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    • Installing a SMS Primary Site Server

      Installing a SMS Primary Site Server

      Primary Site Server Installation Overview A SMS site server is the Windows server on which SMS 2.0 is installed and running. The SMS site server is the main access point between the SMS database and administrators. The SMS server manages the SMS site and component attributes. The SMS site server must be installed on a

    • Using the Systems Management Server Installer

      Using the Systems Management Server Installer

      Systems Management Server (SMS) Installer Overview SMS Installer can be used to create self-extracting software installation files. These executable files contain the identical files and settings which were created when a specific application was installed. The SMS Installer reproduces all the components required to install the software. This includes an installation script as well, which

    • Understanding Systems Management Server (SMS)

      Understanding Systems Management Server (SMS)

      Systems Management Server (SMS) Overview SMS 2.0 is a Microsoft BackOffice systems management tool that can both operate in and manage an assortment of network environments. Systems Management Server (SMS) enables network environments and network resources to be centrally controlled. The core control point or center of Systems Management Server is the SMS Administrator console.

    • Troubleshooting SMS

      Troubleshooting SMS

      Troubleshooting SMS Site Server Installation Issues When SMS Setup fails to install the SMS site server, you can use the information in the Smssetup.log file to determine where the SMS Setup failed. A SMS installation failure usually fails in one of these categories: Disk issue Security issue SQL Server issue A few common SMS site

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