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    • How to Recover a Zip Password

      How to Recover a Zip Password

      PKZip utilizes a proprietary stream cipher that is vulnerable to a known plaintext attack, as Eli Biham and Paul C. Kocher describes in A Known Plaintext Attack on the PKZIP Stream Cipher. In ZIP Attacks with Reduced Known-Plaintext, Michael Stay describes an improved known plaintext attack that works against files that non-PKZip zip programs such

    • How Does RAR Password Recovery work?

      How Does RAR Password Recovery work?

      RAR Password Recovery is a password recovery software that is specifically designed to recover lost passwords for RAR and ZIP files. RAR Password Recovery is available from a number of sources and is available in both trial and full versions, although the trial version only allows users to recover passwords that are three characters long.

    • How to Open RAR Files

      How to Open RAR Files

      A RAR file is a special computer file format that can store single or multiple documents and folders in a compressed form. The file can later be decompressed to extract the original documents and folders. The term RAR is an abbreviation of Roshal ARchive, derived from the name of its creator Eugene Roshal. The RAR

    • The Meaning of an .r01 File

      The Meaning of an .r01 File

      An .r01 file is a RAR archive split into several parts. The RAR archive is actually a compression utility and can handle virtually any file. For example, in a four-part archive called “sample”, the separate parts would be “sample.rar”, “sample.r00”, “sample.r01”, and “sample.r02”. Sample.rar would be the first part in a multi-part series, each followed

    • How to Zip Files on a Mac

      How to Zip Files on a Mac

      The zip file format has been around since the late 1980s and provides computer users with the ability to compress one to many files. The format has been supported via third party utility since its creation and has seen built-in support in the Windows and Mac OS X operating systems added over the past several

    • What is Tar?

      What is Tar?

      Tar refers to a tape archiving file format and the program that creates them. Tar stands for tape archive. It combines multiple files together so that they can be used for programs, applications, and critical system files. While Tar does not directly install files to a user’s hard drive, it is responsible for compiling the

    • How to Compress a PDF File

      How to Compress a PDF File

      A PDF (Portable Document Format) file is a word processing document in which text, images, and notes can be organized and displayed in the form of an electronic book. PDF files allow users to highlight text, organize content in the form of page numbers and chapters, and insert notes, fonts, and images. They differ from

    • How to Convert RAR

      What is RAR RAR is a file format for compressed and archived files that was made popular by WinRAR, a free alternative to WinZIP. RAR stands for Roshal Archive and is used for data compression, data preservation/error recovery, and data encryption. RAR is most oftenly used to transfer files over the Internet because it can

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