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    This section contains various Corel Draw topics and tutorials. Here you will learn how to create animated GIFs, Yahoo Style buttons, create cracked text, gel text, complex shapes, port a Masked (Cropped) Bitmap, and animate an egyptian eye using Corel Draw.

    Animated GIFs Tutorial

    This contains how to topics on how to create a simple Animated GIF logo. This can be done easily and all you have got to do is follow the instructions in the tutorial.

    Creating Yahoo! Style Buttons Tutorial

    Want to learn how to create Yahoo style buttons in Corel Draw? Check this tutorial section to know how and be surprised how easy is.

    Cracked Text Tutorial

    Want to learn how to create a cool Cracked Text effect? Yup, this can be done using Adobe Photoshop but it is much easier to accomplish using Corel Draw.Corel draw tutorials

    Drop Shadows Tutorial

    This section covers topics on how to create stunning drop shadows in Corel Draw. Surprisingly, you can do this using a vector based drawing program like the Corel Draw.

    Creating Complex Shapes Tutorial

    Want to learn how to create simple to complex shapes in Corel DRAW? Check out this tutorial section, and learn how to center objects, combine, change size, rotate, duplicate and weld shapes.

    Porting a Masked (Cropped) Bitmap Tutorial

    This section will show you how to crop a bitmap image using Corel Draw. You can either load the image or just load the bitmap image then use the Corel Draw’s node editing tools in creating the cropped outline.

    Animated Egyptian Eye Tutorial

    This section will teach you how to create an animated Egyptian eye using Corel Draw.

    Creating GEL Text Tutorial

    This section will teach you how to create create GEL text using Corel Draw.


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