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    Welcome to Tech-FAQ’s Rhino Tutorials section. Here you will find guides on how boolean expressions in Rhino, new Plug-in commands, how to setup Rhino, Modeling Vegetation – Rhinoceros 3D 1.0, aircraft modeling in Rhino 3D, secrets of Rhinoceros, hidden Secrets, tutorial on backgrounds, SolidsModelling.com, how to edit Polysurfaces, how to importing PDFs and Bitmaps.

    Info: Defining New Plug-in Commands

    This tutorial offers information on deriving new command classes in Rhino. It also includes step-by-step instructions on how to use the Rhino Command Generator.

    Rhino SetUp

    This tutorial provides information and illustrated guides on how to set up Rhino. It includes tips and techniques how to effectively set up your Rhino the way you want it in terms of grid and actual units of measurement.

    Rhino Tutorials

    Rhino tutorials by users

    You can find many exciting tips and tricks on this page. Tutorial links are also listed on the same page, many of which are available free of charge.

    Modeling Aircraft in Rhino 3D

    An interesting, fully illustrated tutorial explaining how to model an aircraft. It includes step-by-step instructions so that you can make a perfect model. It even teaches you how to add textures to your aircraft once you’ve done the basic model.

    Secrets of Rhinoceros

    This is a link to the tutorial CD-ROM, “The Secrets of Rhinoceros”, which is available free of charge online. Topics covered include Rhinoceros Tutorials, NURBS Models Rhinoceros, 3D NURBS Character Development and Vehicle Design.

    Rhino tutorials

    This link contains a set of tutorials on how to make specific things in Rhino. Each tutorial is in PDF format, so you will need the Acrobat Reader to open these files.

    Rhino’s Hidden Secrets

    This tutorial provides information on Rhino’s hidden secrets. It provides a handful of tips and techniques from experts including shortcuts that will make Rhino easy and fast to access.

    Rhino Tutorial on Backgrounds

    This tutorial offers information on how to prepare background images on actual plans for effective tracing of model geometry. It includes a step-by-step guide for creating backgrounds with Rhino.


    A number of excellent tutorials relating to rhino are featured on this website.

    Rhino 3D the best modeler on PC

    This site has a set of excellent tutorials covering a wide range of topics.

    Rhino Tutorial 5 Editing Polysurfaces

    This tutorial provides information on how to edit polysurfaces in Rhino. It includes a video that provides tips and techniques about _Curve, _Extrude Curve, _Extrude Surface, _Fillet Edge, and _Chamfer Edge.

    Rhino Tutorial 6 Importing PDFs and Bitmaps

    This tutorial offers information on how to import PDF’s and Bitmaps in Rhino. It is a tutorial video that will teach you how to use commands like _Import, _Background Bitmap, and _Smart Track.

    Rhino Tutorial 7 Booleans

    This tutorial offers information about booleans and how to use it in Rhino. It is a tutorial video that will teach you how to use boolean commands such as _Boolean Union, _Boolean Difference, _Boolean Intersection, and _Boolean Split.

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