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  • How Does RAR Password Recovery work?

    RAR Password Recovery is a password recovery software that is specifically designed to recover lost passwords for RAR and ZIP files. RAR Password Recovery is available from a number of sources and is available in both trial and full versions, although the trial version only allows users to recover passwords that are three characters long. RAR Password Recovery does not work with any other type of file, but is ideal for anyone who needs to recover a lost RAR o ZIP password.


    How RAR Password Recovery Works

    RAR Password Recovery is able to use three different techniques to recover lost RAR and ZIP passwords: Brute Force, Dictionary Attack, and Booost-Up Mode. While the Brute Force method attempts to recover the lost password by trying every possible combination of letters and digits, the Dictionary Attack only tries the most likely words and phrases by choosing words from a pre-assembled list. The Booost-Up Mode remains unclear at this time, but claims to provide users with over 22,000 passwords per second, compared to the Brute Force tactic which only provides 3,000 per second.



    RAR Password Recovery is advantageous because it allows users to retrieve old and/or missing passwords that have been forgotten or misplaced. RAR Password Recovery is able to retrieve RAR and ZIP passwords much faster than many other password recovery programs and has a very high success rate due to its three password recovery techniques.

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