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    A tutorial that tells about searching. Provides links to tutorials on binary and linear searching.


    A tutorial that provides an overview of sorting techniques. Major sorting techniques are discussed, including quick sort, merge sort, insertion sort and heap sort.

    Singly Linked Lists

    The basics of linked lists are explained with illustrations. The tutorial goes on to explain and provide implementations of traversing, searching, inserting and deleting in a singly linked list.

    Doubly Linked Lists

    A tutorial that covers doubly linked list concepts and the operations that can be performed on them. Full source code is provided for adequate explanation.Data Structures Tutorials


    A tutorial that tells about queuing theory and the programmatic implementation of queues. Both circular and non-circular queue implementations are discussed.


    A tutorial that explains the basics of heaps. It also covers the insert and delete operations.


    A tutorial that explains in simple terms the concept of stacks. Implementation in C code using arrays as well as dynamically allocated memory is adequately explained.


    A tutorial that tells the basics about trees in programming. Concepts such as binary trees and expression trees as well as tree terminology are explained in simple terms.


    Learn about the postfix notation of representing arithmetic operations. This tutorial also explains how to convert infix to postfix.

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