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    A wordlist is a text file containing a collection of words for use in a dictionary attack.

    Wordlist Usage

    A dictionary attack using a wordlist relies on the fact that most users choose weak passwords. Very common passwords include password, computer, work, and most of the popular female names.

    Common Dictionary Attacks Using A Wordlist

    The most common uses for wordlists are auditing windows passwords and Unix passwords.

    It is also possible to use a wordlist to recover passwords on documents and files, such as Zip passwords.

    In fact, a wordlist can be used to to attempt a dictionary attack against any system which allows repetitive login attempts, such as SSH or POP3.

    Selecting the Right Wordlist Size

    If you have a large number of target accounts, a small wordlist will give you the fastest results. If you have a small number of target accounts, or a single target account, a larger wordlist will increase your chance of randomly finding the right password or key.

    Finding a Wordlist

    ftp.ox.ac.uk is a great source for an extensive selection of wordlists.

    Slang Wordlists

    Here are a few slang wordlists which you may find useful:

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