioneer / Enid Cellular xxxxxxxxx@msg.pioneerenidcellular.com
    Price Communications xxxxxxxxx@mobilecell1se.com
    Primeco xxxxxxxxxx@email.uscc.net
    ProPage xxxxxxxxx@page.propage.net
    Public Service Cellular xxxxxxxxx@sms.pscel.com
    Qualcomm name@pager.qualcomm.com
    Qwest xxxxxxxxx@qwestmp.com
    RAM Page xxxxxxxxx@ram-page.com
    Republic Wireless xxxxxxxxx@text.republicwireless.com
    SBC Ameritech Paging (see also American Messaging) xxxxxxxxxx@paging.acswireless.com
    ST Paging pin@page.stpaging.com
    Safaricom xxxxxxxxx@safaricomsms.com
    Satelindo GSM xxxxxxxxx@satelindogsm.com
    Satellink xxxxxxxxx.pageme@satellink.net
    Simple Freedom xxxxxxxxx@text.simplefreedom.net
    Skytel Pagers xxxxxxxxx@email.skytel.com
    Skytel Pagers xxxxxxxxx@skytel.com
    Smart Telecom xxxxxxxxx@mysmart.mymobile.ph
    Southern LINC xxxxxxxxx@page.southernlinc.com
    Southwestern Bell xxxxxxxxx@email.swbw.com
    Sprint PCS xxxxxxxxx@messaging.sprintpcs.com
    Sprint xxxxxxxxx@sprintpaging.com
    SunCom xxxxxxxxx@tms.suncom.com
    SunCom xxxxxxxxxx@suncom1.com
    Surewest Communications xxxxxxxxx@mobile.surewest.com
    T-Mobile xxxxxxxxx@tmomail.net
    T-Mobile xxxxxxxxxx@voicestream.net
    TIM xxxxxxxxx@timnet.com
    TSR Wireless xxxxxxxxx@alphame.com
    TSR Wireless xxxxxxxxx@beep.com
    Teleflip xxxxxxxxxx@teleflip.com
    Teletouch xxxxxxxxx@pageme.teletouch.com
    Telus xxxxxxxxx@msg.telus.com
    The Indiana Paging Co xxxx@pager.tdspager.com
    Thumb Cellular xxxxxxxxxx@sms.thumbcellular.com
    Tracfone xxxxxxxxxx@txt.att.net
    Triton xxxxxxxxx@tms.suncom.com
    UCOM xxxxxxxxxx@pager.ucom.com
    US Cellular xxxxxxxxxx@smtp.uscc.net
    US Cellular xxxxxxxxxx@uscc.textmsg.com
    US West xxxxxxxxxx@uswestdatamail.com
    US Cellular xxxxxxxxx@email.uscc.net
    USA Mobility xxxxxxxxx@mobilecomm.net
    Unicel xxxxxxxxx@utext.com
    Verizon PCS xxxxxxxxx@myvzw.com
    Verizon Pagers xxxxxxxxx@myairmail.com
    Verizon xxxxxxxxx@vtext.com
    Virgin Mobile xxxxxxxxx@vmobl.com
    Virgin Mobile xxxxxxxxx@vxtras.com
    VoiceStream / T-Mobile xxxxxxxxx@voicestream.net
    Voyager Mobile xxxxxxxxx@text.voyagermobile.com
    WebLink Wiereless xxxxxxxxxx@airmessage.net
    WebLink Wireless xxxxxxxxx@pagemart.net
    Webtext xxxxxxxxx@webtext.com
    West Central Wireless xxxxxxxxx@sms.wcc.net
    Western Wireless xxxxxxxxx@cellularonewest.com
    Wildmist Wireless xxxxxxxxx@wildmist.net
    Wyndtell xxxxxxxxx@wyndtell.com


    Provider E-mail to SMS address format
    CTI xxxxxxxxx@sms.ctimovil.com.ar
    Movicom xxxxxxxxx@sms.movistar.net.ar
    Nextel xxxxxxxxx@nextel.net.ar
    Personal xxxxxxxxx@alertas.personal.com.ar


    Provider E-mail to SMS address format
    Setar Mobile xxxxxxxxx@mas.aw


    Provider E-mail to SMS address format
    MaxMobil xxxxxxxxxx@max.mail.at
    One Connect xxxxxxxxx@onemail.at
    T-Mobile xxxxxxxxx@sms.t-mobile.at


    Provider E-mail to SMS address format
    Blue Sky Frog xxxxxxxxx@blueskyfrog.com
    Esendex xxxxxxxxx@echoemail.net
    Optus Mobile xxxxxxxxx@optusmobile.com.au
    Powertel xxxxxxxxx@voicestream.net
    SL Interactive xxxxxxxxx@slinteractive.com.au
    SMS Broadcast xxxxxxxxx@send.smsbroadcast.co.au
    SMS Global xxxxxxxxx@email.smsglobal.com
    SMS Central xxxxxxxxx@sms.smscentral.com.au
    SMSPUP xxxxxxxxx@smspup.com
    T-Mobile xxxxxxxxx@optusmobile.com.au
    UTBox xxxxxxxxx@sms.utbox.net


    Provider E-mail to SMS address format
    Mobistar xxxxxxxxx@mobistar.be


    Provider E-mail to SMS address format
    Mobility xxxxxxxxx@ml.bm


    Provider E-mail to SMS address format
    Nextel xxxxxxxxx@nextel.com.br
    Claro xxxxxxxxx@clarotorpedo.com.br


    Provider E-mail to SMS address format
    Globul xxxxxxxxx@sms.globul.bg
    Mtel xxxxxxxxx@sms.mtel.net



    Provider E-mail to SMS address format
    Bell Canada xxxxxxxxx@txt.bell.ca
    Bell Mobility xxxxxxxxx@txt.bellmobility.ca
    Bell Mobility xxxxxxxxx@bellmobility.ca
    Clearnet xxxxxxxxx@msg.clearnet.com
    Fido xxxxxxxxx@fido.ca
    Fido xxxxxxxxx@sms.fido.ca
    Koodo Mobile xxxxxxxxx@msg.koodomobile.com
    Koodo Mobile xxxxxxxxx@msg.telus.com
    Lynx Mobility xxxxxxxxx@sms.lynxmobility.com
    Manitoba Telecom Systems xxxxxxxxx@text.mtsmobility.com
    NBTel xxxxxxxxx@wirefree.informe.ca
    PageMart xxxxxxxxx@pmcl.net
    PageNet xxxxxxxxx@pagegate.pagenet.ca
    PageNet Canada xxxxxxxxx@e.pagenet.ca
    PC Telecom xxxxxxxxx@mobiletxt.ca
    President’s Choice xxxxxxxxx@mobiletxt.ca
    President’s Choice xxxxxxxxx@txt.bell.ca
    Rogers xxxxxxxxx@pcs.rogers.com
    Rogers xxxxxxxxx@sms.rogers.com
    Sasktel Mobility xxxxxxxxx@pcs.sasktelmobility.com
    Sasktel Mobility xxxxxxxxx@sms.sasktel.com
    Solo Mobile xxxxxxxxx@txt.bell.ca
    Telus xxxxxxxxx@msg.telus.com
    Wind Mobile xxxxxxxxx@txt.windmobile.ca
    Virgin Mobile Canada xxxxxxxxx@vmobile.ca


    Provider E-mail to SMS address format
    Bell South xxxxxxxxx@bellsouth.cl


    Provider E-mail to SMS address format
    Comcel xxxxxxxxx@comcel.com.co
    Movistar xxxxxxxxx@movistar.com.co

    Czech Republic

    Provider E-mail to SMS address format
    Eurotel +ccaaxxxxxxx@sms.eurotel.cz
    Oskar xxxxxxxxx@mujoskar.cz


    Provider E-mail to SMS address format
    Sonofon xxxxxxxx@note.sonofon.dk
    Tele Danmark Mobil xxxxxxxx@sms.tdk.dk
    Telia Denmark xxxxxxxxx@gsm1800.telia.dk


    Provider E-mail to SMS address format
    EMT xxxxxxxxx@sms.emt.ee


    Provider E-mail to SMS address format
    Bouygues Telecom xxxxxxxxx@mms.bouyguestelecom.fr
    SFR xxxxxxxxx@sfr.fr


    Provider E-mail to SMS address format
    E-Plus 0177xxxxxxx.sms@eplus.de
    E-Plus xxxxxxxxxxx.sms@smsmail.eplus.de
    Mannesmann Mobilefunk xxxxxxx@d2-message.de
    O2 xxxxxxxxx@o2online.de
    T-Mobile +49xxxxxxx@t-d1-sms.de
    T-Mobile +49xxxxxxx@t-mobile-sms.de
    Vodafone xxxxxxxxx@vodafone-sms.de
    VoiceStream xxxxxxxxx@voicestream.net


    Provider E-mail to SMS address format
    PGSM 3620xxxxxxx@sms.pgsm.hu


    Provider E-mail to SMS address format
    OgVodafone xxxxxxxxx@sms.is
    Siminn xxxxxxxxx@box.is


    Provider E-mail to SMS address format
    Andhra Pradesh Airtel xxxxxxxxx@airtelap.com
    Andhra Pradesh India Cellular xxxxxxxxx@ideacellular.net
    B2B SMS xxxxxxxxx@b2bsms.co.in
    B2B SMS info@b2bsms.co.in
    BPL mobile xxxxxxxxx@bplmobile.com
    Chennai RPG Cellular xxxxxxxxx@rpgmail.net
    Chennai Skycell / Airtel xxxxxxxxx@airtelchennai.com
    Delhi Aritel xxxxxxxxx@airtelmail.com
    Delhi Hutch xxxxxxxxx@delhi.hutch.co.in
    Escotel xxxxxxxxx@escotelmobile.com
    Goa Airtel xxxxxxxxx@airtelmail.com
    Gujarat Celforce xxxxxxxxx@celforce.com
    Haryana Airtel 919896xxxxxxxxx@airtelmail.com
    Haryana Escotel 9182xxxxxxxxx@escotelmobile.com
    Himachai Pradesh Airtel 919816xxxxxxxxx@airtelmail.com
    Idea Cellular xxxxxxxxx@ideacellular.net
    Karnataka Airtel xxxxxxxxx@airtelkk.com
    Kerala Airtel xxxxxxxxx@airtelkerala.com
    Kolkata Airtel xxxxxxxxx@airtelkol.com
    Madhya Pradesh Airtel 919893xxxxxxxxx@airtelmail.com
    Maharashtra Airtel 919890xxxxxxxxx@airtelmail.com
    Maharashtra Idea Cellular xxxxxxxxx@ideacellular.net
    Mumbai Airtel 919892xxxxxxxxx@airtelmail.com
    Orange xxxxxxxxx@orangemail.co.in
    Punjab Airtel 919815xxxxxxxxx@airtelmail.com
    Tamil Nadu Aircel xxxxxxxxx@airsms.com


    Provider E-mail to SMS address format
    Meteor xxxxxxxxx@mymeteor.ie
    Meteor xxxxxxxxx@sms.mymeteor.ie
    Meteor MMS xxxxxxxxx@mms.mymeteor.ie


    Provider E-mail to SMS address format
    TIM xxxxxxxxx@timnet.com
    Telecom Italia Mobile 33xxxxxxxx@posta.tim.it
    Vodafone Omnitel 34xxxxxxxx@vizzavi.it
    Vodafone xxxxxxxxx@sms.vodafone.it


    Provider E-mail to SMS address format
    au by KDDI xxxxxxxxx@ezweb.ne.jp
    NTT Docomo xxxxxxxxx@docomo.ne.jp
    Vodafone Chuugoku/Western xxxxxxxxx@n.vodafone.ne.jp
    Vodafone Hokkaido xxxxxxxxx@d.vodafone.ne.jp
    Vodafone Hokuriko/Central North xxxxxxxxx@r.vodafone.ne.jp
    Vodafone Kansai/West (including Osaka) xxxxxxxxx@k.vodafone.ne.jp
    Vodafone Kyuushu/Okinawa xxxxxxxxx@q.vodafone.ne.jp
    Vodafone Shikoku xxxxxxxxx@s.vodafone.ne.jp
    Vodafone Japan xxxxxxxxx@c.vodafone.ne.jp
    Vodafone Japan xxxxxxxxx@h.vodafone.ne.jp
    Vodafone Japan xxxxxxxxx@t.vodafone.ne.jp
    Willcom xxxxxxxxx@pdx.ne.jp
    Willcom di xxxxxxxxx@di.pdx.ne.jp
    Willcom dk xxxxxxxxx@dk.pdx.ne.jp


    Provider E-mail to SMS address format
    Kyivstar xxxxxxxxx@smsmail.lmt.lv
    LMT 9xxxxxx@smsmail.lmt.lv
    Tele2 xxxxxxxxx@sms.tele2.lv


    Provider E-mail to SMS address format
    Cellis / LibanCell 9613xxxxxx@ens.jinny.com.lb


    Provider E-mail to SMS address format
    P&T Luxembourg xxxxxxxxx@sms.luxgsm.lu
    Tigo xxxxxxxxx@sms.tigo.com.co


    Provider E-mail to SMS address format
    Celcom 019xxxxxxx@sms.celcom.com.my


    Provider E-mail to SMS address format
    Emtel xxxxxxxxx@emtelworld.net


    Provider E-mail to SMS address format
    Iusacell xxxxxxxxx@rek2.com.mx


    Provider E-mail to SMS address format
    Mero Mobile xxxxxxxxx@sms.spicenepal.com


    Provider E-mail to SMS address format
    Dutchtone / Orange-NL xxxxxxxxx@sms.orange.nl
    T-Mobile xxxxxxxxx@gin.nl


    Provider E-mail to SMS address format
    Claro xxxxxxxxx@ideasclaro-ca.com


    Provider E-mail to SMS address format
    Netcom xxxxxxxxx@sms.netcom.no
    Telenor xxxxxxxxx@mobilpost.no


    Provider E-mail to SMS address format
    Cable and Wireless xxxxxxxxx@cwmovil.com


    Provider E-mail to SMS address format
    Orange Polska xxxxxxxxx@orange.pl
    Plus GSM +4860xxxxxxx@text.plusgsm.pl


    Provider E-mail to SMS address format
    Telcel 91xxxxxxx@sms.telecel.pt
    Optimus 93xxxxxxx@sms.optimus.pt
    TMN 96xxxxxxx@mail.tmn.pt


    Provider E-mail to SMS address format
    BeeLine GSM xxxxxxxxx@sms.beemail.ru
    MTS 7xxxxxxxxxx@sms.mts.ru
    Personal Communication sms@pcom.ru (number in subject line)
    Primtel xxxxxxxxx@sms.primtel.ru
    SCS-900 xxxxxxxxx@scs-900.ru
    Uraltel xxxxxxxxx@sms.uraltel.ru
    Vessotel xxxxxxxxx@pager.irkutsk.ru
    YCC xxxxxxxxx@sms.ycc.ru

    Serbia and Montenegro (Yugoslavia)

    Provider E-mail to SMS address format
    Mobtel Srbija xxxxxxxxx@mobtel.co.yu


    Provider E-mail to SMS address format
    MiWorld xxxxxxxxx@m1.com.sg
    Mobileone xxxxxxxxx@m1.com.sg


    Provider E-mail to SMS address format
    Mobitel xxxxxx@linux.mobitel.si
    Si Mobil xxxxxx@simobil.net

    South Africa

    Provider E-mail to SMS address format
    MTN xxxxxxxxx@sms.co.za
    Vodacom xxxxxxxxx@voda.co.za


    Provider E-mail to SMS address format
    Movistar xxxxxxxxx@correo.movistar.net
    Telefonica Movistar xxxxxxxxx@movistar.net
    Vodafone xxxxxxxxx@vodafone.es

    Sri Lanka

    Provider E-mail to SMS address format
    Mobitel xxxxxxxxx@sms.mobitel.lk


    Provider E-mail to SMS address format
    Comviq GSM 467xxxxxxxx@sms.comviq.se
    Europolitan 4670xxxxxxx@europolitan.se
    Tele2 xxxxxxxxx@sms.tele2.se


    Provider E-mail to SMS address format
    Box Internet Services SMS Gateway xxxxxxxxx@sms.boxis.net
    Box Internet Services SMS Gateway xxxxxxxxx@mms.boxis.net
    Sunrise Mobile xxxxxxxxx@freesurf.ch
    Sunrise Mobile xxxxxxxxx@mysunrise.ch
    Sunrise Mobile xxxxxxxxx@gsm.sunrise.ch
    Swisscom xxxxxxxxx@bluewin.ch


    Provider E-mail to SMS address format
    Mobitel xxxxxxxxx@sms.co.tz


    Provider E-mail to SMS address format
    Golden Telecom xxxxxxxxx@sms.goldentele.com
    Kyivstar xxxxxxxxxx@2sms.kyivstar.net
    UMC xxxxxxxxx@sms.umc.com.ua

    United Kingdom

    Provider E-mail to SMS address format
    BigRedGiant Mobile Solutions xxxxxxxxx@tachyonsms.co.uk
    Connection Software xxxxxxxxx@itsarrived.net
    Esendex xxxxxxxxx@echoemail.net
    Mediaburst xxxxxxxxx@sms.mediaburst.co.uk
    Orange 0973xxxxxx@omail.net
    Orange xxxxxxxxx@orange.net
    O2 name@o2.co.uk
    O2 xxxxxxxxx@o2imail.co.uk
    O2 (M-mail) xxxxxxxxx@mmail.co.uk
    T-Mobile UK xxxxxxxxx@t-mobile.uk.net
    Txtlocal xxxxxxxxx@txtlocal.co.uk
    UniMovil Corporation xxxxxxxxx@viawebsms.com
    Vodafone UK xxxxxxxxx@vodafone.net

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    1. Michael T.

      22 May, 2019 at 3:56 pm

      US Cellular doesn’t seem to use the @smtp.uscc.net anymore. My email server cannot communicate with that domain. @email.uscc.net still seems to be active though.

    2. walid

      23 May, 2017 at 5:06 pm

      i don’t see any carries for Suadi Arabia and egypt or middle east in general

    3. The fool

      27 January, 2017 at 12:15 pm

      Vodafone don’t do it anymore.

    4. ijaz

      12 May, 2016 at 6:47 am

      When you have last update on this?

    5. ijaz

      10 May, 2016 at 12:26 pm

      I have tried with Andhra Pradesh Airtel xxxxxxxxx@airtelap.com (India) account. But I did not receive a text message. I’ve sent from my gmail account by copying directly into “TO” field. Am I doing this in right way? How can I send text message for free by Andra Pradesh Wire Less Carriers.

    6. D

      16 December, 2015 at 6:22 pm


    7. arialleeve

      30 March, 2015 at 7:52 am

      Is there a gateway for networks in Philippines – like Sun, Smart and Globe? Thanks,

      • Danny Paler

        28 March, 2016 at 9:02 am

        Globe Telecom 63##########@pmms.globe.com.ph send text ‘ON’ to 2300

        Sun Communications 63##########@mms.suncellular.com.ph

        Smart Cellular 63##########@smart.mms.ph send text ‘ON’ to 200

        • John Benitez

          22 July, 2017 at 7:12 am

          I understand the gateway part for Philippine Globe. But what do you mean where you say
          send text “ON” to 2300?

          • leo

            7 April, 2018 at 4:11 pm

            it is not gonna work now. it is done theres nothing else free sms gateway in our country. wala na

    8. Pepe

      3 March, 2015 at 11:54 pm

      HELP Please!!! I need the gateway/carrier for: Telcel Mexico, and Movistar Mexico

    9. Teast

      24 February, 2015 at 5:28 pm

      please send gateway for Etisalat in Dubai, UAE…thank you

    10. Nasr Bin Almousr

      28 September, 2014 at 11:47 am

      please send the gateway/carrier for Omantel and Naswra in OMAN for text messages via email.

    11. gwen

      30 May, 2014 at 11:54 pm

      please send gateway for Etisalat in Dubai, UAE…thank you

    12. Slooney

      13 April, 2014 at 9:33 pm

      BlueLicensesHolding LLC. What is the @ account please?

    13. Shabbir

      30 November, 2013 at 7:41 am

      For user of Maharashatra( India) what would be the format

    14. Peter

      21 November, 2013 at 9:05 pm

      please, gateway sms Honduras

    15. luluG

      18 November, 2013 at 4:25 pm

      I use a net 10 trac phone, Samsung, does anyone know which carrier I would choose? I cant find anything on the phones settings……..

      • WillSpencer

        18 November, 2013 at 8:21 pm

        You choose whatever carrier the recipient of your message uses.

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