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    Optimize Web Images With Paint Shop Pro

    Tutorial on optimizing graphics to load quickly andlook good when displayed over the web.

    Interface Designing Tutorials

    Tutorials that show how to design an interface in Paint Shop Pro element by element.

    Aqua Button Tutorial

    A tutorial that shows how to create a pill-like aqua button in Paint Shop Pro.

    Liquid in Glass Tutorial

    A tutorial that shows how to fill a glass orb with liquid We’re going to make this glass orb look like it has liquid inside of it. You can use (or create from scratch) any existing globe. Use the Selection Tool (S) and Selection Type: Rectangle.

    Text Effects Tutorials

    Many tutorials showing how to create text in various styles.

    Caricature Tutorial

    This tutorial will show you how to create a caricature. This is actually a step by step guide that even beginners will find easy to follow.

    No Boundaries Tutorial

    This section will show you how to create a cool image by making a part of an image looks like that it is crossing the edge of a photo.
    This tutorial will show you how to create a realistic glass orbs from scratch using Paint Shop Pro.  This will guide from start to finish with detailed instructions along with illustrations so you can easily create glass orbs in minutes.

    Fading Edges Tutorial

    A tutorial that shows how to add a dreamy effect to your image by fading off the edges. Open an image. Use the select tool and outline a box that is 15 pixels away from the edge of the image.Invert the selection (Shift+Ctrl+I).

    Grid Effect Tutorial

    A tutorial that shows how to give your image a twist by placing a grid on it. Open an image that you want the grid to be on. Add a new layer (Layers> New Raster Layer).Make a new transparent image with the dimensions set to 3X3.

    Animated Water Reflection Tutorial

    A tutorial that shows how to give your images a realistic animated water reflection. Take your selection tool see image. Next we need to copy this image exactly with the little ants still moving (this is mportant), shift+D 3 times, this should give you 4 identical images, so you’ll have your original and 3 images.

    Making Transparent GIF and PNG files with Paint Shop Pro 9

    An excellent tutorial for beginners that offers a step-by-step procedure for making transparent graphics in PSP 9.

    From the Heart PostCards – My PSP Obsession

    This site features a number of well-written tutorials for PSP 9 users.

    Paint Shop Pro Tutorials – Watermarking Photographs

    This tutorial gives tips and information on watermarking photographs, which is useful for protecting your photographs that you display online. It includes illustrated techniques and styles to come up with your own watermark with the use of Paint Shop Pro Watermarking.

    Painting with Tubes Tutorial

    This tutorial provides information on PSP painting with tubes for intermediate skill levels. It also includes tips and techniques to further improve your output as you work on your PSP painting with tubes.

    Paint Shop Pro Tutorial

    This tutorial is aimed at beginners and explains many of the basic PSP tools with illustrations. It also includes a number of easy-to-follow exercises for practice.

    Tools: The Clone Tool

    This tutorial provides information on the PSP clone tool for new PSP 9 users. It offers tips and techniques on how to use the PSP clone tool to enhance and fix actual photo defects.

    Paint Shop Pro Tutorials

    This site offers a number of high quality tutorials that range from interface design and text effects to photo manipulation and vectors.

    Textured Pixel Fence

    This is an introductory tutorial that explains how to create a textured pixel fence.

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