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    • Windows Registry Hacks

      Windows Registry Hacks

      Windows registry 'hacks' are commands incorporated into the Windows Registry with the aim of improving the system's efficiency, security or communications protocols. Knowing how to 'tweak' the registry can help ensure the security and efficiency of a computer system. What follows is a brief explanation of the system registry and some suggested 'hacks' to make

    • How to Auto-Hide the Taskbar with the Registry

      How to Auto-Hide the Taskbar with the Registry

      One way to modify a Windows desktop’s look is to auto-hide the taskbar. The auto-hide option modifies a desktop by giving the user some extra space. When using the auto-hide taskbar option, the taskbar disappears when it is not being used. However, whenever it is required, simply place the cursor at the bottom of the

    • What is Mrtstub.exe?

      What is Mrtstub.exe?

      Mrtstub.exe (Mrt.exe) is a process that runs on all Windows Operating System versions. It is a malicious software that downloads and installs other malicious software. Mrtstub.exe can almost always be found directly on the computer’s primary hard drive, can hide itself in a randomly named folder, and does not have a visible window. If the

    • How to Register a DLL

      How to Register a DLL

      Dynamic Link Library files or DLLs are libraries of computer code and data that are used as shared resources on computers running the Windows Operating System (OS). A common task that arises for home computer users is figuring out how to register a DLL to allow the desired computer software to operate properly. The act

    • How to Clean the Registry

      How to Clean the Registry

      The longer a computer is used, the more cluttered the registry can become because most applications these days do not remove all traces of themselves when deleted. This can slow Windows’ performance. So it is essential to know how to clean the Windows registry to speed up the PC’s performance. Cleaning it up effectively is

    • Registry Hacks for Windows 8

      Registry Hacks for Windows 8

      Registry is a system component of Windows. It stores all the preferences for the Windows operating system. These preferences are saved in a key-value format. The key-value pairs are structured in a hierarchical tree-like format within a Windows registry. They can be navigated and modified. Modifications to these pairs are generally done via programs or

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